Tujhse Hai Raabta 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kalyani determines to save Anupriya

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The Episode starts with Kalyani cleaning the cell in the police station. She tells Rao that she will sweep the floor and asks what is the water system here, if it comes here daily. Malhar and Anupriya comes there. Rao tells that Kalyani surrended herself for kidnapping Sampada and Sarthak filed complaint against her. Malhar asks if this is children’s play and tells that he has kept Sampada in the house. Kalyani says she will stay here with her Aai and will not leave her alone. Malhar asks what is this childishness and tells that he was thinking all the way that Rachit shall be alive and then he can free Aai from this accusation. He says it is good that his dead body is not found, says if he is alive then I will catch him. Kalyani says you brought my Aai here and says I will not leave her. Anupriya says you are thinking Malhar wrong and says he took me to Commissioner to request him to give permission to her to stay out and not in the cell. She asks her not to make his work difficult and tells that he is just doing his duty. Malhar asks Kalyani to come out. Kalyani comes out and hugs Anupriya. She says you didn’t do anything wrong and asks her not to take blame on herself for the happenings. Anupriya asks her to go home and says Moksh must be waiting for you, he needs you and you have to convince Sampada to save Moksh’s life. Kalyani hugs her and cries.

Malhar asks Sampada to sign on the IVF papers or get jailed. He says Rachit can’t come here to save you. He asks her to think if she wants to go to jail or want to sign. Sampada signs on the papers. Kalyani tells Moksh that very soon, he will be fine and they will stay as a happy family. Malhar tells that tomorrow they will go to IVF clinic. Kalyani tells Malhar that they shall take Sampada’s statement against Rachit. Malhar says it is not that easy and tells that he promise that he will save Maai and will catch Rachit, hoping he is alive. Just then they hear Madhav shouting at Swara. Malhar asks what is the matter? She tells that Rachit tried to marry her forcibly, but Atharv came there and rescued her. She says she has to make Atharv sit on Rachit’s place so that his goons don’t doubt. She says our marriage happened with all the mantra and rituals. She tells that Atharv made her wear this mangalsutra. Malhar says Atharv is a child with mind. Atharv says Baba…you have married Aai. Madhav pushes Atharv. Aao saheb says you shall be thankful to Atharv for saving Swara’s life. Madhav says I am thankful to him for saving her life, but this way also, her life will be ruined.

Swara holds Atharv’s hands and tells that he is her husband now. Pallavi tells that when Atharv gets his memory back, he will get her married to a nice guy and not with a widow. Malhar asks if she knows what she is saying. He asks Atharv to leave Swara’s hand and tells her that he is a child and you can’t marry him. Swara says he got married to me witnessing the God and from now, we are husband and wife. Aao Saheb asks Malhar why he is taking her decisions. Malhar says I know you are angry with me as I arrested Maai, but you can’t ruin her life. Swara says Atharv is my husband now. Kalyani tells her that they all love Atharv and tells that you knows his mental condition. Just then Commissioner comes there and tells that a man has given statement that he saw Rachit’s body falling down from the cliff and says now Anupriya will be accused of Rachit’s murder. Kalyani is shocked and tells that her Aai is not a murderer. She cries. Malhar tries to talk to her. kalyani says nothing will happen to my Aai, she is not a murderer.

Aao Saheb blames Swara for Anupriya’s condition and says Atharv is bounded in this marriage, because of you and scolds her for thinking Radhe Shyam is alive. She goes from there. Swara gets a message and gets shocked. She gets a call then. She asks the man who is he and from where he got her such pics, thinks if someone sees those pics then she will die with shame. She looks at the gas stove. Kalyani comes to Anupriya and asks her to come to Malhar’s cabin. She says you would have gone from here on Aao Saheb’s sayings. She takes her to Malhar’s cabin and asks her to drink water. Lady constable asks her to go. Kalyani asks her to let her talk to her Aai. Malhar comes there. Swara is about to light the match stick, when Atharv comes there and asks her to give him food, says he is hungry. He says Aai also makes food for Baba. Swara cries. Atharv asks why are you crying and asks if you are thinking that I couldn’t be a good husband. Swara hugs him and says I don’t have anything in my life than you. Atharv sings song kya hai mera pehla pehla pyaar hai and hugs her too.

Anupriya tells Kalyani that she can’t lie. Sarthak comes there and asks her to lie. Anupriya says I will not lie and tells that she shot him to save Swara and says if he would have been alive then he would have ruined Kalyani’s life. Sarthak says you care for your daughter so much and don’t care about your husband. He goes. Malhar asks Kalyani to go before he kicks her out. Kalyani says I will leave, but I will not let anything happen to my Aai tomorrow in court.

Precap: Malhar tells Kalyani that he will prove in court that Rachit is a desh drohi and Maai shot him in self defense. Kalyani hugs and thanks him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Isn’t atharv still married to mugdha…they are not divorced yet, she just left town by fear of terrorist. Is swara that desperate to have a man in her life that she will stupidity consider herself the wife of a mentally challenged guy who used to call her bua ( aunt) ?‍♀️.
    I knew the 2 days of romance between kalma will be followed by 10 times more trouble. Like moksh illness wasn’t enough, had to add murder and make atharv a permanent member of Rane family…good now rachit, sampada, atharv, ahir riff off kalma’s life and spoil our enjoyment in watching the show.

  2. Bad atharva i hate him how he can hurt the ppl stood by his side every problem now atharva,sampu and rachit r ready to separate kalma that is why they target anupriya or this swara is very stupid can’t understand real face of her so_called husband(atharva) and malhar is promising kalyani but i know he won’t fulfil his promise as we already know him may be sampada will blackmail him in the upcoming episodes to marry her to mai(anu)

  3. Leisa s morris

    There shouldnt even b a trial. Everyone was privy to d live feed of rachit admitting to kidnapping kalyani and kalyani is witness dat he left her in freezer to die. After dat he tried to forcefully marry ACP malhars sister wen he was shot in self defence. Did anyone check d gun to c if was blanks in it? No right! Smh hmmmm. If arthav is involve it goes to show dat there is no use being gd cause after kalyani and malhar took care of him after sampoo ran off an left him his allegiance should b to dem. Hope hes not in on it but d way he married swara and give anupriya d gun den matbe he is. Anyways will watch and c wat happens nxt. 1 day for happiness, 100 days for pain.

  4. At least one person who makes sense aeo saeb .. At least she thinks about it … Because she says how a dead person can come back. ‘ in short.’ what swara did and think about was stupid .. And madhav who blames arthava for marrying him. I say it feels the plan .. I don’t know .. But I have this conviction that soon to save Anupriya and Pillu .. Kalma will sacrifice their love and their couple .. And get married each with the enemy .. Frankly if this is the case it is the limit of the bearable .. As each of you say .. 1 to 2 days of romance for at least a month of suffering and strategy .. Of course malhar and his promise will not be not held .. Not that he will not be able to hold it .. But that he will have a hard time with certain .. I find that it takes a long time for one or the other to declare himself .. Likewise I find that the CVs write the script against the réception . For example it’s Valentine’s Day and they found a way to break the charm and the party by making this promotion .. Because this would benefit anusar and kalma to discover themselves and find each other .. But no, it ruins each time .. Likewise they are told that pillu is sick but knowing that the doctor has helped rashi t to remove kaliyani .. They did not think to check tell them .. So much problem and no solution and he does not see when we lie to them and when it’s true .. Anyway .. A little disappointed and fed up

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