Tujhse Hai Raabta 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Malhar meets Kalyani

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The Episode starts with Malhar seeing Kalyani at the asylum. She sees a woman and points gun at her. She catches her. Malhar thinks why am I not able to say anything, she is alive. The police comes. Commissioner greets her and says I got to know you had come early. She says yes, I had come two days back and got undercover, this lady is Rekha Desai, she runs a racket here. The lady says Anna won’t leave you. Kalyani says your Anna can’t find you where I m shifting you. Commissioner says you have passed IAS at a young age. She says just come the point, thanks, make sure, I don’t need to take the gun in my hands again. He says my officer Malhar Rane will be with you from today. She turns and sees Malhar. Malhar salutes her. He recalls shooting her down. She asks commissioner for the file. She checks it. She thinks what’s this game, I can’t find Pillu, this is cheating, where did he go and hide, he didn’t think about me. She goes.

Aaji scolds Swara for refusing to give donation for Ganpati pandal. She says whatever have today is due to Bappa. The lady says sure. Commissioner says my officer will manage your security. Kalyani taunts Malhar. She says I don’t need anyone. She goes. Malhar follows her. She goes riding a cycle. He thinks if she hates me and reached this status, then its fine with me. A guy stops her. Malhar catches him at gun point and gets angry. The guy says I m a reporter, I want to take her interview. Kalyani asks Malhar to leave him. The guy goes. She says the person who shot me five years back is protecting me now. He asks why didn’t you come to me if you were alive, answer me, where were you, who knows you are alive. She says I don’t want to answer you.

She says I m the new DM of the city, you have to manage my security. They argue. She sees his rank and says how did he become sub inspector. He asks her to answer. He throws her cycle away. She says let me go. He gets a headache and holds his head. He takes a pill. She thinks what happened to him, what pills are you taking. He asks did you come to see my state. She says I have come to meet my Aai, not you. She goes on her cycle. Sanam teri sanam…plays….

Anupriya comes for her convocation ceremony. Aao saheb gets glad seeing her. Godavari Deskhmukh is called on the stage. Anupriya goes and takes the degree. She gets tensed and thanks. Aao Saheb says our Godavari has become a lawyer. She comes home. Godavari says I want to practice now. They miss Nal. Anupriya looks on. Aao saheb snatches the degree from Anupriya. Godavari takes pics with her parents. Aao saheb calls Swara for the picture. She says you are Godavari’s second mum and Vivek’s second wife, come. Anupriya cries. Kalyani comes to her old house and recalls the past. She recalls coming there and asking about the family. She cries and says where is Aai, I m tired and want to see you.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    1. Swara married to vivek…this is so weird. And anupriya getting the degree for Godaveri doesn’t make sense…How will Godaveri practice law by stealing degree?! if she is caught she will herself need a good lawyer to not end up in jail

    2. Agreed

  2. Again why do they show illogical nonsense? I understand the separation of Kalma, majority of marriages do not survive the loss of a child especially under their circumstances and with Malhar shooting Kalyani.
    Kalyani being shot and not making the press as a survivor in this day and age makes no sense also not finding her family with current media and social media and her role as a DM she would have the resources to find them. If she couldn’t find them in Aurangabad 5 years previously why has she come back there to look again also im sure a new commissioner would have a file on his officers so should know about Malhar and his assumed dead child and missing wife.
    They could have just shown Kalma separated and her coming back as a DM but shown her keeping in touch with Anupriya

  3. What is this going on Swara married to Vivek? She was married to Atharv. And why does Anupriya always suffers?

  4. Aeo saeb still denigrating Anupriya .. Shit we are in 2020 .. Stop .. She can’t go and stay with malhar and kaka .. Unless kaka is dead .. Until when we will have to support that aeo saeb is this hold on her family members .. Especially Anupriya whom she treats badly .. Where is Sampada .. She was as guilty as Arthava .. Why she is not shown .. Aeo Saeb tolerates polygamy. . Godavrie is a lawyer, she must know that it is illegal in an Indian marriage .. nahi .. Please reassure me .. A little fed up with behaving as a lady who is more and an elderly lady who shows such arrogance and bad behavior towards the women of her family .. Especially Anupriya who always supported her .. Disappointed once again with the role given to malhar .. Weak Acp .. Who drinks .. And takes treatment that makes her lose her mind .. He is never shown to be a strong, solid man. . Disappointed that we are doing away with the role of pillu .. Anyway .. In the end, I hope that Malhar will meet a woman who will appreciate him at its true value .. Without childishness .. Anyway. I’m disappointed.

  5. Amal

    I see the old hag still ruling the roost, dominating and degrading as per usual. I just don’t get why can’t the writers just be logical about this drama and just let Anupriya stand up for herself like any normal person would do. 🙄

  6. Wt the hell…swara married to vivek…and where is sarthak..??

  7. It is mentioned in in spoiler that this girl is pregnant with Ahir who is malhar’s brother .. But don’t we say that Ahir is in jail .. When how and where did he meet this girl and is getting pregnant .. I don’t understand ..

    1. In precap .. We meet the new girl who prepares her tray to do arti .. Malhar is present .. And arrives Kaliyani who is amazed to see Malhar present .. Although I had an ounce of hope when I read the spoilers .. Saying that Pillu is not dead and will come back .. That this girl is the companion of Ahir who abandoned her and malhar took the responsibility .. Anyway .. I’m upset

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