Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Aahir dies while trying to kill Moksh and Kalyani

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The Episode starts with Moksh asking Aahir to let him go and tell his Aai fi that he is her Moksh. He shouts Aai fi, seeing Aahir sitting in the crane to make the trolley falls on Moksh. Kalyani comes there and shouts Pillu. Moksh thinks his Aai fi is also God like it happens in films. Aahir gets down the crane and sees Aparna hiding. He thinks Aparna brought Kalyani here. First he will handle Kalyani and then Aparna. Kalyani comes to Moksh. Moksh says I am your son and you are my Aai. Kalyani says you are my son. Aahir comes to Kalyani and tells that he didn’t return for Avni or her baby, but returned from jail after 5 years to take revenge from them. He says I have no interest in Avni, but interested to snatch your happiness, just I have snatched Moksh 5 years back. Kalyani asks did you get Moksh kidnapped 5 years back. Aahir says yes, Aparna kidnapped Moksh on my sayings. Kalyani asks why did you do this? why did you keep your brother away from his child and stayed me away from him. She asks what did we do with you? Aahir says all my emotions were killed in jail and tells that he has no problem to kill Moksh today. He says you have snatched my Dada from me and snatched my everything. Kalyani says don’t do anything which takes you to jail again. Aahir says who will tell him and tells that they both have to die today with his hands. He tries to suffocate her. Kalyani kicks him and runs to Moksh. She frees Moksh’s hands. Moksh asks if this is truth that you are my Aai. Kalyani says this is reality, that I am your Aai..it is like a dream, but truth.

Aahir gets up and is about to hit Moksh, when Kalyani holds the stick. She asks Moksh to go and hide. She says she won’t let anything happen to him. Moksh runs and sits in the crane. Aahir says I was just trying to kill her, but will kill you too now. He beats Kalyani with stick and accuses her for ruining his life. Moksh says leave my Aai fi and feels pain seeing Kalyani hurt. The lever of the crane gets pushed and the trolley is about to fall on Kalyani and Aahir. Moksh asks the trolley not to fall on his Aai. Kalyani and Aahir are fighting still. Moksh jumps down and saves Kalyani at the right time, but the trolley falls down on Aahir killing him. Kalyani is shocked. Moksh tells that something got pressed with his hand and the trolley fell down. He asks where did that bad uncle go? Kalyani thinks if Moksh comes to know about Aahir’s death then he will blame himself and will never come out of this trauma. She tells that he ran away and they shall also go from there. She runs from there with Moksh.

Anupriya tells Aao Saheb that Kalyani’s phone is not reachable. Aao Saheb tells that she has sent Pallavi to Mumbai to hire a lawyer and says I will see how Sarthak gets Vivek punished. Anupriya asks her to see as a woman and not as a mother. She says Vivek has done a crime and there is no forgiveness for this. Aao Saheb says Rane family is bad and Moksh will be a criminal too.

Police is at the accident spot. Malhar comes there. Pawar tries to stop him from seeing the dead body. Malhar asks if he is mad and asks him to stay back. He gets shocked to see Aahir’s dead body and cries. Pawar tries to pacify Malhar.

Malhar finds Moksh’s chappal there. Kalyani and Moksh run. Moksh asks we didn’t do anything and asks if that bad uncle will come behind us to kill us. Kalyani says nothing will happen and asks him not to worry. She says you are my Pillu, Moksh and says what all has happened. She says I was searching you since so many years and today I found you in this situation. She says I thought to buy toys for you, make food for you and decorate your room, but I found you in this condition. She thanks bappa and says I found you. She says I am your Aai and you are my Moksh. Moksh smiles. Kalyani says your Aai is infront of you and asks if he will not hug her. Moksh runs to the shop and asks for sugar, saying his Aai fi is hurt. Kalyani asks what you are bringing. Moksh brings sugar and puts on Kalyani’s lips. He says whenever Amma used to beat me, I used to apply sugar on my bleeding. He asks her not to cry. Kalyani says he is Pillu for her. She hugs him and says you was behind me since many days and I couldn’t understand you. She tells that his first word was Aai and he used to understand her words, says their connection is so strong, but she couldn’t identify him. She says how can I not identify my Moksh, my son and slaps herself. Moksh says I came infront of you as a girl and asks if Amma will die now. Kalyani says we will not let anything happen to Amma and says you are my Pillu, Moksh and not Mukku.

Precap: Avni keeps Malhar’s hand on her stomach and asks him to promise that he will take revenge for his brother’s death and will send the murderer to jail. Malhar promises her to send the murderer to jail and send the boy/Moksh to Correction home. Kalyani is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Are self-defense laws inexistent in india? If a criminal harm someone that person is supposed to just take the abuse and just die. Kalyani will now behave stupid and not share mukku’s truth. She is the DM and not once behaves like one, a medical report is enough to prove ahir beat her and moksh being 6-7 years old panicked and mistakenly pushed some buttons without knowing. With ahir criminals history and moksh’s kidnapping, moksh won’t be charged for any crime. Besides malhar won’t let anything happen to moksh even if he promised to get culprit punished. He cried for moksh everyday since 5 years, no way he let his son go away like this.

    1. Hi Banni.. This series has lost its meaning dear Bani .. The laws are not enforced like in real life .. If we take the case of Ahir for having only served 5 years in prison for terrorist acts or what we owe to think that a father who does not even feel that his son is near him but and swears to put the culprit (pillu) of the death of his lousy brother in a correctional institution .. What we must think of the meaning of family and bonds .. Frankly I did not expect this kind of script where the father forgets who his son is not even feeling his closeness while a Kaliyani stepmother feels this familiarity .. What we need to think that Avni swears to avenge … And that it is Malhar’s own son who unjustly committed the accident .. What to think of the actions of the Desmuck or Rane family .. How to re-bind the links when so much crime and of suffering are committed between each member of the two families .. In short .. The series has lost its charm and the ess Entiel which wishes to teach

  2. So basically Ahir was in jail since five years still he managed to impregnate Avni in between and land up in jail again

    1. I’m assuming he made the plan to kidnap Moksh whilst he was in prison, (how anyone knew that Moksh was alive is beyond me as Trilok presented to kill Moksh and then put him up for adoption and Moksh was kidnapped after a year). then after his very light sentence which again is unbelievable he got out met Avni got her pregnant left her and now pretending to change in front of Kalyani and Malhar in order to get back at Kalyani. Don’t find the precap believable as well if KalyanI tells Malhar the truth he’ll believe her it’s not the first time Ahir had kidnapped Moksh or tried to harm his own family. Writers also forget Malhar is the biological father and for once show him fighting for his son and not make promises for a woman who was used and abandoned and who is selfish and who has conducted herself appallingly and his useless brother who deserves nothing

    2. Verma4

      Pregnancy via SMS . Or could be phone s*x. He He.

  3. Leisa s morris

    You all are so right. Kalyani is the DM thus already has the law on her side. I dont understand the writers stand on this, any child would be happy to know they protected their mom against a bad person who tried to kill them both. So why should he feel guilt? Kalyani is not acting like the DM and as a result us gonna loose her position. Im sure avni knows exactly what took place and was helping aahir cause she wants malhar. This decision of kalyani is stupid and she may continue to hide moksh reality from his dad.A dad mind you who doesnt have the same bond with his biological child as kalyani who is not his bio mom.

  4. The writers have proper messed this up, they could have done a much better reunion without the Ahir business, I didn’t even find the Kalyani scenes with Moksh heartwarming and will Moksh ever know she’s not his biological mother, yes she’s his mother in all the ways that count but he still has right to know who is biological mother is

    What could have been a brilliant episode was completely ruined and again showing Kalyani making wrong decisions and she’s supposed to be the DM. Also not to give a father any importance is sending out wrong messages. Now I wish Reem had left the show, the series would have ended by now rather than dragging it on and completely ruining it. It’s become the Kalyani and Mukku show never mind, Anupriya or Malhar just become little side characters

  5. Verma4

    Malhar is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  6. Action taken by mistake by a kid in self defence is not a crime…..Ahir could have been charged for kidnapping Moksh…He also tried to kill both of them… So the writers wanna say that instead of protecting themselves they should have died…What a shit!

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