Tujhse Hai Raabta 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Sampada traps Kalyani in babies trafficking

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The Episode starts with Kalyani seeing the day care. She sends location to Malhar. Malhar says location is of daycare. He asks all constables to be there and says nobody shall know about Mugdha. He asks her not to worry and says you will get justice. Mugdha thanks him. Kalyani asks herself to wait there and thinks if Vaman takes Moksh from here before Malhar comes. She says sorry and gets down from the truck. She goes inside and calls Sampada, says everything is fine here. Kalyani follows him, but the door is locked. She thinks to open it with hair pin. She tries, but it doesn’t open. She thinks to open it anyhow for Moksh. She manages to open it and finds the room empty. She searches for Billu and thinks where is he? She finds the punching toy and hits on it, the secret door opens up. She gets inside and finds the door. She gets inside and finds the babies there. Manager tells other man that the baby cries a lot and nobody adopts him.

Kalyani beats the men and asks where is my Billu? She says you don’t know who is my husband. She gets Malhar’s hand and asks him to come to godown. Child welfare officer thanks them. Malhar beats the Manager. Manaher says I am not alone, but Kalyani madam works with us. He shows the pic in which Kalyani is in disguise working in the daycare. Kalyani says she was handing over the baby to their mother. She tells Malhar that you refused me to come here to meet Moksh, so I changed my get up and came here to meet Moksh. Manager shows her sign on a paper. Kalyani scolds the man and asks him to tell the truth else she will break her head. Malhar stops her. The child welfare officer asks Malhar to arrest his wife also. Kalyani tells him that Sampada and her father want to trap her in the case. Atharv hugs Sampada and appreciates her plan to trap Kalyani. Officer tells malhar that if he don’t want to handle the case then he will assign someone else. Sampada tells that I know that kalyani can do anything to get moksh so I get him admitted in the day care which illegal child trafficking happens. She says she gathered wrong proofs against her. Malhar takes the handcuff in his hand. Kalyani thinks how can you doubt me. Malhar thinks I don’t doubt on you, I had asked you to stay away from all this. Sampada tells that she did a mistake and says how did she come to know about the hospital name. She says Kalyani will be jailed and my Moksh will be with us. She says I will get my passports from Malhar blackmailing him and will force him to let us go foreign.

The Child welfare officer asks Malhar to leave the case. Malhar says my wife is illegal and tells that a girl who raised other woman’s child as her own and loved her so much, she can’t do anything wrong with anyone’s child. I just know that my wife and son are in danger.

Kalyani tells Malhar that she is innocent and didn’t do anything. Malhar says I know, but all proofs are against you. he says I am your husband later and govt officer first. She says I tried to tell you, but you didn’t hear. She says she is getting punished for her mistake and says she is not important now, but Moksh is in danger and says Sampada and Vaman are upto something. She says I have a gut feeling that Sampada wants to send Moksh to other country and then plan to go with Atharv. Atharv comes and acts, and says Sampada has become thin being hungry. He asks Kalyani to feel shame to steal baby and asks Malhar to take out his uniform. He says I will do this infront of media, then your wife has to stay in jail and you will cry all life. He says I have a solution for you.

Kalyani tells Atharv that she is ready to do anything for Billu. Atharv says she is fake mom, but cares for Moksh. He asks Malhar to give their passports and then they all can stay together. Malhar asks him to leave and says you will be jailed this time. Kalyani asks him to agree and give passport to him, says they will go from our lives forever. Atharv says your 18 years old wife is intelligent. Kalyani asks Malhar to agree. Malhar comes out of lock up. Kalyani asks him to agree for Moksh. Malhar says i will get Moksh with right way and asks her to remember that he will get atharv punished and get Moksh too. Atharv says you are going to lose your son. Malhar asks him to get ready to sleep on the floor. Anupriya comes there. Kalyani tells that she can’t sit and see tamasha. She says i can go to any extent when the matter is about Billu, I will go against Malhar.

precap: Kalyani feigns stomach ache and goes to Atharv. She says she shall get Moksh in one hour so that she give him passport.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Actually kalyani these days she become foolish. How she can trust atharva. If atharva go malhar’s hand. I am sure he will blame on kalyani and then he will hate her as the first time he thought that she helped atarva and sampada. That time he was wrong but this time he is right if she give the passports and then they go.

  2. Kalyani is really frustrating me, she herself suspects they want to take Moksh out of the country and she is telling Malhar to give them their passports. Sometimes they make her so dumb. Every time she’s gone against Malhars advice she makes the situation worse and by giving the passports she’s giving Atharv and Sampada a chance to flee with Moksh and Atharv from being punished. If it wasn’t for Malhar I would say Kalyani deserves that punishment but Malhar doesn’t, he’s trying to get his son back the right way and what better way then exposing Atharv . Really disappointed in Kalyani today, she really should start trusting Malhar and back him instead of thinking she knows best

    1. Absolutely agree, kalyani never learns from her mistakes no matter how many time she is trapped by sampada & atharv. Since the marriage malhar is working really hard to get her educated, bring back moksh& punish atharv but she is spoiling all his efforts with her over-smartness

  3. These screenwriter are passing people like arthava and Sampada for ingenious people and common sense. See they are very strong in their plan. They must not underestimate the criminal they are. Disappointed I am because one gives as much credit to the intelligence of sampada and arthava ‘. And make kaliyani and malhar pass for fools .. Why we have to show that goodness and the right way is often fraught with pitfalls and that we must use the ploy to get to the end .. Why not do the right thing and enforced the law .. Why do I have this impression that they want malhar to engage in illegality .. Shit he’s a policeman .. Let’s show him the good value and the sense of the police .. Kaliyani goes an agreement with arthava .. She knows that he is not able to keep his promises .. Why give kaliyani unintentionally hurt malhar with all his plan which he is not aware .. In short .. I do not I do not like this track .. We point out the morality of everyone … See Sampada is very smart and played well and diverted the situation to his advantage .. She is so vicious .. I have not taken the time to watch the episode because only the title disgusts me .. In short

    1. @Lilou after the marriage so far malhar did everything he could to make things right and he is succeeding but it is kalyani who is messing things around. Even in anupriya’s kidnapping time malhar could have been successful if kalyani wouldn’t have handed mugdha to atharv ( but malhar has some responsibilities as well since he didn’t kept her with more security) . That’s the most annoying thing with kalyani she thinks she can handle any trouble by herself but at the end of the day she is just a guidable teenage girl.

    2. Hi @bani Hello everyone .. Are you okay ??? .. According to spoiler kalma will come to save Pillu and arthava will be trapped blackmail kaliyani .. We’ll see what happens .. I do not know .. But I saw a video showing as a sequence of festivities . . New where old video I can not say .. We will have to wait and see .. Friday I was able to watch the episode of kalma for the wedding night .. Me who wanted so much appreciated what says malhar a kaliyani .. Well I scratched one of the best conversation between the two because the translation into French was not very good .. I miss when he talks about relationship but has no name .. In short, or when he says the Pyaar word .. In short I could not have all this translation in French .. Disappointed I am because in Hindi it seems so beautiful what he says malhar .. In short .. All the best of their conversation that are before a melody I could not appreciate because the translation is not very good. But it does not matter I will review it tomorrow .. Just for the pleasure of the eyes .. Because at this moment kalma is left to desired .. Too much problem between the two .. With kaliyani who wants to manage everything in his own way . In short .., very good evening to you and good Sunday .. the friends I see that it is necessary each time to wait for the approval to be able to put our comment on line … Is it normal? In short if you can answer me .. Should I create an account or other. In short, very good Sunday to you all and all.


    Malhar is a weak man he couldn’t recognize sampada and he keeps telling kalyani to study when she wants anu to study so study as well stueps Kallu

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