Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj is kidnapped by angry villagers


Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rivaaj asking shooting location from Kesha and Premraj. Premraj says it is in village. Premlatha brings baby and tells that she was fine until night, but don’t know what happened to her now. Kesha says she saw Mayura roaming with the baby in the balcony. Mayura says she was crying so she took her to balcony. Tashi comes and takes the baby in her hand. Premlatha says she is interfering much in our matters. Kesha says Mayura is asking everyone in the house about your past and troubling everyone. She says if this thing goes on then Mahesh Tiwari will do Bollywood film before you. Tashi says even I think that we shall not take risk. Her husband also says the same. Rivaaj thinks of Mayura’s investigating about Rani and Raghav and says you have to go from here Mayura.

He says I can’t bear anyone interference in my personal life and asks Premlatha to call big doctor for his daughter’s treatment. Mayura says I can explain. Rivaaj goes. Premlatha asks her to go and recalls making baby something wrong to make her unwell. A fb is shown. Mayura looks at the baby who is crying continuously. She is leaving and thinks my work didn’t start till now and I have to leave. She thinks to make Rivaaj believe on her again. Tashi’s husband comes there and says I am feeling bad seeing you. He says my friend’s house is vacant, he gave it to me so that I can do what I want. He says I can’t see injustice happening to a girl. She twists his hand and kicks him down. She says I know how to change injustice to justice.

Rivaaj and Pappu come to a villager’s house. Rivaaj says how is the place and asks him to call Mama. Pappu calls him. Rivaaj takes the call and scolds Mama for sending him to a place where there is nobody to welcome him. He asks him to find out. Bhanu asks him to drink wine. Rivaaj drinks and comes out. He throws bottle and it falls near the temple. The villagers see and get angry on him. They scold him for insulting their God. Rivaaj says what, this stone? The villagers ask him to apologize. Rivaaj says you don’t know who am I? They take him inside the house.

Premraj tells Premlatha that Rivaaj had said that he reached the location, but Crew said that he didn’t reach. Premlatha asks why you didn’t go with him. Premraj says Rivaaj was upset with your drama and haven’t taken me along with him. She asks him to call Bhanu, but even his number is off. Premlatha says what will happen to my son now. The angry villagers tie Rivaaj and tell that their head will punish him. He says even Police is afraid to come here. Mayura comes there and thinks she changed the wrong location so that she save him and win his trust, but he invited a big trouble. She thinks what to do? Her phone rings. She hides seeing villager coming. Villager sees Rivaaj and goes. Mayura calls someone and tells that Rivaaj is in big trouble and will not get mukti until her revenge is fulfilled. The head of the village comes there and asks who are you to insult our devotion and trust.

Rivaaj says let me go from here silently else everyone will die. The head of the village asks him to beat him with tied hands. Rivaaj says I am a big superstar and many team must be searching me, if I get even a scratch then you all will be ruined and asks him to accept his warning. The villager head tells that you are a star and dance. Rivaaj says let me go. Sarpanch says we will cut your head and present to Devimaa. Bhanu calls Premraj and tells that they went to a Qabila and Rivaaj is caught by them. He says Pappu filed police complaint, but even Police are not ready to help. Premlatha gets worried. Premraj says we have to do something. Kesha thinks she has to do something to impress them and makes a fake call to Commissioner. She says even Commissioner is not ready to help Rivaaj. Tashi’s husband says if Mayura would have been with Rivaaj then this wouldn’t have happened. Kesha says she will go there. Premlatha says if she is mad to go there. Premraj says Rivaaj and Kesha are together. Sarpanch asks his men to untie Rivaaj. Mayura thinks Rivaaj invited the trouble. Rivaaj tells Sarpanch that he will give them money. Mayura thinks he is inviting his death.

Precap: Rivaaj asks the villagers to think about his deal. The villager guy is about to slaughter him, when a boy comes there and says Devi saved him. Mayura enters there as devi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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