Tu Suraj- 21st August-Diyaa’s Review

Ok. This is the first Indian show ever to force me to have a dual personality ??

The objective view: The episode was mind-blowing. Why?
*Acting was bang on by ALL actors involved which is rare in entertainment-movies or tv
* The consistency of each characterization is admirable and that’s a credit to the writers
*Kanak’s complex mindset in the current moment, given the situations she has been through and the ones she is still going through, is being handled well.
*Ved and Vansh’s restlessness is well written and acted.
* Bhabho’s dialog in response to Maasisa’s giving Shagun was extremely well written.
Three performances struck with me today and I’ll mention them as a countdown ?

3. Vansh: I am falling for this guy. His portrayal of jovial but no nonsense guy who loves his sister. I am waiting with baited breath for his anger to burst and I want to see what he will do. Has this actor worked in other shows? He is AWESOME!

2. Bhabho: Her complete ownership of the expressions during her heartfelt remorse at what her hatred had driven Kanak to do and her begging for all punishment for Kanak’s faults. The actress keeps proving her mettle over and over again.

3. Kanak: Heavens Alive! This girl is a treasury of emotions and expressions. From beginning to end, her expressions to Bhabho’s affection, Uma and Maasisa’s arrival, in the kitchen, to Vansh’s dialogue to Bhabho, at the table, looking at Uma, in the kitchen with her brothers, and while Bhabho refuses Maasisa’s shagun, all of it was phenomenal. I am so glad I watched this and discovered this talent. In my personal opinion, in terms of talent ,she surpasses all major flaky heroines of current Hindi movies.

Avinesh Rekhi’s acting chops will be on display tomorrow but he gave a peek of it at the dining table today?

Subjective view


*Ye guruvaar ko juvaar ki roti khaate hain? What the friggin hell!
* Ok. So understandably, Uma is in severe lust and mild love with Kanak and wants to take his pretty dolly back home to play with her

But this Maasisa- now we know from whom Uma gets his anger. Not so much as a regret from either that they kidnapped their daughter to get her married without informing the family. Blatant and shameless expression of an entitlement of right over her. The way Maasisa completely ignored Vansh’s mention of the forced marriage made me very angry?She is the real daaku Queen. Uma is just her minion

* I felt Vansh’s pain as he saw his sister’s servility to Uma.
* This might belong in objective view, but I found the level of Kanak’s gratitude to Uma’s telling Bhabho about what she (Kanak) did for her, a little too much and forced. Writers trying hard to justify Kanak feeling for Uma so that they can transition to the next track. Frankly speaking, Kanak having saved Uma’s mother from dying, does not really owe him anything anymore. Even if we forget that Uma blo*dy well kidnapped her.

* Maasisa’s reaction to Bhabho’s refusal- if only she had said a humble, “I know we made a mistake in kidnapping and forcing her, but we love her and will always love her.” would have softened the situation. But then how would the writers ?contrive future complications and drama to drag tension.
* I am mad. I have no explanation for it.?

  1. Diyaa

    Countdown was 3,2,1 So Rhea Sharma was at number 1. ? Sorry about the typo.

    They chopped away my cute memes of a wailing baby sobbing for his dolly, and of ab ultra cute minion. It’s ok TU. One thing i learned from the show, law must not be broken ?

  2. Hi Diyaa I am happy that you wrote this and also that I read it because whenever I read your comments on this show’s page I got the impression that you supported the actions of Uma and his family but good to understand that you are torn in two ways. Because we really should not be condoning such injustice to women, even if it is just a portrayal on a show it still has an effect on society.
    And the fact that such things are still going on in our society (in fact there is an increase lately) made it all the more a serious topic for debate. I do respect all others opinions and views but I just like it when we as women call what is unjust as it is. I loved DABH very much – watched it from start to finish and enjoyed it. Was in so much anticipation for this show but was greatly disappointed. Yes the actors are good but that forced marriage between the leads stops me from loving and watching the show. Sometimes I tried but still cannot get over it. As this is such a serious issue for millions of women in societies round the world. And the way my family taught me about injustice is that if you let one injustice through then you have compromised and will have to tolerate all injustices and no injustice is tiny or small as injustice is injustice regardless.

    1. Diyaa

      Hey thanks Missy☺ I agree, I love the chemistry of the leads so I get lost in their scenes but as soon as it is over I am back to square one – that Uma kidnapped her. I have said before, Kanak’s return does not cancel out Uma’s crime. That’s a hump I can’t get over specially with Uma and Maasisa showing such arrogance over the matter. I would have liked to see Maasisa apologize on Uma’s behalf for abducting and forcing their daughter. Somethings are above how traditional you are. It is sheer decency to not kidnap and marry a girl ? and if you do then at least show remorse over it! It’s their attitude and complete lack of guilty conscience about the kidnapping that bothers me. I don’t know, maybe, writers will show that slowly happen, as it’s true that such people change their views very slowly over a period of time. The performances have me stuck to the show for now.?

  3. Your review is well written so thumbs up for that ??????

  4. Hi Diyaa very well written. You are & Missy are absolutely correct, we can’t get over What Uma did but in some senses feel for him. What a quandary we are in.

    There are times when I want to k***** his H*** in & other times not . maybe this arrest will be his punishment, then the story can move on basically saying ‘done the crime & served the time.

    Massica is very confusing , don’t know what to make off her!,

    1. Diyaa

      Hey, Thanks Parmeen. I’ll surely turn completely nuts by the time I am done with this show and it will be for so many reasons ?But still, it is interesting.

  5. I do not understand how Uma and Maasisri did not even blink an eye when told they forced Kanak to marry Uma.
    Uma And Maasisri need to be punished for the way they treated Kanak. Forced marriage is a crime and it does happen still. Some forced marriages are girls of 14 or 15 years olds and it not only in Indian but other countries too,
    People like Uma should be punished

    1. Diyaa

      I agree Beki. The way writers have written this hurts so many sentiments. They should not have crossed this line. There were so many other ways to show this marriage happening, through confusion, through Kanak doing it willingly for Bhabho’s sake, Bhabho finding this man for her, like Sandhya’s brother did to her but this kidnapping thing crossed a line and they continue to be insensitive about it by showing such attitude from Uma and that horrible Maasisa. Hmmmph! Thanks for commenting though ?

  6. Aarti32

    Kya hum pehle mil chuke h????

    D above post was rilli superb..d acting of all actors is indeed brilliant!!

    Uma n masisa r at times rilli annoying..masisa is all d time like, bindnisayeeeeeee?? or the bilkul sahi kr rhe ho Uma ?? are behen kabhi to kuch naya bolo

    I’m in luv wid d Rathis..
    Btw, Vansh has appeared earlier in a show called Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi

    1. Diyaa

      Hey Aarti!!??? Thanks for commenting. I know right, that Maasi bellowing Biiiiindnisaayiiii makes me wanna slap someone. Good thing I usually watch it by myself. Do chaar machhar to maar hi deti hoon gusse me.? Vansh’s character is so good. And you know, I love a good sibling bond. The actor is doing such a fab job.

  7. Diyaa your writing is overwhelming. ….I presume you are in college??. … I am in 11th science and this serial is my only binge watch….ususually I have always hated Indian serials and I have always preferred the english shows , but this and chandra nandini (another serial on star plus ) got me hooked……I hope you continue your ff series. …as Iwant more???

    1. Diyaa

      Hi Muskan. Thanks for commenting. I am done with college and am working. I find writing to be a good outlet to my feelings and am glad that some people relate to it. It makes me immensely happy. I too watch one show at a time usually. I liked the natural acting in this one but the the story is disturbing me greatly so I have chosen to take a break and get back after a while. But I’ll try to conclude my FF for sure. Thanks again and take care.?

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