Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanak cheers family for celebrating Teej

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 23rd August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhabho coming to Kanak. She says she was so hungry and left food here. She calls out Kanak. She says when you have this ghee food, you will get healthy, come, I have never loved you, I have fed your brothers, you used to think when will I feed you, now no need to stand away, come I will feed you food by my hands, sit here. Kanak cries and turns away. She says I used to dream of keep eating when Bhabho feeds me by her hands, but today my heart is not willing, I have a burden on my heart. Bhabho asks is Uma the reason of this burden. Kanak says no, our worlds are very different, I just couldn’t see what happened, he made an excuse and left from here to end matter, I didn’t wish to go with him, I couldn’t see him getting insulted, if I didn’t stop, my brothers would have taken a wrong step, I would have regretted a lot, whatever the way and situation, I stayed in that family for 20 days, I did right. Bhabho looks at her and holds her face.

She says such a deep thinking in such a young age, you have kept your wish and also took care of their respect, these are called values, I got my Sooraj and Sandhya in you. She hugs Kanak and cries. Ved and Vansh clean Kanak’s room and are proud of Kanak, the way she faced Uma. Ved says when Uma was scaring her, I was thinking Kanak’s heart can melt. Vansh says thank God, Uma has gone, now Kanak will live the life she wanted since 20 years. Ved says she will be glad to see the room, everything is of her choice. He shows the card. Kitne bhi tu karle sitam….plays….. Vansh says no, she won’t like everything clean. They mess the room a bit and say now it looks good.

Suman says Saraswat has decorated Uma’s room as he likes. Saraswati says its Uma and Kanak’s room, its their first Teej, Maasi took Solah Shringhaar for Kanak, she would be enjoying jhulan with Uma. Kanak sees the sindoor. Saraswati says their jodi is ideal, their hearts should meet, if not behavior. Kanak picks the garlands. Payal asks did you see Shiv. Shiv comes and says Maasi came back with all the Teej things. Suman says it means Kanak didn’t come, you will get this room now, get ready. She hugs Paulmi.

Golu asks Rani how will it be good if Uma doesn’t come back. Rani says if you tell your love story, they have to accept me, else they will get insulted, people will taunt Rathis. Golu says don’t get these ideas. He sees Meenakshi coming and scolds Rani. Meenakshi stays tensed and goes. Rani says if Meenakshi doesn’t accept me, I will die.

Maasi calls out everyone and gets angry. Shiv asks why did you get all things back, did Kanak not like it. Maasi recalls Bhabho’s words. She says I m going to my room, none should come there. Payal smiles and thinks my dream will get completed, I will be queen here, Kanak is gone. Paulmi thinks Kanak won’t come back. Payal asks Shiv to go and study. Shiv says no, I want to know why did Kanak send this back. Paulmi asks him to focus on studies. Shiv asks when will Kanak come.

Meenakshi asks Rani not to touch her saree, Vikram gave it to her. She refuses to celebrate Teej. Rani goes. Kanak asks Pavan where is everyone. Pavan says everyone is sitting sad in their rooms, do something in your style. Kanak thinks of Uma and smiles. Bhabho asks Babasa to have kada. Babasa says since we made Uma return, I feel strange to have his medicines. She says sometimes, we can’t decide anything, I have thought well for Kanak, but my heart feels burden. Kanak comes and says I thought you will have courage Babasa, you proved you are scared of Bhabho, I will tell her. Bhabho asks what will you tell me. Kanak says Babasa got this saree and jewelry for you, he wanted to see you in this saree. Babasa says no, its old now. Kanak asks why not, Rathi family is together after long time, you all celebrate Teej together, we all are having upset face for that marriage which was never a marriage.

Daisa says Kanak, make me meet yur husband, you didn’t call us in your marriage. Kanak gets shocked seeing Uma. Uma says I m the son in law of Rathi family, Kanak’s husband. Ved and Vansh get angry.

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  1. Diyaa

    Lather, Rinse, Repeat, Lather, Rinse, Repeat…Writers, you do know that when the shampoo bottle says that, it doesn’t mean to keep repeating non-stop till the bottle is empty. Well this refers more to the upcoming videos. I saw the “Chai pe Charcha” video, where is this headed? I am trying to hold on to the show for the love of the actors but I can feel that I am slowly getting pushed out of the group of target audience for this show. My only home now is Saras- Hearts should meet, whether habits meet or not- Next stop for me- Saras and Vansh??

    1. Diyaa

      *Hope not home ( although home too might make sense in a weird philosophical way.)

    2. Yes diyaa i accept your point even I was shocked to see that video but now its very clear kanak ‘s next mission is to change uma then rest follows but it is not a easy job she has to fight more for her rights in uma ‘s house.To change a person like uma is next to impossible becos he is not flexible but kanak has to do it to sustain her marriage life with uma .So I think will take time for uma redemption just like that uma won’t change there should be someone to challenge his rules i am really happy to see the faceoff of kanum I am sure uma will change and did you notice kanaks attire Style and attitude is changed and she has let hair loose off course with pallu on her head so this shows uma will bend towards kanak but not immediately

    3. Diyaa

      Yes Divyaa, I did notice that. So I am waiting patiently for those episodes to see if this time it will be different. Hoping for the best.?

  2. I thought today’s episode was just a filler, and man the 24 hours in pushkar are very long, I keep kaurvachauth every year & by 8pm I have a splitting headache. Poor Kanak will,have a migraine.

    Kanak is in a real quandary , she does not want to be married, but really misses him, & is remembering him all the time. I gather from the spoliers she is going back on her terms, let’s hope she makes use of her advantage

    Anyway in terms of the tea fight , Uma needs a good kicking & I think Kanak manages to give it to him metaphorically speaking. She manages to explain in his language, using his books, this was in the spoiler I saw today.

    1. Yes parmeen she putsforth some conditions that they will start their relationship as friends .But kanak has now decided that her rest of life is with uma but to live with person like uma is impossible so she takes a vow that she will change uma according to her lifestyle but uma is still rigid with his dharmic lifestyle so will kanak succeed in this mission will she able to change uma with her love is next part of the plot .As we all know about uma and she is surrounded with so many bad people we have to wait and see how she wins over uma.Interesting na

  3. Not sure about today’s episode & the pre-cap, Kanak could really do with some breathing space to determine what she wants … really really wish Kanak doesn’t go back to Uma with ulterior motives & they manage to have a frank conversation between them about what they want from the relationship (but hey it’s a t.v serial so I’m sure misunderstandings are a given?) & I’m sure Paloumi, Suman & Payal can’t wait to stir it up

  4. Yesterday episode was little boring but it kanak played her part well now its clear she is dilemma at this stage it cannot be termed as love but she definitely have respect towards uma she can feel the pain of uma she defends her brothers every time and not letting anyone yo insult him .With just 20 days of married life the transformation of kanak is unbelievable.Now its very clear she is not kanak rathi she is kanak umashankar.The brothers are happy that they got their sister back but they failed to see the pain she is undergoing which as a experienced person bhabho noticed that but she wants kanak to speak out.All the elders are feeling for uma but none of them are discussing this matter.Kanak is missing uma in each and every second but she is hiding it from the family .But I missed uma today .What did uma told massisa and sent her back to ladno after this much humiliation what made him stay back maybe they will show it tom.This paulomi and payal is becoming worse day by day .I really don’t know why this paulomi is still staying in dreamland even though kanak didn’t come back uma won’t marry anyone in his life and that too paulomi he thinks her as a refugee he last episode when he was explaining kanak about fly members he didn’t even consider paulomi and payal as his family members.Saras is a sweet character so she ultimately land as rathi bahu soon .Ah uma what a blasting entry at teej pooja when everyone are asking for kanak’s husband hero na lots of guts he have he has declared that he is sil of rathi parivar to entire hanuman galli I surely think bhabho invited him oh exciting to see teej dance

    1. Yes divya, missed uma’s presence In this episode, even dont showed three siblings together.saras is so sweet na my only hope is to see saras n vansh.
      As usual no changes in payal and palomi, always irritating.
      Precap is amazing, how bold uma comeback to his sasural, he always surprises me.

    2. You are right Diyaa, this episode made me realise that Kanak is not yet in love with Uma & her feelings are more about her respect for Uma & his family. (Which adds to the strength of her character, just hope they don’t make her act in a childish manner in the process of trying to convert Uma). The episode was definitely a time filler but provided a good insight as to the whole family’s emotions toward Kanak/uma….I also missed Uma on screen today ?.

    3. *oops I meant Divya (sorry!) x

  5. Leave this shoe and watch Zee TV new show Jeet Gayi toh Piya More. Main Actress got girl power.

    1. Im sorry i cant leave this show, if u love other show, then go ahead. Every person have their own choice

    2. I agree

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      I too agree. It should be a person’s own choice what to watch or what to ignore.

    4. You are right melati I love this show this something different fro other soaps especially no saas bahu saga I really got fed up of those serials

    5. Sorry not leaving

    6. Sorry Beki, I won’t leave watching ds serial…. I thot so a month back. But then now I feel the real story starts now…
      Love you KanUm…

  6. Hi guys…I love this show…love the main leads…looking forward to watching today’s episode.

    1. Me too???

  7. Good news for TSMSP fans Trp increased 1.6

    1. WOW…….Gr8.

    2. 1.6 out of?? Sorry if it is silly question.. I have no knowledge

  8. Looks like Kanak will only go back to Ladno next week….

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