Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Uma-Kanak’s Filmi Story

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 19th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Uma and Kanak wait for movie to start. A man comes and sits next to Kanak. Uma asks him to go and sits somewhere else as his wife is sitting in next seat. Man says he has paid for this seat. Uma pays huge money to him and says he bought whole row’s tickets. Kanak asks man to take it, he can show movie to his whole family. Man takes and leaves. Movie starts. Kanak praises Bhajrangi Bhaijaan/Salman and says he is pure hearted like Uma. People from behind ask her to go home and chat. Uma imagines himself as Salman Khan and Kanak as Kareena Kapoor and enjoys whole movie. Kanak sees that and gets happy. She speaks again, but people again ask her to keep silent. They both continue enjoying movie.

Saras continues enjoying friend’ wedding celebrations with her other friends. Friend looking at Vansh says she is marrying someone else, she can befriend Vans at least. Saras says she does not like talking to a boy. Vansh silently drops banana skin from his pocket and slips on it. Bangle fall from his pocket and he picks it. Friend shows Saras that her shagun bangle is similar to that bangle.

Kanak and Uma come out of cinema hall after watching movie. Kanak asks how was the movie. Uma says Bhajrangi did right. Kanak asks if he will break rules for his dear ones. He says just now he watched movie for her sake. Kanak gets very happy. They walk in market. Uma borrows mobile from a passerby, calls Saras and says he will buy a mobile like device from which she can listen to bhajans. Kanak excitedly says it is tablet. Uma says Saras’ bhabhi is telling it is tablet, he will buy that for her. They both then walk and seeing Suman and Shiv in market, Uma says Suman that she can go to market alone hereon. A lady slips on Shiv and apologizes and asks if he is feeling pain. Shiv hides pain and says he is fine. Uma says they should not hide pain. Shiv says he told man should hide his pain. Uma says he is permitting now. It is all Kanak’s dream, and she shakes Uma strongly. Uma wakes her up and says he is going out of car, she can come home alone. Kanak sees Suman and gets out of car.

Vansh walks waiting for Saras to stop her. She stops him and asks to show his bangle. He shows and says he promised he will not trouble her, now he got a call from his daadi that she fixed an alliance and sent bangle’s other pair to that girl. Saras’ friends say how did same bangle reach her, she is that girl.

Kanak sees Suman in market checking books and asks what she is doing here. Suman’s boyfriend walks towards and asks why she is late. Suman acts and asks who is she. Boy says he mistook her to his friend and walks away. Kanak asks who was that boy. Suman arrogangly says she does not know. Kanak asks if she likes reading book, even her mom used to love reading books. Suman more arrogantly shouts she hates books and failed in 8th standard twice. Kanak says forget that, she does not know where she had been and tells Uma and she watched a movie. Suman walks home shouting at Uma and asks to come in front, he makes rules and binds everyone in it, but himself breaks rules for bhabhisaa, she will not tolerate it. Maasi tries to calm her. Drama continues.

Precap: Maasi tells Suman that she just heard about Uma being trapped in his promise, nobody knows what happened after that. She takes everyone to lawn. Kanak’s facial expression changes seeing something. Maasi asks her to change her identity or get out of this house.

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  1. Such a disappointing episode…

  2. What a colourful dream! KanUm looks very cute together in dream sequence.
    In reality, how Uma tried to buy full row ticket, too much but nothing new in it he is like that, instead they both can exchange their seats in a simple way.
    Precap looks scary….

  3. Vansh part enjoyable though predictable. Rest is complete nonsense and low grade melodrama. Writers are pathetic.

  4. I love the entire dream sequences of Kanum how lovingly they are see these are all desires of uma inside his heart but he is not expressing it out.He is being caged in the cage of dharam now kanak has to free himself from the cage.Kanak was very restless thinking how will uma react but he enjoyed the movie.After a very long time i saw that bubbly kanak expression.So sweet of uma for breaking his rule for his love kanak that shows he much love he has on her he is giving importance to kanak likes and happiness these are all the small changes taking place in uma.Vansh saras seriously I don’t like their track .Hw he is fooling saras.Kanak dream was too funny poor girl she is expecting this many changes by just watching a movie ah Kanak be patient u cannot expect miracle to happen soon.The process of uma ‘s redemption is just started.The first scene of uma buying the whole row is slightly irritating me but what to do we all know about him how over possessive he is.Suman first rebelcin the family I like it very much she is raising her voice now.Soon she will be full supportive to kanak.I think she will expose paulomi one side love to kanak soon.Massisaaaa what a woman she is she is very bad .Why this stupid uma is accepting to do the punishment.One positive news to share according to today spoiler kanak wins and convince uma about importance of girls education.. And uma accepts it and gives permission to suman to take her exams .

  5. Looked like Uma wants to enjoy so many moments with Kanak but is unable to do bcoz of the restrictions he imposed on himself and on others. It was clear from Suman’s anger that Uma and his dharma was recognised as the “restriction” and comes in the way of her life she wants to live plus without any “dharma”. Atleast she is thinking about the conservatism going on in her house. Dont like the precap?

  6. Enjoyed today’s episode yes Uma could have changed seats but guess he wanted to be alone with wife ?Liked how he remenises himself & Kanak in the movie If only they were like that there could be a possibility in future let’s hope. I find Saras has lived quite a sheltered life compared to her friends who are normal as for Vansh your moves are good but you come a cross too cocky & over confident but love to see what’s going to happen Minakshi told Baboo about Vansh plan like how Uma did to Kanak

  7. I thought today’s episode was nice enough. I’ve started to dread watching because I know there is more ‘atyachaar’ on the way.
    Part of me is mortified by the shows developments & the other part of me is intrigued to find out how the show makers are going to manage to bring change via Kanak and also manage to develop a love story between Kanak & Uma…. guess we will have to wait to find out, hope they don’t drag it out for ages….One day seems to last forever ?

    Personally, I’m not enjoying the vansh/saras track it’s just a bit too predictable. I hope Vansh comes to his senses before he wrecks his own life & Saras’s. I really like both their characters so hope they don’t destroy them in the process of vansh trying to carry out ‘revenge’ .

  8. I am looking forward to seeing Saras getting a taste of her in and her brother’s medicine since my only interest in the show is to see Uma go through the pain he gave Vansh and Ved and see his sister go through what he did to an unknown girl. Rest, I am ignoring as I don’t find Uma Kanak’s interactions romantic. Just suffocating.

  9. Златина Монева

    If we have to talk about guilt , then it is Maasisa . E verything she does has a clear consciousness and a purpose. In order to have control and influence over her sister’s children , she taught them to obedience through religion from little by little . It educates the children with a misinterpretation of the scriptures. Religion is most likely to manipulate consciousness. Umma and Saras are the proof. Next is Shiv. Maasisa is a criminal. She is a manipulator. It is fir prison. Everything in the house evolves according to Maasisa’s plan. But Kanak comes ! It is a threat to Maasisa. Kanak hinders Maasisa. It confuses the plan Maasisa. Because of Kanak , Maasisa loses control in the house. Umma is a victim of manipulation- Maasisa! He does not know the love of life. He was raised by Maasisa by duty , not by love. This has made Umma – rough, extreme, primitive, relentless , selfish. But he begins to understand, that love is a very good thing. Love is a window to life and can make it happy. But Umma can not get away from the handle of the manipulator yet. It is the most difficult to change consciousness . You need time , desire, perseverance , a person you really trust. Umma will change. The viewer will see it in a cardinal change.

  10. where is maasis husband, i think she had a very bad marriage, and y is she staying Uma’s house, She must be responsible for Uma’s mother’s state and starts ruling the house as a queen with her own rules so that Uma and his siblings are under her control. Now that Uma has broken her rule and married Kanak telling god’s gift Maasis feels insecurity of loosing her importance and she know’s that Uma will do anything to keep Kanak happy.

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