Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Uma Spots Nanda Catching Auto For Prathistha Hospital

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak after her viva test asks her classmates Chinmay and Tiara how was their test. They say excellent, but Kanak did not do well. Kanak says it was good for her. Professor Madhavi then teaches students how to give injection. Tiara and Chinmay does not let Kanak to watch it and block her way, taunting late comers cannot see. Madhavi notices it and asks what is happening. Chinmay complaints Kanak is disturbing. Madhavi asks Kanak to demonstrate how to give injection. Kanak thinks it is very easy and tries, but fails. Madhavi shouts what is she doing, if air bubbles enter patient’s body, patient will be in danger, she cannot given even basic injection, forget becoming paramedic.

After class, Kanak sadly stands near balcony when she hears nurse insisting kid patient to take injection and chats with him. Nurse says boy cannot swallow, so glucose injection is essential for him, but he is hesitant. Kanak gets an idea to learn giving injection. She wears puppet dress and dances around boy on Anjan ki seeti me mharo bam dole…song. she then befriends boy and competes with him with juice. Boy finishes juice glass. She then convinces boy for injection and thinks this is the best chance to learn giving injection. Nurse gives injection while Kanak herself closes eyes. Aditya reminds her that injection is already given and she can open eyes. Kanak loses chance to learn.

Nanda Maasi stops auto to go to Prathistha Hospital. Uma asks where is she going. She says market. Autodriver says she told.. Nanda scolds and sends him. Uma says he will drop her and drops her in his car. Nanda waits till he goes and catches auto again for Prathistha hospital. Uma notices it from mirror and runs towards auto unsuccessfully. He calls Mausa and asks where did Maasi go from market. Mausa says she told same. Uma asks if Maasi is up to something. Mausa says he will enquire, he need not worry. Uma thinks he needs to find out. Nanda reaches Prathistha Hosptial and walks in thinking she has to make sure Kanak does not see her. Mausa calls her, but to no avail.

Madhavi takes Kanak to Dr. Parag and complains that Kanak was dancing around boy wearing fancy dress. Kanak says boy was not taking injection, so she convinced him. Madhavi complains she does not know to give injection. Wardboy also complains against Kanak. Kanak says let her explain, but Parag stops her. Nanda reaches till Parag’s cabin when she sees Mausa’s call and picks it. Mausa says Uma saw her getting into auto, so where ever she is, she should return back home. Parag says Kanak made a mistake and should bear punishment, Dr. Madhavi will punish her. Madhavi asks Kanak to inform a couple that their daughter went into coma. Kanak says she cannot. Parag says she has to learn handling critical situation and insists. Kanak walks out. Madhavi says sheep is being tamed before being sacrificed, Kanak wants to become paramedic, but Parag is misleading her. Parag says he wants to gain Kanak’s trust and then break it, Kanak will fail in exam and Dr. Uma’s ambulance will fail, then their business will start.

Uma returns home and asks Mausa where is Maais, he wants to ask where did she go hiding. Mausi returns. Mausa acts as scolding her and asks where did she go in another auto.

Precap: Chinmay challenges Kanak to get patient out of coma. Parag thinks Kanak is too emotional and that is her problem, she will breakdown and he will destroy her completely.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. What a non- sense and illogical story line. Kanak is govt officer, she is struggling to get medical seat and blindly believing mausa.

    CVS damaged story line beyond repair with the leap track( Uma married Meera ). Now CVs started another track mobile ambulance. Uma who is owner of k and u,could not make mobile ambulance as k & u org initiative.

    Telugu version- Agni Sakshi is well written and directed. Especially female lead characterisation is outstanding. In Hindi version, CVS made female character guilty abt her mistakes and male lead never realize his mistake. I hope Telugu serial CVS never follow the Hindi version story line as it is.

  2. Boring track when this will stop i will see. Nothing interesting so illogical story.

  3. That Parag & female supposedly are doctors but thought doctors are compassionate human being but these 2 are evil to the core Don’t know what Masisa is up to Was hoping Aditya would have been a better spy instead of being interested in Kiara who is all about appearance only Uma should have followed Masisa instead of calling Mausaji who is not to be trusted

  4. Vote Efeed 2018 Efeed Awards Tu sooraj main Saanjh Plyaji
    Vote Efeed Bast Jodi Awards Avineh Reki (Uma & Kanak ) Rhea Sharma

  5. Keep voting dnt stop atleast vote for 10 times in a day if every single fan does this we can hv lot of vote…..atleast before end the show or after end the show this wud be our loved towards our best stars from our side..

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