Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Bhabho Loses Her cool.

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 18th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak with Ved and Vansh searches Uma and does not find him and his car. She gets tensed thinking where he must have gone. Vansh says Uma is weird, he comes without informing and went without informing. At shop, Bhabho throws things. Babasa tries to stop her, but she continues throwing things and says her thinking about Kanak is right. She cries that nobody can separate her from Sooraj and Sandhya.

Uma travels in car with Maasi and says he knows she has many questions. Maasi says she wants to meet Kanak and question. Uma reminisces Kanak breaking relationship with her and says Maasisa is right, even he has many questions.

Kanak continues panicking and says she could not even apologize Uma. Ved asks her to call his mobile. She says he does not use mobile. Vansh says he saw his lie being exposed and he ran away. Ved says Vansh is right. Babasa calls Vansh and asks him to return home right now as Bhabho has lost her control and bring even Ved. They all 3 reach home. Bhabho stops Kanak at door, walks to her angrily, holds her hand and drags her to Kanak Mishthan Bhandar. She says Sooraj was 14 years old when he opened this shop to take care of family. He become world’s best cook, even then he did not leave this shop, Sandhya also left him, but he did not leave this shop. She prepared sweets with her weak eyes and hands and thought she is serving temple, but today Kanak broke her misunderstanding.

Vansh asks Meena what is happening. Meena says Bhabho saw shop’s original papers and Kanak is its owner. Vansh says Bhabho that her Sooraj and Sandhya have not gone anywhere. Bhabho says her Sooraj and Sandya’s last evidence is mangalsutra and reminisces bomb blast with only Sandhya’s mangalsutra and living with hope, but now Kanak is her hope of life and realized today that Kanak is her Sandhya and Sooraj Chote Chote Armaan Hain Dil ke…song plays in the background. Whole family gets emotional and smiles. Bhabho continues that Sooraj used to understand what is in her mind without her telling, even Kanak realized what is in her mind. She can tell whole Hanuman street that Kanak is her granddaughter. Camera focuses on each family member. Bhabho continues and asks Kanak to hug her Bhabho. Kanak emotionally hugs her.

Precap: Maasi enters Kanak Misthan Bhandar and says to keep this shop open, her beendni/Kanak tricked them. Bhabho tells Kanak that she knows everything.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Riana

    Emotionally Amazing episode…why did bhabho throw things then and wasted so many sweets ?? ???

    1. Exactly. …why she wasted all these things. …..she can show her anger in any other way too….bt wasting sweets is not right. …

    2. Coz that’s her signature. Babhoo is a drama queen , she have had always done it
      Especially in the beginning of DABH she was fierce our Babhoo 🙂 🙂 🙂 all scenes of drama In this family were basically Babhoo screaming , somebody( usually use to be ) Mena … oohhh I miss dabh . Sorry if I ‘ve bored you with my opinion

      1. I wanted to say Mena crying , if haven’t seen DABH actually one time Babhoo to prove her point and express her strong opinion damaged the water pipe after Sandhya had saved the day fixing the problem by climbing

      2. Yes eva1, I too rememberd dabh seeing bhabho’s anger, even i didn’t watched dabh regularly still remember her dramas.

  2. VINAL

    Amazing episode especially last part was very emotional ???????????????
    It means bhabho was already knowing that shop is sold & is mishri alive and is with aditiya???????????

  3. Wonderful episode. It would be hell 4 Kanak when she returns back 2 Ladno…as maasisaa is going 2 illtreat her. But hope Uma would support & love her.

  4. Today full emotional turmoil of bhabho and Kanak at last Kanak got her life ambition fulfilled she won her grandmother ‘s love .Bhabho performance was very nice .But missed uma ‘s presence in the frame today but he has already done his pati dharam .So uma told everything to bhabho even before Kanak reaches the temple I thing we will see that tom .Both husband wife is having that varmala safe .See Kanak she still wearing that anklets gifted by uma (love chain).But she got the ultimate happiness which she was yearning for so many years.She will soon come to know that uma united bhabho and Kanak.I remember in earlier episodes Kanak told once to uma about each girls dreams of her prince charming in that scene she told that a good husband should support wife at all times both sorrow and happiness .He should love his wife’s family equally and should fulfil all her dreams I think uma has fulfilled half of the expectation of kanak. Waiting for tom episode .But soon we want kanum together we are missing their chemistry hope this pushkar episodes finishes fast .But now the story is going in jet speed and TSMSP came into slot leader it seems hope their rating also increase but now it is progressing well

    1. Hi Divyaa, yes it was nice to see this, and for Uma his good deed will earn him prison.

      I am not happy that Kanak will go back just to earn hatred, if she wanted that just stay in pushkar.

      Hope their relationship moves forward now

      Does bhabho know that misri sold the shop then? & also could pavan be Uma’s nephew?

      1. I think bahbho is not aware about the shop matter parmeen and pavan is adithya son will uma accept illegitimate son of adithya .Don’t know what uma will decide maybe again kanak will make him accept pawan .Seriously even i don’t like kanak going back with hidden motives but i think CVS are not ready to show kanak falling in love with uma so soon eventhough she fall in love she won’t admit this .So i think next part will be the blomming of understanding and love between the couple then only the title justifies.

  5. Nice emotional episode..finally kanak got her bhabho back after long struggle..nyc to see it..

  6. I think bhabho not accept kanak ………
    she accept only uma and kanak relation only that why see put her anger on things …………
    today episode fine fine ………
    toda slow tha ……… aaj ka episode ……
    and what will be the questions which maasisa and uma ask from kanak………????

  7. Wow… Another heart touching episode loved it
    Atlast kanak succeeds in her mission to get her bhabo’s love.Precap is awesome maasi is in her own way telling maari bindnisa….n our hero entry, nice plot.
    Uma did magic to convince bhabho it seems,????
    Poor ved n vansh underestimate uma tat he let kanak easily, uma wont leave kanak after arrest drama too.

    1. Yes bhaana your right ved and vansh underestimated uma as a soft coward person they still don’t know about their jeeja ji how adamant bold and arrogant with a soft smiling face .And moreover he is very possessive he will never leave kanak even after arrest.One similarity is there in both uma and kanak both will go to any extent for their loved ones happiness

  8. Rhea Sharma is an excellent actress?, her expression was so deep and heart touching,BRAVO? ???The bgm is magistral, I burst into tears???.

    1. Yes sharmila ..I too love d bgm of d serial..no words to tell about it..magical bgm..congrats music team of tsmsp??ur efforts make d scene more live??

  9. I really wonder what magic did uma did to bhabho to change the 20 yrs of hatred into love towards kanak that too in one day.The CVS are trying to finish the first plot soon after time change to Start a new plot revolving around kanak uma to bring new viewers I think so .How she is going to tackle massisa how kanak will again earn massisa ‘s trust again.That too after uma’s arrest massisa will take a Kali avathar soon .I think uma will support kanak otherwise it will be a hell for her.

    1. Yes divyaa, going fast too good, not interested in family dramas showing everyone’s face in order, but yesterday it was too good, frankly i wants to see uma n kanak together, but how was it possible against kanak family wish.
      Saw a video where kanak in teej dress n entering police station, may b to release uma it seems, too short video, haved u
      seen it.
      Tried to reply to ur comment yesterday but not posted.

      1. Yes bhaana I i saw the video so kanak will release uma against her brothers that means she will again lose rathi parivar so she has to go back to toshniwal that means knowingly unknowingly she accepts the marriage either wholeheartedly or she should separate why she is giving false hope to uma and going there with hidden motive again to make them hate her .What she forgot that uma understood her completely he knows her well than before so he will easily find out her plan I think next part will be more entertaining than before

  10. What?so it was kanak’s dream is it?can’t wait for today’s episode..

  11. I found today’s show a tad slow & missed Uma on screen…. but like how the show is progressing. I knew Uma would step in to help solve the problems between Bhabho & Kanak & clear their misunderstandings…. looking forward to seeing kanak’s reaction when she finds out Uma has helped her ?. I really don’t want to see Uma arrested ?but it definitely needs to happen to allow the show to highlight that forced marriages are illegal and Kanak & Uma can then move on from it & then hopefully their relationship can start to form and we get to see lots of Kanum ?

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