Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Uma Convinces Bhabho To Let Him In Kanak’s Wedding Arrangements

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhabho waits for Babasa and Ved to take care of Kanak’s weddings arrangements. Uma enters and says he will take care of arrangements. Kanak asks what is he doing here, who invited him. Uma says he is Samdhi from Saras’ maika and has come to help in arrangements and will go if Bhabho does not to invite Saras’ maika. Kanak tells Bhabho let him do whatever he wants, his each trick will make her hate him more. Uma asks Bhabho to trust him, he will not do anything. Bhabho says she would have, but he is untrustable, he can help in arrangements tough for Saras’ sake, and if he plays any trick, Saras will be out of house.

Akshay taunts Uma that he came to spy on him being around. Uma says he will not let Akshay steal Kanak’s digital signature and trap her in bribery case. Akshay challenges to try his best, he will steal signature at any cost and send Kanak to jail. Their challenges continue.

Uma then clashes with a woman. Aditya is disguised as woman and does his usual jokergiri. Uma asks him to keep a close watch on Akshay. He then gets busy making arrangements. Payal asks Babasa to taste food. He tastes laddoo instead. Uma tells Aditya that he has to steal laptop itself from Kanak so that Akshay cannot steal digital signature.

Kanak is busy working on laptop. Akshay brings haldi and asks her to apply him first, pouring some on her hand. She says haldi would have fallen on laptop. She unlocks lapto with haldi smeared fingers. Bhabho takes Kanak for haldi. Akshay waits to pick laptop, but Bhabho takes him for haldi ritual forcefully. Aditya as woman searches around and clashes with Payal. Payal scolds him. Akshay and Kanak sit for haldi ritual while Uma searches laptop. Akshay hopes Uma does not reach laptop. Uma enters Kanak’s room and searches laptop in cupboard. Bhabho takes Kanak to her room. Uma hides behind cupboard and hopes they don’t see her, else they will doubt him more.

Precap Kanak asks Uma why is he doing all this. He says because he cares for her. She says she is marrying in a day. Akshay over phone tells Kanaks’s end is final now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Bhaana

    Thanks for the update MA☺
    Wow..uma looks hot without extra fitting, wish Kanak also shown alone?
    Why starplus is not giving promo for this track n where is vansh
    I enjoyed uma n Rathis part but this akshay behaving bit too much villainous
    Coming to adi I’m in love with his acting skills today he was just hilarious in saree ???
    Tomorrow uma in Kanak room, shall we expect kanum scene or shiv sanket, it’s been ages we r digesting negative track….badly need some relief

    1. Agree bhaana Uma luking v handsome in pagdi n traditional outfits and in precap also he is luking cool yaar
      Let’s hope that today we get any magical moment of kanum with shivji blessing?
      And really we can’t ignore adi’s acting
      He is too good n funny ?

      1. Bhaana

        Hi Shreya, enjoying uma in action n yes he is too cool n hope for the magical moments…missing kanum badly
        Have a good day dear☺

    2. Good day dear ?

  2. Aditya is hilarious. The rest of the story is out of control…

  3. Is just impossible for me to hate Ashkay he is to cute and when I see him with kanak I forget that he is a villain they are to cute ???together cvs if you guys wanted a male villain then you shouldn’t have chosen a cute guy like Ashkay it makes it hard to hate him ????

    1. ManasaR

      Sorry Mavis, I cant see Akshay cute at all any angle and he better suits a villain character same as in his previous role.

    2. Its impossible not to hate this Akshay. In no angle he is looking cute to me. sorry dear.
      As always he better suits to the roles he played as negative roles.
      But that too Adi and Sadiya ji raised the bar so much that it’s interesting to see whether Akshay can live up to them or fail miserably like meera.

  4. Yes am also expecting a kaanum scene.but remember now our Kanak is hating uma.anyway marriage is marriage.uma is legally MM husband now.i don’t want Kanak to b second.make uma free first.otherwise it’s not good.marrying one person and loving another one. He is loving his family(himself)more than Kanak.first clear that marriage then he will become loyal for a kaanum scene.otherwise it’s bad.MM (legal wife) and Kanak (illegal love).

    1. I think once Uma stopped marriage, mm truth will be out too at the same time. i dont think Uma himself will accept Kanak without freeing from meera. I am hoping kanum together will reveal meera’s truth behind suman. Meera is a legal wife but the marriage happened with blackmail so it can be proved as invalid.

  5. Adi n massi sa’s track wassupr awesome.. m happy to c adi d ? n his jockergiri…. he s vry talented…

    1. I enjoyed Adi and Harpreeth combination very well with their funny jokes. it’s super awesome too. Now also uma and adi look super cute. so excited to watch this track now. Uma in action is super duper entertainment.

  6. Uma is not fighting for getting Kanak.He want she to be single and safe. If am coming to Kanak she wants to move on.she is comfortable with akshay now.If akshay is not villain this marriage will happen know and uma will go to london.they are not yearning for each other.only viewers are yearning for their union.

    1. Uma cried for kanak and until he know askahy’s truth he want to go away for Kanak’s happiness as he dont want to be hurdle to her happiness. when he realised akshay’s truth only he is trying to stop marriage. So uma want kanak to be single is wrong but yes uma want kanak to be safe. admiring uma so much now days. Uma is missing kanak so badly. how he wants to cry but yet there to fight for his love’s happiness and safety. love u so much uma. go on. fight those two morons and save your love.

  7. Vansh Where are you ?

  8. Bhaana

    Agree sadly now Meera is the official partner of uma and not Kanak n wish CVS clear this out soon…
    Kanak n uma are soulmates blessed by bolenath n so wish to see some signals to pamper our heart yearning for kanum reunion.
    Even I didn’t enjoyed kanum scene while they r trapped by adi in mosquito net, just wish to feel for eternal bonding they posses…

  9. Uma should open up to Kanak.If he does not want to lose her he should atleast discuss with a lawyer to get out from the MM trap(marriage). And Kanak they are showing very happy with her new relationship.If she think once about a physical relation with akshay she can realise her inner mind feelings for uma and who is uma for her.akshay can b a good friend but not life partner. Because of the ego and hatred towards uma Kanak is marrying akshay. She is very hurted when she called as a keep by MM.

    1. as soon as Uma confessed his love he isready to open up with kanak too but nowadays kanak is not in listening mode. As akshay said yesterday she is believing Askay blindly. I dont worry about mm trap as it can be easily made invalid by bringing the truth. I am sure all the loose ends will fixed soon but first worry is making sure kanak marriage stopped.

  10. Right now I can see that kanak is falling for Ashkay is obvious she is a little happy as compared to when Ashkay wasn’t in her life when she is with Ashkay she is not bothered about uma which I don’t blame her if uma wants kanak he should first resolve his marriage with meera else he will loose kanak forever. Cause kanak is getting attach to Ashkay ???

    1. I dont think she is attaching to Akshay and wont feel any of these feelings when she in jail for the very same akshay. hope she wont act foolishly more and I am sure uma will save kanak.
      Uma marriage wont be issue any more as I guess kanum will together or uma himself will bring mm true face before all and make mm marriage deal as invalid

  11. I don’t think uma should trust Aditya he is the same person who wanted to kill uma and kanak years ago.

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