Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanak coming to see the yagya. She gets shocked seeing her pic. Tumne rishta jo banaya…..plays…. She thinks Uma’s dharm is great, it maakes im forget difference between a human and pic. Shiv sees Kanak and smiles. Kanak sits behind. Payal and her mum get away from her. uma sees Kanak. Kanak gets sad.

Mahant says now Shiv will sit in his Gurumaa’s lapt and have prasad. Shiv and Kanak smile. Mahant saays she can be anyone, it will be last ritual. Pandit says we can’t do this ritual, Kanak can’t be part of puja. Maasi says Shiv has another bhabhi, Payal. Payal asks me? Maasi says yes, you take this responsibility. Payal agrees. Payal’s mum says you are always ahead in fulfilling duties. Maasi makes her wear the necklace and says you have won my heart today. Shiv sits in Payal’s lap and does ritual. Kanak smiles. Uma looks on.

Meenakshi and Babasa are going in Rani’s marriage. Meenakshi says everyone show off the richness in marriage functions. She describes the girl she would get as her bahu. Rani and Golu’s marriage rituals begin. Uma makes Shiv wear Janiyo and tells him importance of Dharm. Maasi says now take blessings and Bhiksha from everyone. Maasi gives him Ganesh idol and blesses him. She asks him to become like Uma. Uma asks him to give more tests to become like him. He gives him a chain. Kanak gets surprised seeing it. Shiv asks Kanak what gift will she give him. Payal’s mum says maybe Kanak forgot this.

Pandit asks Rani and Golu to take seven rounds with seven vows. Golu says I promised mumma that I will marry by her choice. Rani asks him not to do mumma mumma. Meenakshi and Babasa reach the temple and climb stairs. Meenakshi says why is Rani marrying this way, maybe groom is someone wrong. Golu and Rani take the wedding rounds. Meenakshi says my Golu is Shravan Kumar. Rani ses them and makes Golu wear sehra. Babasa says Golu…. Meenakshi asks Golu? Rani says Babasa thinks any fat guy is Golu, I forgot giving medicine to him in morning. Babasa says but I had medicine. Golu worries. Meenakshi says my Golu will never marry Rani. Babasa asks her not to say this.

Meenakshi says my and Rani’s relation is like saas bahu. Rani tells Golu to think of her boss as his mum. Meenakshi says give permission to Rani to work in my house after marriage. Babasa asks is he mute. Rani says no, I will come for work, you are my mum, bless us that our married life goes well. They take blessings.

Shiv says its fine, your love is big gift for me. Kanak stops Shiv and gives a gift, same as Uma. Shiv smiles seeing it. Shiv sees same gifts by Uma and Kanak, and says you got same gift for me, it means you both think similar. Kanak and Uma see each other. Jo hai dard bhi preet bhi…..plays…..

Kanak says I know I can’t pass this test, we have difference in our thoughts, I will cook any food, tell me what do you want to eat. She names sweets. Uma says I think you have strong connection with sweets or sweet makers.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Good one.
    Finally Golu, rani got married. Kanak is special, sensible girl. She still attended the ritual for Shiv, no jealous/anger on Payal…
    I have a feeling that Suman will tell the truth to Maasi & Uma and Uma will give her whatever she has asked without following those 6 rules.
    I would like to see Uma-Kanak moment after the ceremony.
    What happend to Ved & Vansh?

  2. Kanak is so sweet.everyone taunting Kanak but Kanak bear all for shiv.
    Payal are u happy with necklace? Finally u will get only jewellery because your husband already married that Mishri& you here happy with jewellery.

    1. Who is mishri???

    2. VINAL

      Mishri is Minakshi’s daughter Golu ki sister

  3. Foolish girl Payal and her greedy mother. Kanak has a husband who wants her, his method is just questionable but at least he’s there with her and not in a photo. They share a bed and have conversations. Who needs jewellery and position in a house when you have a living human being next to you.
    My hope is that Uma accept Kanak as she is and stop being a hypocrite because he married a random stranger forcefully claiming it’s Lord’s sign without knowing anything about her.

    As for Payal, Kanak will get the shop papers and leave that place, then Uma will run after but that Payal will be waiting for Aditya forever as he’s already happily married.

    Please writers, this dialogue of Kanak saying she’s Sandhya’s daughter has to stop if you’re going to keep letting her play silly games to get trapped in them
    Sandhya was a very smart character and was never childish. She was intelligent and meticulous in her actions.

  4. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    This show is not only about rituals and religion. Please show some love and understanding between Kanak and Uma. I love Kanak Uma moments. Please exposed Payal. I love Golu and Rani. Where is Mishri!

  5. No respect for the mute spectator Uma. Still hoping writers will show the family knowing Payal’s truth. But the fact that Payal’s mother succeeded is Una and Uma’s family’s failure as they believe in orthodoxy rather than reasonability. They are the real culprit, not Payal’s mother. Hope writers won’t start showing Payal’s mom plotting against Kanak’s second test too…like mixing spices in her sweets or adding too much salt in food. Oh God…please not that crap. Is the precap a hint that Uma will know Kanak’s is Kanak Rathi of Kanak mishthaan bhandaar and understand her real motive? Oh then he will act high and mighty again lecturing her on how deceptive and selfish she is. Worse, he may keep quiet, take her to Pushkar and insult the entire family of Rathis. This man is cunning and cold. The writers are bent on keeping him that way. They don’t even show him feeling bad when Kanak cries. This can’t be a love story. Not yet at least.

  6. Uma is surrounded by all Female characters except for Shiv, he has inflated male ego , while Masi Sa rules the family with iron fist .This sub servient wife story is beingd dragged on for a while now and hope the story line changes soon.
    Remember Kanak “The way to man’s heart is thru the Stomach” and win him over at least pretend and get your shop.

    1. You are so right about the reason behind his inflated Male ego. The subservient wife story is idolized in all shows and it is painful to watch. Here it is being dragged horribly. I am afraid that they will show Payal’s mother spoiling Kanak’s cooking too. These writers love to pile on the torture before they make things better.

  7. Waiting 4 Uma and Kanaks scene 2morrow. Pls expose Payal fast…

    1. Candiva007

      I agree, I want Payal to be exposed sooner rather than later. What is her mother doing there anyways? Her mother is such a bad influence on her. I hope Kanak has something up her sleeves for the mother and daughter duo! 🙂

  8. Now beginning of one more uma in shiv ….
    may be uma know the truth about the kanak and her background ….
    why he is waiting that kanak told about herself about her background ….
    uffff payal’s mom she too much greedy again writer make it saas bahu drama payal’s mom put problem and kanak face it with tear ….
    some time uma feels kanak pain by showing his expression in ritual when maasi misbehave with kanak that time uma expression to good….!!

  9. Now its little clear that uma knows about kanak s motive to stay with him then too why he is testing her so he is not ready to sacrifice her at any cost at the same time he wants to change herself as he desire .What I don’t understand that if he love kanak he can accept as she is why he is so adamant will he change himself for kanak then why he is expecting her to change.What is his next plan why he is always testing her patience.Pls change payal track its is like seeing Tamil serial.

  10. I don’t think Mistri married Adithya…she 16 years older than Kanak….in that Uma is way older than Kanak.
    I guess Uma will go to Pushkar to find out the sweet shop details and meet Babho family and will get to know about Kanak

    1. Good point. I think Uma is shown to be 10-15 years older than Kanak.

    2. Uma age 30 and Kanak age 20 . Serial Starting episodes they mentioned

  11. Uma is being a typical Asian man. He cannot stand up for his wife in front of his massi sa & she knows it, which is why she plays on it.
    Sooraj was like this for al long time as well, until he found out about Sandra’s dream.
    Not sure what Kanak can do, as all the women in the house are against her.

    As for Payals mum well she has no shame , why is she still staying at her daughters in laws- I though her dharma forbid that.

    Don’t know how they are going to show Kanak & Uma get together, there seem to be to many issues . The question for Kanak is then once she has the shop , is Uma really worth the effort?.

    maybe now it should be “don’t get mad get even”

  12. That’s my worry to @Parmeen, how will the writers justify getting them together after digging such a big rift of unpardonable insults between them. My mind is stuck like a record at the tying up to marry. I mean how does a woman forgive that? I keep telling myself that this is fantasy so take it with a grain of salt. But Dil Hai ki maanta nahi ? Payal’s mother came cos she was invited for this yagyapaveet ceremony. She will stay till this is fully over. And then stay a couple more days maybe to spend time with her daughter (which I don’t see an issue with in normal circumstances) viewers will have to endure her annoying presence. I doubt that Uma knows about Kanak’s connection to the sweet shop as yet. But I think he is now suspicious and will start to connect the dots. Writers , please give some soft moments to relieve this bad headache and heartache you have given to the viewers.

  13. I agree with Navi Just love how both their expression Kanak & Uma ‘s when they looking at each other Just take her in your arms once and console her show a bit of affection to her which she never got from Baboo

  14. Mahadev Desai

    I think Payal will be impressed with Kanak for not exposing her. And she will start resenting her greedy mother. She may try to run away again. Kanak was right in refusing to drink the dirty water. Why are husbands not expected to wash their wife’s feet and drink the water. Male chauvinism!

  15. https://youtu.be/Guhoh-MkcKg

    That’s bits from today’s. Kanak Uma scene seems to be meaningful. I like the expression on Uma’s face as he looks at the coin on his side making it heavier. For once, you can see how desperately he wants her to win.but maybe I am mistaken and he is angry rather than sad.? My God, this show should get an award for dragging scenes. Story hardly moves forward…This is torture…???

  16. https://youtu.be/LLKQAykVT5o

    That’s a better collection of snapshots. I think we’ll get a nice long UmaKanak one on one interaction today.

  17. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    nice episode … I respect Kanak’s decisions even more now … she was able to put dignity aside for Shiv … I am certain Kanak will bring Uma to his knees

  18. The reason this show is no the numbe1 show like isqhbaaz because it drags a lot and degrading to women. The writer probably is a vey 18th century man, who probably degrades his women folks too.

  19. i didn’t think payal will be shiv’s guruma,shiva and kanak awesome.

    1. shiv’s guruma is payal i really hate .

  20. Amena please update todays 15 july episode

  21. Mira_dewi

    Guys would u tell me what’s happen with 2day’s epi?? Thanks before ??

  22. Mira_dewi

    Amena, im still waiting U’r written today, thanks ?

  23. kanak meet payal n ask y did she trap her n she bla blas her moms taught
    Uma talk in mind tat he dont want to leave kanak n prays god to help her
    Kanak argues to uma y she failed in daasi test n ask wat u want to eat to fullfill next test n uma reply tat he like dish made by maasi.In precap kanak meets maasi to know the recipeof uma’s favourite dish,but maasi taunts her.gabbasa says uma registration work done in pushkar

  24. Mira_dewi

    Thanks a lot Bhaana ?

  25. It’s good serial n different story bt plz dont make it boring like other serial where both lover get separated n marry other one n when all doubts clear then they patch up again…..people hv seen these type of stories many times n now they r bored ..they want to see something different where both lovers be together the end of their life n shares n face all the challenges happiness n sorrow together. ….like fatmagul ……I think indian directors should get the knowledge from turkey shows that how to make serial popular. .best of luck

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