Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanak’s Engagement

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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 13th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanak informs family that she has decided to get engaged to Akshay today. Akshay excitedly asks is it. Aprita says yes, Kanak informed her decision, so she decided to finish good deed today itself. Bhabho asks Kanak if she is sure. Bhabho says yes. Musicians come playing drums. Kanak says she called them all. Akshay jumps in happiness. Bhabho asks Kanak to give her mobile as she needs to call Uma. She calls Uma and asks if he can her drum sound, tonight is Kanak and Akshay’s engagement tonight, so he has to attend it for sure. Akshay dances with whole family. Meera asks Uma what happened. Uma says Bhabho invited us for Kanak’s engagement tonight. She asks if they are going. He says no. She says it is Bhabho’s insult if they don’t go or if he cannot see Kanak moving on. Akshay asks Kanak of she forgot Uma now. She says no, but she will try and their relationship will not be affected. Akshay says he can wait for her till last day and hugs her. Bhabho enters. Akshay says she comes always at wrong time, he will tie bell in her neck as a signal, but marrying Kanak has an advantage, he will get Bhabho for free. Bhabho hugs them both.

Kanak’s engagement party starts. Uma and Meera enter. Bhabho greets them and says they are from Saras’ maika, good they came in. Purab invites everyone for dance and starts da ncing on UP wala thumka…song. Akshay extends hands towards Kanak, but she does not respond. He dances with Bhabho while Kanak looks at Uma. He then asks Kanak not to smile so much that people realize her sadness, be the way she is.

After dance, Bhabho asks Kanak and Akshay to exchange rings. Ring falls from Kanak’s hand. Uma picks it and gives it to her. Kanak dorns ring in Akshay’s finger and everyone clap for them. Akshay tells Bhabho that he takes Kanak’s responsibility from today. Uma jealously tries to leave, but Meera stops and says they should congratulate business partner and samdis. Uma congratulates Kanak. She says thank you. Akshay says he also got engaged, so Uma can congratulate him also. Uma and Meera congratulate them.

Bhabho says Uma and Meera that their presence filled joy in this party and they usually seek gifts from samdhis. Meera says she can ask whatever she wants. Bhabho says she wants a promise that Uma will be out of this country till Kanak’s marriage finishes. Meera asks Bhabho if she does not trust her granddaughter. Bhabho says she trusts her granddaughter, but not Uma. Uma says if she feels good if he leaves, he will.

Meera waits for her aide and says she was waiting for him since long. Man comes in light and reveals he is Akshay who asks what is all this. She says Kanak’s path of destroyal has started. He shouts how dare she is to talk about his would be wife. She says just engaged, let us celebrate. He says if she thinks he will enjoy chamagne with her and celebrate, then she is right. They both laugh. Meera says his idea of calling Kanak a keep was good. He says he has 100% success record.

Precap: Akshay tells Meera if she wants Kanak to be in jail on wedding day, then Kanak will. Aditya tells Kanak that he wants to talk about Meera and Akshay.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. never trust anybody in this world that is the message today. thanks cvs for pointing it out i hope aditiya helps kanak but why does ashkay hates kanak

    1. In my opinion, the msg is as a human, we have instinct to believe in someone/destiny, but sometimes bcs of logic reasons we wont accepted ..

    2. Uma is completelt trustworthy and I guess Kanak wont believe Aditya about Akshay so Adi will go and inform Uma. Uma will then help Kanak saving her from Aditya winning her trust back.

  2. The bastard Akshay he is worst than Aditya
    What do u think guys

    1. Agree Indira, his deceit is far worse than Akshay but I caanot forget he tried to sell kanak in kota and then tried to frame her character. SO they both are evils.

  3. Bhaana

    Bhabho and uma Takkar giving jaan(thodasa) to our show which was cruelly killed by villain Baazi, love Neelu mam n avi performance.
    Yesterday it was full of mm n akshay today also ending with them.
    Adi should inform uma not Kanak, she won’t believe him na?
    Btw Kanak and uma looked good today, bhabho n Akshay dance did lighten the episode….otherwise hate this crap Meera n Akshay not at all impressive, adi is far better n cute too
    Thankgod duck n so called Yodha plan to send Kanak jail n not interested in marriage just revenge it will benefit us to out this bhootni from uma.

    1. Meera1

      Hi Bhaana…. loving your analysis ?. I can’t tell you how frustrated I’m feeling these cvs are doing Kanums satyanash… bichare they never get any breaks from the never ending vamp list… but every cloud has a silver lining & you are right at least Kanak will be in jail rather than at the mandap!

    2. Hi Meera n bhaana ? I agree with u guys at least we can glad that Akshay is not going to marry kanak she will b in jail bt may b it’s for good cause only I mean when she ‘ll be in jail it will give courage to Uma to go deep into the matter n against meera

      1. Bhaana

        Thanks Meera n Shreya☺?
        Yeah me too frustrated yet the off air rumour alarmed me to watch it n will continue with the hope CVS show mercy to kanum.

    3. I dont want to see Kankak in jail either and want Uma to save Kaanak from this evils mm and akshay.
      I hate this akshay and mm who separated our kanum.

  4. I am watching this show because of kaanum chemistry. Writers destroyed the show and now I don’t know whether the news is fake or real that star plus is stopping and replacing this show by some other.its really a heartbreaking news for kanum fans.pls end this meera akshay track

    1. Hi malu PH confirmed this show is not going off air.

    2. I heard from some one this track is going to end soon. KanUm are soul of the show and they need to fight things together not like this separated.
      But very soon we will see positive things our show.
      Both channel and ph confirmed show is not going off air.
      Gentle request to all viewers, watch it on TV too to support it.
      I am doing repeats also turn on my tv.

  5. Hey guys is it really true that show is going off air?
    I started watching it on TV from today n hoping for it’s best

    1. No shreya PH confirmed its not going off air

    2. No dear it’s not I read on IG

    3. Shreya, it’s not going off air at all. It’s all rumors spread by some jealous people. But good idea, please watch it on TV even if you watched else where before. You can turn it on and do some other work.
      Repeat telecast too you can turn on tv and do some other work .

    4. Thanks divyaA vj & matic for giving this information ?

  6. I like kanak and Uma jodi….and this serial tooo….

    1. Kanak and Uma jodi is perfect , match made in heaven. They are cute and lovely. I love them so much. I would like to see them both happy soon.

  7. Omg we expected Akshay negative character but we didn’t even imagine he is so dangerous. How cleverly he trapped kanak with his buttery words from day one I was suspicious about this guy and now its completely revealed. Kanak as usual took hasty decision but cannot blame her she was cornered by meera and Akshay heinous plans. So this accusing kanak as mistress is by scoundrel Akshay plan he knows how a girl will be affected hurted when her character be tarnished . meera used this to push kanak to accept Akki. Poor innocent soul uma there are so many conspiracies going around him but he is unware and heartbroken for his lady love kanak. Bhabho invited uma and meera as they are samdhis. Uma was shattered to see his soulmate getting engaged to some other. Bholenath sanket ring slipped from kanak and reached to the right person uma who is her destiny but she fails to understand sanket. Uma with folded hands agreed to leave the country as per Bhabho insistence. Uma heart broke into pieces kanak was also disturbed and unhappy kanum agonized Finally truth about Akshay revealed he is meera man both of them teamed up to separate kanum and to destroy kanK life. So we will see uma saving his soulmate kanak from deadly trap of Meera and Akshay.

  8. So it seems Arpita is just as corrupted as her brother Akshay guessing she is with him on this evil plan to put Kanak in jail ? Kanak looked really nice & Uma too Was hoping there was no ring exchange though loved how it rolled towards Uma & they bang their heads Hope Aditya took pictures of of MM & idiot celebrating to prove to Kanak or else she won’t believe Liking that Adi is now informing Kanak Hoping Uma hears about it too Can’t stand that MM & hyper active guy Thinks he is gods gift to mankind Hope they end up in jail soon ?? Where is Vansh missing him as he is the protective brother hope he returns

  9. I want to uma tell kanak the true. Between him and meera

  10. https://youtu.be/HjHfPoh2eWc

    I saw this. I don’t know if it is fake. But a new show called tawaif is going to start on star Plus. I hope even if new show is getting TSMSP slit, TSMSP will go back to afternoon. I feel until the show was afternoon show, writing and story was beautiful. Once it came to evening slot, trp pressure increased, they tried to make it like other typical shows and ruined a great concept.

  11. OffScreenMasti

    The show is definitely moving from current slot for Sanaya Irani’s new show Tawaaif. Maybe going off air maybe not. Production house is downplaying to protect trp while the show is on air. People working on set have said but not openly to save their job. Production house will announce when end is just a week away. The show is doing very poorly due to too many track changes and losing original story. Very few “loyal” fans who watch only for actors not for quality or story value.

    1. Who told u this?? Tsmsp has consistently done well when all other shows were doing poor nd even now it s d slot leader+ Sanaya Irani’ s show s not confirmed..

    2. Bhaana

      Pls stop spreading fake news, tsmsp is far better than many craps…
      Separation of leads is always painful in every show, that’s the reason we feel bad yet tsmsp never failed fetch viewers interest which is clear by trp, we r the slot leader even in this track, channel n pH house confirmed “It will run for years” that’s reliable compared to suni unsuni kahaniyaan from cast or whatever u said.

    3. Dear if Sanaya irani show is coming it wont be on 7 pm slot. TSMSP is constant performer and recently also had abroad shooting along with other top shows.
      So dont worry guys, its all fake news spread by people for their own devious reasons.

      Track changes may did upset same as few other shows in Starplus but now the track ending with positive expectations trp rising very fast.

      TSMSP best show and continue forever.

    4. no dear masti this is not true my friend have contact with ph this is not true he confirm that and also there is no reason to end this show dear in fact there is more things to show and watch and our ratings is good with such track and all my friends hate this but the trp is good and after months decrease from 2.0 and 2.2 so whay off air is star plus lost it ! so there is no reason i blame the cvs to ruin this but every show face the same problem but is not true the show will continue . so don’t worry tsmsp lovers.

  12. No PH has clearly said its not going off air channel house also cleared this. So tsmsp is not going off air we asked shashi mittal she told not to believe in rumours. So pls stop spreading rumors. If the show is going off air why they should bother about ratings

  13. whts the motive for meera that revenge kanak…. bullshit show.. kuch bhi dhikathi he revenge ki naam se

    1. Barathi looks like you didn’t follow the show from the start.

      Meera is vindictive personality and she wants Uma’s love but Uma loves kanak. Thats why Meera jealous of Kanak and hates her.

      Any normal human being would not hate but be positive and unite Kanka and Uma when they realise the truth but Meera mittal is insane and keep trying her cheap tricks.

  14. Dear, this is just rumors .. Our series will not end .. This was confirmed by the production company .. Please do not publish such rumors again because it affects the serial please

  15. I m not indian and i live in France. I love this show. Kanak and uma lovely jodi. It s the best indian show. Please Uma wake up and tell kanak the truth. She always stood by your side. Sois un homme merde ????

    1. Amoula , We love the show and Kanum very much.

      Uma when he confessed he still loves her to kanak, he is saying the truth of his marriage but Kanak went away. I cant say that’s wrong of her as there are a lot happening around her and she cant think too much with so many things over.

      I think Kanak will believe Uma now even if he told her truth as Akshay’s previous plan may work in his favor. So I want Uma to not to take any chance and fight for Kanak and save her from Akshay.

      I love KanUm and so unable to see them separated this cruelly.

      Please ph, unite our Kanum. Kanum love cant be replaced by anyone.

      1. Yes you’re right Matic. I just hope Uma will save kanak from akshay and that we Will see kanum fighting together soon

  16. Where is Saturday 14 april update

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