Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 11th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Gabbasa threatens Aditya

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 11th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kanak and Uma seeing each other. They hold hands. Rishta ye kaisa hai…..plays…. She asks what’s the matter, you seem romantic today. He says when special things need to be said, the way to express should be special, our marriage day will be most memorable, we will give a new name to our relation and also register my medicines. Vansh asks Payal to get food fast, he is too hungry. Saras says even I m hungry, we will have food in same plate today. Saras asks Payal to get more rotis. Vansh asks Saras won’t she help Payal. Saras says no, its romance time, I shouldn’t waste time, food can be made anytime, I don’t want to lose chance of eating food with my husband. Bhabho thinks Saras has thought good, its a great idea. Saras asks Payal to get some rotis. Vansh looks at her.

Kanak says I can’t believe this, pinch me. He says I can’t hurt you. She says fine, I will do this. She pinches herself and says thank God this is not a dream, how did this happen, Maasi was against it. He says Maasi agreed for this. She says she agreed for medicines registration, but how… He recalls convincing Maasi. Kanak asks him to say. He says once Maasi knows something is good for me, there is no need to convince her, my happiness is imp to her. She thinks what must be the reason behind Maasi’s approval. Maasi tells Maasa that its just one day left for the new year, all the drama to come to an end.

Kanak says I just have one day, tonight, I have to find out Maasi’s plan. Maasa gets angry hearing Maasi. Kanak asks Uma where did he go. He says I went to see Paulmi. She praises him. He says she is better now, it will take time for her mental wounds to heal. He asks her why is she preparing mehendi. Kanak says its for Maasi. She tells Maasi that she has given them happiness. She says I want to apply mehendi on your hands. Maasi says I can’t get this, I have much work. Kanak asks her to rest. She applies mehendi.

Uma and Suman like Kanak and Maasi’s bond. Kanak says I have to visit tailor and check the dress fitting. She says sorry you can’t follow me now Maasi. She asks Shiv to make sure that Maasi doesn’t touch her phone. Shiv says I understood, Maasi’s mehendi will get spoiled. Gabbasa signs the goons. Kanak runs seeing the goons. Shiv doesn’t let Maasi move. Maasi says I have played my game beforehand, Kanak can’t succeed today. Kanak falls down. Gabbasa comes and stops the goons. He saves Kanak and says I will protect Uma and his family. He beats the goons. She says your hand is bleeding. He says I got a chance to look after you. She says thanks I will go now. He says goons can come back and attack, you can go home and take Uma along, I can’t let you go alone. Maasi smiles thinking of her plan. Kanak and Gabbasa come to hospital and meet Ved. Gabbasa goes for aid. Ved says Aditya is willing you everything. She meets Aditya and asks him about Maasi’s masterplan. Aditya is about to tell her. Someone threatens him. Aditya sees Gabbasa. He doesn’t reveal the plan. He says I don’t know anything. He turns and sleeps. Gabbasa informs Maasi. She asks how is Aditya, take him away from this place. She says everything is under control, the sun will rise with a new hope.

Aditya gets angry and tells Kanak about Maasi. He tells her Maasi’s new plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Ok so still same old same old, its good just read here instead of wasting time to see.

  2. Annoying stretching like elastic band

  3. Kya yaar I don’t understand one thing y every tym kanak underestimate masisa she should know it well that masisa is not alone she is a Mastermind lady n she is always two steps ahead of kanak ? but at last am happy gabbasa truth revealed n kanak came to know the masterplan of massi bt of no use guys it’s too late now & am sure masisa has backup plan for everything ??

  4. Cute moment between KanUma ? Masisa has been planning this for years compared to Kanak & she has an entourage to help her even Gabasa who does all her dirty work.Yes Gabasa played a nasty game with Kanak to find Aditya Well guess Uma will soon find out about the true colors of his beloved Masisa soon Need this in the story so Uma will realize Masisa intentions were all this time & believe in his wife to be soon Kanak Masisa has manipulated & played every one Let the show begin now Feel there is going to be a lot of action & suspense & truth being relieved especially to Uma Excited ? Would love to see that smirky smile wiped off Masisa face & Uma & Kanak to get the last laugh ?

    1. well said Dear:) i love your comments just amazing 🙂

  5. Eagerly waiting for todays episode…Hai friends…how are you all?
    I always like your comments..
    .i can very well undetstand the story from your comments….thank you very much..my regards to all Tsmsp fans….

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    2. hello dear how are you! me too earling for todays episode. have a nice day dear 🙂 my love to all TSMSP lovers

  6. Kanum marriage stopped ???uma gets arrested before Shaadi

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