Tu Mera Hero 9th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Tu Mera Hero 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with guests coming to Govind’s house. Manorama says its first Dhanteras after Rekha became the owner of this house. Surekha asks Rekha to do puja. Rekha puts water on idol. The ladies start talking. They stop Rekha from doing puja, and say we can’t sit in this puja. The lady says its fake idol. Rekha gets shocked. Vaishaili argues with the guests. Panchi, Surekha, Rekha and Bhagwati look on. The ladies compare her with Panchi and argue with her. Surekha and Rekha get worried. Vaishaili fumes. Manorama and Panchi look on. Surekha manages the situation well and does not let them blame Rekha. Everyone smile. Rekha feels sad.

The ladies apologize. Rekha cries. Surekha asks her to do the puja. Rekha lights the diya and does the puja. Everyone shower flowers. Vaishaili tries to show off the gold keychain. Manorama sees it and smiles, thinking Vaishaili will be shocked knowing truth. The ladies leave. Vaishaili argues with Rekha for not replying. Manorama talks in their favor to make Rekha realize her mistake and elder’s worth. Panchi hugs Surekha. Rekha is thankful to Surekha and starts melting. Vaushaili gets worried. Panchi and Manorama smile. Vaishaili’s keychain falls down. Panchi picks it. Vaishaili takes it from her and leaves. Manorama asks Panchi to see how Vaishaili gets uncomfortable now. She laughs.

The munshi comes to shop and talks to Keshav. Keshav checks the papers and is not worried about the legal case. Mukund comes and Keshav shows the papers to him. They do not wish to apologize to the client. The munshi hears their conversation and gets worried. He thinks to talk to Govind and Titu about the legal matter.

Vaishaili asks Bhagwati to change her habit of asking Surekha. She asks Bhagwati to ask Rekha. Vaishaili asks Rekha to tell Bhagwati what to do. Rekha feels bad. She asks Bhagwati to take clothes to dry. Sundar comes and hugs Sundar. Sundar tells Vaishaili that she does not know Surekha getting clothes for him in Diwali. Manorama says no, Surekha will bring boring clothes, Rekha will bring good clothes for you. Vaishaili says yes, Rekha will bring clothes, and we will wear by our choice. She asks Rekha to come with her on shopping. She tells Sundar that he will get his clothes till evening. They leave. Bhagwati asks Sundar to change clothes.

Titu talks to munshi ji and talks to the client to avoid legal case. Govind apologizes to the client and tells about family problems giving stress to Keshav and Mukund, else they are very good and hardworking. The client understands and says he trusts Govind a lot, he respects him seeing his love for children, I wish your sons understood your love. Titu asks Munshi not to tell this to Keshav and Mukund.

Vaishaili and Rekha come home and show the clothes they got. Vaishaili tells them that she did not get anything for Surekha and her family. Sundar does not like the clothes. Keshav and Mukund come home. Sundar says I won’t wear this and goes to Keshav. He says ask Govind to get clothes for me. Keshav asks him not to trouble him, he has enough problems. Sundar hugs Surekha. Vaishaili says Bhagwati spoiled Sundar, he does not know respecting elders. Bhagwati says whom shall I teach to respect elders, and taunts Vaishaili. Rekha feels bad seeing Surekha. Surekha goes. Manorama says kids say what they have in heart, he does not know to bend to owner, he will learn. Rekha gets sad. Vaishaili thinks to break families forever.

Mukund says Tau ji got new clothes for us every Diwali, we did not tell him, sometimes we have to lose everything by one mistake. Keshav says yes, sometimes we flow in emotions. Mukund says Tau ji will be sad knowing about legal case. Rekha says Surekha managed the situation when everyone pointed at me. Vaishaili says its Titu and Panchi’s plan. They want us to return everything, Govind is still owner by laws, I got these papers to get everything on our name legally, Mukund add anything you want. Bhagwati comes and shows the saree for Rekha and clothes for everyone, which Govind got.

She says Tau ji’s love is touching everyone’s heart, but you all have got fooled, we will wear these clothes tomorrow. Vaishaili talks to her mum and says she fooled Rekha so easily, but the family is not losing. She says how she fooled Mukund at the time of marriage, this time I will not lose. I will not let this family unite. Titu hears everything. He thinks I will see will Vaishaili’s cheat wins or family’s true love.

Vaishaili tells Mukund that they will get their right in evening. She goes to parlor. Keshav comes and says he thought a lot about legal case, they can’t win it, shop will lose name, they have to apologize to client.

Panchi talks to Vaishaili’s mum as Vaishaili. Her mum tells all the truth. The family gets shocked knowing Vaishaili’s truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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