Tu Mera Hero 7th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Manorama seeing the name board. Manorama comes to visit Surekha. She greets Surekha and hugs her. She tells the mistake on name board, its named Rekha Sadan. Surekha says we have seen it, its not by mistake, leave all that, come sit. Manorama says she has come to just meet them. A man comes and asks for Govind. Surekha says he is not at home. Surekha does not tell anything. Rekha comes and Manorama greets her. Manorama says they will see the diwali this time in Rekha Sadan. She invites many people at Rekha Sadan.

Titu goes to shop, and sees Mukund and Keshav arguing with a client. Mukund gets very angry and asks the man to show the proof. The man shows the slip. Mukund argues a lot, and Keshav also gets angry on that man. Titu tries to calm them. The man says he will get this shop shut. Titu calls Panchi and tells her everything. Panchi asks him not to worry, and see that Keshav does not get any problem, she will manage her. She works in kitchen alone.

Manorama says she will help Panchi. She asks why are things changing in this house. Panchi says nothing, its all fine. Manorama says Rachna has won her heart and now they became good family like this. Panchi says it was good family, not now. Manorama asks what happened to Rekha.

The jeweler comes and tells Panchi about making idol for Dhanteras. Vaishaili says Rekha will choose the idol. Manorama says yes, Rekha is the new owner of this house. The man shows the idols. Rekha says I don’t know about gold, Surekha used to choose. Vaishaili says you will learn it, choose one. Rekha takes one. Manorama sees it and says yes, its good. Rekha asks Panchi to buy if she likes too. Panchi says no thanks. Vaishaili says she will buy this gold keychain, I want this. Panchi and Manorama smile.

Panchi thinks how Manorama suggested her to call jeweler, and this is for family’s good. Manorama says you have told me why did this happen, I did not like this, its time to teach Rekha and Vaishaili to value elders. Panchi asks what did you think then. The jeweler smiles signing Manorama. He leaves. Vaishaili says we will keep idol in temple.

Vaishaili gets ready and likes her gold keychain. Keshav and Mukund come and talk about the client threatening of court case. Mukund says I m angry on Titu, how was he interfering. She says great, you both don’t need anyone. She shows the keychain, and asks Mukund to get ready, Rekha will lift curtain off the idol, Rekha will get her right and respect today.

Govind gets gifts for everyone. Surekha comes to him. She checks the clothes he got for everyone and likes. He says heart does not see money, but feelings. Surekha says it will be first time Rekha and I will not wear same sarees. He thinks where did they get wrong. She says its mistake of time, be patient, bad time will pass.

The guests come and ladies talk to Surekha. They praise Surekha. Manorama says its first Dhanteras after Rekha became the owner of this house. Surekha asks Rekha to do puja. Rekha puts water on idol. The ladies start talking. They stop Rekha from doing puja, and say we can’t sit in this puja. The lady says its fake idol. Rekha gets shocked.

Vaishaili argues with the guests. Panchi, Surekha, Rekha and Bhagwati look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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