Tu Mera Hero 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Panchi calling Titu to inform him. Titu is reading newspaper in loo and does not take her call. Panchi messages him. Govind thinks Surekha is refusing to Titu’s choice, how is this possible, whats the matter. He gets an invitation letter of Rachna’s engagement. He thinks about Kamlesh. He says he was running to bite me, now sending the invitation, it looks like the girl spoke to her dad. He says did they make some plan. Surekha sees Govind and smiles. She says she made laddoos for him. He smiles and says halwa at home and laddoo at shop, what is the matter.

Titu comes there and jokes on Govind. Govind scolds him and asks what is he doing here. Titu says I was passing by and came here. Panchi comes there and sees Titu. She thinks he missed his phone at home, I will talk to him, but his parents are there, I will try calling him again. She leaves. Surekha tells Titu that she does not like Panchi. Titu says she is very nice, one in thousand. She says I want one in million for you. She says she won’t talk to him if he marries her. Govind hears them. She asks him to choose between her or Panchi. Govind thinks whats this, Surekha is against this proposal, there is something fishy.

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Panchi hears Kamlesh talking on phone. He asks her to make Rachna ready, as they should reach for engagement on time. Titu asks Golu to make his phone right. He says about his dream to have a big house, and every door has sweets. He sleeps. Golu says I will get the phone repaired, and let Titu sleep. Rekha talks to matchmaker and keeps Vaishaili’s pic in it, and thinks she will choose it. Surekha greets her and says she wants a very nice girl for Titu.

Rekha says you got the girl. Surekha says no, I will see some nice girl, I don’t like Panchi. She sees the pics. Rekha thinks she has to make Vaishaili fix for Mukund. Surekha also chooses Vaishaili. Rekha is shocked. Surekha asks about her family. She says don’t show this pic to someone else. As I have chosen her, and asks Rekha to choose one for Mukund also. Govind comes home. Surekha says Rekha is seeing a girl for Mukund. He asks her to get ready, as they have to go in engagement.

He thinks if he says about Panchi’s family, they won’t come. He says its my friend’s daughter, and asks her to get ready. She thinks she will fix Titu with this girl. Panchi makes Rachna ready. Her mum calls Rachna. Panchi smiles and calls Titu. She gets busy and could not call.

Titu wakes up and asks Govind why is he in his room. Govind scolds him. He asks him not to sleep more. He says he got the girl, if mum does not like, what can I do. Govind says he is not sending him to Agra, but giving a chance to roam. Titu asks really? Govind says get ready. Titu smiles and signs him to come. He says its not my engagement, why to get ready. Govind scolds him and says get ready. We are waiting for you. He leaves. Titu says last time I got ready and Ruhi left, this time don’t know what will happen.

Panchi cries and sees the diary. She says Titu will realize he is paired with me, not Ruhi.
Her mum comes and takes her help in getting ready. Kamlesh asks for sketch pens. She gets tensed as he goes to the table where she kept the diary. She makes Kamlesh busy. He sees the card and she gets tensed, as he will see her diary. She stops him. Rekha talks to Mukund. He says my Vaishaili for Titu, this can’t happen, he is my last birth’s enemy who is taking revenge from me in this birth. She says we will solve the problem. He says what solution, I can’t let Titu take my Vaishaili, I will tell her everything.

She says she will talk to Surekha and do something. Govind brings Titu and Surekha to Panchi’s home. She asks in whose engagement we came. He says come inside, you will know. They are shocked seeing Panchi’s parents welcoming them. Govind meets them well. Titu thinks its Rachna’s engagement, why did dad bring me here.

Govind talks to Kamlesh. Panchi gets tensed. Govind says kids want to….

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