Tu Mera Hero 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu telling the family about Kamlesh’s call. He says Kamlesh wants us to keep the girl here in safe environment, who is witness of a murder case, he said we have to keep her till the case ends. Surekha says its risky to keep her, we are inviting trouble. Panchi says we have duty towards society too. Govind agrees. Surekha says I feel its something wrong, my heart is not agreeing. Titu says when we are doing right, why will Lord do wrong with us, don’t worry. Surekha says I feel some problem will come in our house. Titu assures nothing such will happen.

The police inspector brings the girl there. Rekha scolds her for being a witness of a murder. Surekha says she is joking. The inspector says she is Juhi, she is an entertainer, its matter of few days. Govind assures him that they will keep her safe and fine. Panchi welcomes her. The man talks in darkness and says he will see Titu, and do his real entertainment. The inspector says you are doing a big favor on us, this girl forgot to speak, she is tensed, she has habit to run, so be careful. Surekha says fine, she is afraid and wants to run away from problem, but how will we guard her. Govind says we will take care, don’t worry.

The inspector says no one should get this girl and goes. Surekha and Rekha talk to the girl. Govind calls Titu and asks about work. Titu says he has done everything. He asks whats special today. Govind asks don’t you know, you find it, how can I tell you. He goes. Panchi asks Juhi to come and see her wedding album. They leave. Titu asks everyone to tell whats special today and save him from Panchi’s anger. Bhagwati says we don’t help anyone for free. Titu says I will fulfill your demands. Vaishaili says fine, we want new sarees. Rekha gives him some paper and asks him to see whats today. He sees the article. He says so this is the magic show and our first meet, its one year. Rekha and everyone laugh.

Panchi shows the wedding album to Juhi and sees her quiet. She asks her not to worry now, she is safe and they are with her. Juhi says I wish you could help me, but my fate is bad. She apologizes. Panchi says fate can change if she is determined. They see the man pulling the chandelier. Sundar says Titu has send this letter for Panchi. Titu asks Panchi to wait for him below this jhumar, and he will meet her as their first meeting. She says finally, he recalled we met last year in magic show. Juhi says Panchi you said right.

Surekha worries seeing Juhi. Govind comes and makes her smile. Bhagwati tells Surekha that Panchi will come before Titu comes. Surekha says these days children get mahurat first and then love. They laugh. Juhi sees the jhumar chains. Govind talks to the constable. Juhi gets the hammer and tries hitting on the chain. Panchi gets ready and hugs Titu’s photo. She says I can’t wait more for Titu’s entry. Titu is outside and talks to Golu. He says he will make entry to please Panchi in his old way. Juhi thinks she will run from this house by this jhumar.

Everyone smile seeing the decorations. Surekha says it looks same as the time when Titu and Panchi met. Titu comes and constable thinks to hide him behind the temple. Bhagwati says she has seen Titu and he has gone. Surekha sees another Titu. Bhagwati says I have seen Titu going before, how did he come again. Juhi sees constable gone. Panchi gets ready and comes there. Everyone hug her. Panchi asks Juhi to smile and tells her about the jhumar. Juhi waits for jhumar to fall down. She thinks everyone will divert attention when jhumar falls down and I will run away. Panchi stands below jhumar and thinks their first meeting will revive their first love.

Everyone worry seeing jhumar falling down on Panchi, while she stands unaware.

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