Tu Mera Hero 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Tu Mera Hero 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Titu meeting the kids. The kids asks is he anyone’s dad. The lady says no, he is your friend. The kids greet him and tease him. They all start laughing on him. He talks to the kids. The kids tickle him and they all get on Titu. Rekha talks to Keshav and tries to talk about Bhagwati. Bhagwati comes and Rekha changes the talk. Keshav leaves. Titu tells the kids that he is tall, but not a crane. The kids jump on him. Titu worries that he can’t manage the kids.

Keshav asks how can the form be incomplete. The man says candidate’s mum sign is not on this. Keshav asks is there no other way. The man says no, else admission can’t happen. Titu tries his humor on the kids and they don’t laugh. He says my mum says I can make anyone laugh, but they are not reacting. He asks the question to them, and says some puzzles. He sits down on kid’s chair and they all laugh on him.

Titu says they did not laugh when he tried and when he fell, they are laughing. Surekha cries missing Titu. She says he is away for 24 days, he can’t be without him for 24 secs too. Bhagwati says a woman’s thinking changes after becoming a mum. Surekha says yes, he sees the world being in mum’s womb and we see ourselves in our child. She says its unique relation. Surekha says yes, when Sundar away from my sight, I get restless, I understand what you are going through.

Titu comes home. Panchi gives him fresh food and asks how was his day. He says I heard kids are Lord’s avatar, but I have bear them a lot and they are like Yamraaj. He says how kids have troubled him. He says he is tired and kids have troubled him. Panchi thinks kids have done what she could not do by becoming rickshaw driver.

Keshav comes to Bhagwati and takes her sign on some papers. Govind comes and asks for Surekha. She says she went to meet Titu. Titu says he will not go to crèche. Panchi says its just one day, you have to go. She makes fresh butter milk for him. He sits to do commentary in his humor way. He reminds her to add salt. She says thanks. He recalls Surekha and gets sad. She says its ready. He says media prints anything these days and she gets an idea.

Rekha reads the pamphlet and Govind jokes to get Titu’s admission in crèche and asks is Titu already there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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