Tu Mera Hero 15th June 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu talking to Golu and says he was thinking to have kachoris with Panchi, but the final round is still there, and he will take more time to free Panchi. Golu asks him not to worry, he will call Cheeni and ask is Panchi ready to come home. He calls remand home and asks for Cheeni. He gets shy and Cheeni takes the call. Titu asks Cheeni about Panchi. Cheeni asks him to buy bangles for Panchi, she will be happy. He says fine, we will surprise her, keep it secret. She asks him to greet Golu from her side and Golu gets shy.

Titu tells Golu that he has to buy bangles for Panchi. Golu says I was thinking to buy anything for Cheeni. Titu tickles him and they laugh. Vaishaili talks to Mukund. He says the firstr round had tie, you come in evening. She says fine, did you have

food alone or with Titu and Golu? He says Golu has gone home, Titu is not here. Vaishaili says fine and doubts where is Titu. She sees Titu and Golu at the bangle shop. She hides and keeps an eye on Titu.

Rekha talks to Surekha about Sundar. Surekha says its all sad for them. She tells Govind not to worry, Bhagwati and Keshav will come and they will kow the truth what happened in school. Keshav says the truth is not different, its same in school too, Sundar has troubled everyone in class, so he got suspended. Govind says I don’t understand how the good kid became naughty. Rekha says Bhagwati has spoiled him by extra love and scolds her. Surekha says its not her mistake, Sundar is small kid and will be naughty. Govind asks them to stop it and show the right way. He says they will try to know why Sundar got this change.

Vaishaili says whats Titu finding in the shop. Titu buys bangles. She says there is some secret. Titu says we will get best bangles. Titu says his choice is poor, but he wants best ones. Vaishaili says I m here waiting and he is just buying bangles. Titu turns and she goes. Gulgule comes there and people praises Gulgule. Gulgule meets Titu. Titu asks Gulgule to answer the people who ask him to tell any good poem. Titu asks them to wait for 2mins, and asks Golu to make people busy. Surekha talks to Bhagwati and asks her to understand her son, and manage relations.

Keshav comes and Bhagwati gets water for him. Rekha says a call came from boarding school, its last day to fill the form. Bhagwati gets sad.

Gulgule says he will say the poetry and he is not running anywhere. Vaishaili comes back to take her phone and sees Gulgule saying the poetry about mum. Vaishaili understands that its Titu’s poetry which he told at home on mother’s day and says she did not know Titu has such big talent. The people go. Gulgule thanks Titu for saving him from getting insulted. Golu says Titu is saving him since 2 rounds. Gulgule asks him to break the tie, he wants to win the Sammelan any way this year. Titu says even I want to earn 15000rs, don’t worry, I will write best poetry. Vaishaili says it means Titu made Gulgule win, he is very talented.

She says does Titu know it, why did he hide it, no one should know this, Panchi should never know his talent, he has talent to win hearts, entertain everyone, its very good talent to make people smile. She recalls how Titu has been calm and entertained everyone by his humor talk, she will not bring this out.

Vaishaili hears Titu talking to Golu and planning to pass poetry to Gulgule in the final round.

Update Credit to: Amena

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