Tu Mera Hero 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Tu Mera Hero 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhagwati telling Vaishaili that Govind named that land after Sundar, not Titu. Vaishaili gets shocked and says I was mistaken. She cries and apologizes to Govind and Surekha. Titu says we all know everything, you will apologize and explain, but no use, its better to apologize to Mukund, who trusted you a lot. Vaishaili apologizes to Mukund, and says she married him for money and property, but she fell in love with him, she has done many mistakes and family accepted her, but this time she again went on wrong path, trust me, I really love you a lot, I did big mistake, I m sorry.

Everyone nod to Mukund. He forgives Vaishaili and hugs her. Everyone get happy. Keshav apologizes to Bhagwati. She smiles. Its morning, Panchi calls Bhagwati and asks her to see. Mukund comes there and sees Vaishaili doing puja. Mukund asks what is she doing, is she fine. She touches his feet and says she wants to become a good wife. Panchi and Bhagwati smile. Mukund says no need to change yourself, I love you, be as you are, stay happy and keep others happy. She hugs him. Rekha sits to have tea and Govind beats the plate asking everyone to come out.

Everyone ask whats the matter. Govind says someone is coming, just guess. Surekha asks any lady. Rekha says maybe butter. Mukund says any heroine. A man comes and says its here. Govind says finally, let it inside. Surekha worries and thinks what is it. They all guess. The man brings it inside and they all get shocked. Govind smiles. Titu comes out and drinks water. He spits seeing it and water falls on the luxury bike. Govind gets angry. Titu laughs. Govind holds his ear and asks how can he spit on his new bike.

Govind says he can’t see anyone insulting Pyaari. Titu says its just bike. Govind scolds him and everyone smile. He says Titu is jealous seeing it. Titu asks Govind how did he get this. Govind says I got this as gift, I shopped clothes and jewelry for you all, there was lucky draw, and I won this bike. Govind praises the bike. Titu says we will drive it, this bike is much for your age. Govind says now its my days to relax and enjoy, you have to work.

The pandit comes and says the mahurat tomorrow morning is good. Govind says he will give big dakshina, prepare for it. Govind asks them to listen carefully, no one will touch this bike without his permission. Rekha tells Surekha that this bike is her Sautan, see how much Govind is loving the bike, he did not call you Pyaari till now. Titu talks to Pyaari. Panchi hears him. He sees Panchi and stops. She asks him to forget the bike. Bhagwati and Vaishaili ask Keshav and Mukund to forget the bike. Mukund says that bike is awesome, I wish to drive it. Panchi says Titu will not get mad after this mad. Vaishaili asks Mukund not to touch bike till Govind drives it few times. Titu says this is wrong. Panchi goes. Titu messages his brothers that they will drive the bike tonight after everyone sleep. Mukund and Keshav read message and smile.

Rekha talks to Surekha about Govind. Govind covers the bike and tells Sundar that Pyaari will not feel cold now. He sleeps beside the bike and asks Sundar to count the stars. Surekha comes and asks him what is he doing. Govind says this is just bike, not your Sautan, its registration did not happen, if its stolen, no one would know where is it. Titu asks Govind to sleep in room, does he want to get rid of Surekha by bike’s excuse. He provokes Surekha and says bike is better than wife, I think Govind likes it more. Surekha says Titu is right. Rekha says Surekha is good, why is Govind doing this. Govind says I m guarding the bike. Rekha says Surekha will need you. Titu says yes. Surekha asks Govind can’t he choose her over bike, make your bike do all the work. She goes. Titu smiles and thinks he will drive Pyaari.

Someone drives the bike at night. Titu sees Panchi sleeping and goes out to see bike.

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  1. What????Now they will create a scene with the bike. Really!!! I am shocked. I was very sad when I heard that this show will off air but now I think it’s better for it to go off air. Please don’t spoil this in the end as well.

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