Tu jaroori sa hai #Riansh (immj2) episode epilogue

On hearing the news that vansh gained his consciousness, Ridhima ran from the temple like mad. When she reached the room, saw Jaan talking to his dadi…her eyes were teared and she was unable to express her happiness. She was unable to react…what she should do. She was standing at the door and just looking at them. Vansh looked at her and browned.

Vansh: dadi, who is she.

Ridhima stumbled upon hearing this and took the support of the door.

Dadi: beta, she is Ridhima.

Vansh: Ridhima….but who…I didn’t ask her name.

Ridhima came forward “Jaan stop kidding…please don’t trouble me” she pleaded.

Vansh showed the palm to stop her there only. Ridhima with a broken voice meekly said “vanshhhhh”

Dadi: vansh beta, she is your love…why are you behaving like this.

Vansh with a shocked expression” what?…love…how?”

Ridhima called the doctor and he informed me that vansh’s 2 years memory vanished. Ridhima was shattered but composed herself as vansh is good now….dadi supported Ridhima as she knew how much he loved her and vice versa. Whenever Ridhima tried to come near him he stopped her. Ridhima was feeling bad as all this was new to her…like all the things started again like in starting when they met for the first time. It seems like a complete circle from where they started they reached their only….”stranger”

Soon they went to the VR mansion. When vansh went to his room he saw walls were filled with their photos…..it was something new for him. What about his disorder…how is this possible. He went near the photos and touched them to know are they for real.

After seeing them only one is revolving in his mind…are they in real this much close…but “How”… He tried to remember but failed instead his head started paining…he went to bed and laid down…soon ridhima came with food and asked him to eat. He looked at her whose face is pale and sad as compared to photos…

Vansh in mind ” she look happy in photos but what happened to her now…why is so dull…seems like she is sick”

Ridhima saw him looking at her instead of eating. Ridhima ” vansh what happen…kya ye khane ka maan nhi…kuch or lau”

Vansh came to his senses and said ” no…no….(with hesitation he said ) tum bhi khalo…”

Ridhima: you eat…I will have later.

Vansh placed plate near but was not eating. Ridhima saw this and asked lovely ” what happen vansh…is there any problem.”

Vansh looked at her and said ” wo…wo….I want to ask….who initiated things between us.”

Ridhima gave a confused look. Vansh closed his eyes and said ” I mean…who proposed first you or me”

Ridhima smiled and said ” and are you asking this “

Vansh: just for knowledge.

Ridhima: no one….you tricked me and married…then..

Vansh with curiosity” then”

Ridhima: I was angry with you so I asked for divorce…. She went to wall hanging where photos were placed…taking their marriage photo frame

“What do you think after seeing this photo…”

Vansh: then how we are together…

Ridhima: in the evening we singed divorce paper…and from that, you vanished…when stayed away from you then I realised how much I love you….after a one, we again met but…but you were angry with me and ran away from me…but I was stubborn…one day in night I came here after drinking…..then we sorted our matter….after that, we are living happily…that you can see from photos….

Vansh: yeah that I can…all the time sticking to me ” Chipku”

Ridhima:you need to look photo carefully…who is kissing and sticking…

Vansh: whatever?? (Rolled his eyes)

Ridhima giggled at his expression. Vansh looked at her smiling face and thought “she look cute “

Ridhima stopped giggling and asked “kya hua..”

Vansh: kya hum sach me itatane kareeb the…

Ridhima said with lots of deepness: isahe bhi jada…..itane ki hamare beech hawa ko gujarne ki ijajat nhi thi…

Saying this she came near and placed the plate on the table.Vansh was looking into her eyes with some unknown emotions “sach me”. Ridhima slowly taking her right hand she placed on his left cheeks and feeling her warm palm he closed his eyes to feel the touch. She moved a little bit more close to him and joined left her cheek with his right…rubbed her cheeks.
Vansh breath became having…his heartbeat fastened…

Ridhima with lots of love ” jaan calm down…it’s me…your sweetheart…..try to breathe…”

Vansh with a heavy voice ” swee….sw…sweetheart ” still he was breathing heavily.

Ridhima: haa….your sweetheart…remember you want to meet me since childhood…you want to kiss me.

Vansh ” kiss…how…how…you…know….”

Ridhima: because we are one…we know each other minutely.

Vansh was trying to compose himself and trying to win over his fear…Ridhima moved a little bit and placed her lips on him. Feeling her lips on his, he opened his eyes with shock and looked at her….as his eyes met with her…he didn’t realize when he started kissing her and then closed his eyes……but soon they broke the kiss. Vansh rested his head in her crook and closed eyes. He was panting heavily and his wet lips shivering against her neck. Ridhima rubbed his back. when she realised he was normal she asked ” did you find me repulsive “

Vansh innocently looked at her and nodded negatively. She picked up plate and started feeding him. He was silently eating but his eyes were constantly stuck to her face only. When she get up from the bed to go. He held her hand and said ” Ridhima, I don’t know what relation we were sharing in past….I don’t what were our equation but I found myself self complete in your arms…itane saalo se jo adurapan or emptyness thi…wo door hogayi…ek alag sa sakun hai tmhre bahoon me….please mt jao…stay with me…..bahut pass.”

Ridhima’s eyes teared. From one month she trying to make him comfortable and regain things….she feel hurt when he avoid her…she was happy. Her jaan is becoming like earlier. She quickly placed plate on the table and hugged him tightly….and started crying.
Vansh panicked thing that may be she is hurt by his words.

Vansh: Ridhima…

Ridhima broke the hug and kissed whole his face , mumbling ” I love you vansh…how much I died to listen that you want me…you love me….”

Vansh was looking at her and thinking ” how she love me….how badly I behaved in past 40 days but she never said anything….she always gave love in return…..I liked it when taking care of me and my small things….no one care this about me. Sometimes I wonder how I found her and most important thing that she love me…..when I am curse to those who try to come near me…she is living with me from one.”
Vansh was laying on the bed locking his hand around her waist. She is busy in telling things that happened in these 40 days…” You know jaan….vansh this and vansh that….jaan…jaan….jaan…” She is continuously speaking from past 3 hrs. He was adoring her although he don’t like who talk much but he was listening to her blabbering and even smiling when she laugh…..After sometime his eyes stuck on her lips and remembered how they kissed before 3 hours. Ridhima noticed this and she brought her hand to cup his face, with a smile she said ” want to feel me”

Vansh: haaa…. I mean no.

He looked other side. Ridhima made her look into her eyes and said ” vansh I am yours. You can go ahead.”

Vansh: Ridhima!!!

Ridhima took his hand in her and kissed his palm then taking it to her shoulder she slides her dress down by his hand from both should….vansh immediately hugged her and said ” Ridhima I don’t want to take advantage of your weak moment and fulfil my desire.”

Ridhima: you are not….because I know I how much you love me…how much you needed me in our initial days but waited for 1 year to bring my comfort zone….even I also want because it was hard to stay away from you for these many days….now I can’t stay….please love me jaan.

Vansh: are you sure?

He said looking into her eyes. She pecked his lips and nodded in yes.


5 years later….

Riansh were sleeping peacefully but their sleep was broken by the baby’s cry….Ridhima get up from the bed and picked her 6-month baby in her arms and tried to stop her crying….but she was continuously crying…she looked at her angry.

Vansh came her…taking the baby in his arms he said ” stop glaring at my baby…(looking at the baby” what happen baby…why are you crying…haa”

baby looked at his face and stopped crying….vansh ” my baby is hungry…haa…vanu is hungry…” She was continuously crumbling his shirt.

Vansh: papa and vanu will go to the kitchen to bring vanu’s bottle and bring…haa naa baby

On which she throws his forelimbs excitedly. They came soon into the room. Ridhima was sitting on the bed with a grumpy face looking at due who were giggling and happily talking.

Ridhima ” before some days someone was saying…I don’t want baby sweetheart…you are my baby…now see….it seems like I’m invisible.”

Vansh: see vanya….your Mumma is jealous of her daughter only.

Vanya giggled which added fuel to the situation. Ridhima ” you are laughing at me after snatching my husband.”

Vansh: you can’t talk like this to my baby….only you were who wanted to become pregnant.

Ridhima: because I never knew you will forget me after coming to this devil.

Vansh: heyyyy….you can’t say this, my baby. How cute and your replica she is.

Ridhima: that is why you don’t need me in front of her….

Vansh: Ridhima….grow up…she is your part only…haa na baby.

Vanya: hmmm!!

Ridhima said sadly: why she love you more than her mother….whenever she cries she want you not me.

Vansh: vanu you love mumma haa nah baby.

She was looking at his face….vansh nodded his in yes…vanya looked at his father and accompanied him “hmmm”

Vansh: see….

Ridhima came to both ” baby you love me….but you always team up with your papa…haa” vanya looked at her father.

Vansh: because she also like teasing her mother like like papa….haa naa baby (he said laughing)

Vanya copied her papa and  laughed. Ridhima pouted. She looked at the duo and said ” vansh I want a boy…momma’s boy.”
Saying this she started opening his shirt.

Vansh: Ridhima stop kidding….

She kissed on neck and said ” I am not kidding….”

Now Vanya is 3 yrs old….vansh was giving head massage to Ridhima and vansh stand on a chair on the bed and giving massage to her father. She brought her hand in front of vansh ” papa” he poured oil on her palm…she started copying her papa. She again again bringing her hand in front of him for oil. In 10 minutes he is showered with oil.

Vansh: vanu it’s done….now you rest.

Vanya: haa papa.

Vansh: yes now you go and play.

Vanya: haa papa.

Saying this she climbed on his shoulder. Vansh hold her arms ” baby you will fall “

Vanya: haa papa.

He bought her down and she stand in his lap and started playing with his beards, hairs and showering kisses on his face….in one minute his face cover covered with her saliva….whereas he was busy in giving massage to his wife. Vanya started moving to and fro holding his ears say ” chao mao ”
But she didn’t like his papa not giving attention to her…instead he was busy with her mother.

She holded his hand and kept on her hairs “papa me…leave maa “

Ridhima: baby come to me…I will do that.

Vanya: no….papa love vanu…

Vanya: yes papa love vanya….I will do but I should complete your maa’s massage.

Vanya: no….vanu facht.

Ridhima: come na baby…i will do.

Vanya thought for sometime then said: maa….youl (your)  hans (hands ) will pain.

Ridhima: awww my baby….how much she care for me.

Vansh smiled at his daughter antics and very well knew why she said that” achha go bring your oil.”

Vanya: haa papa…ol…(oil)

She ran to the dressing table as her pointed to that…picking bottle shaking her head up down she asked ” haa papa thich”

Vansh: no…it is shampoo.

Vanya: haa papa.

Vansh: no…it is cream….pick that one.

Vanya: haa papa (constantly shaking her head up down.)

Vansh: no baby…its powder.

Vanya: haa papa thich.

Vansh: yes…

She ran to him and handed oil to him. He is arm to her and she handed on that like a monkey.

It was morning Ridhima and vansh was sleeping cuddling. 7 year old Vanya marched into room shouting “papa”
She climbed on bed and Removing Ridhima’s hand from vansh she laid between Riansh. Ridhima opened her eyes and saw vanya ” good morning maa”

Ridhima: good morning bachha.

Vanya hugged vansh and laid on his chest. Ridhima tried to hug them ” maa you are sleeping since night hugging my papa…now you go. I will stay with him.”

Ridhima: vanya!

Vanya: I love you maa….go and bring tea for papa.

Ridhima: shut up papa ki chamchi.

Vanya: thank you….please milk for me too as I am papa’s strong girl.
9 years old vanya saying to vansh ” papa I want this” pointing to dress of girl.

Vansh: okay…we will go and bring…go and tell your mother to get ready.

Vanya: no…she will scold me as last Sunday we went for shopping.

Vansh: then tell me what is name of this dress…..i will bring for my vanu…

Vanya: thank you papa…

He hugged him happily ” but I don’t know what is the name of this dress….”

Vansh: then how will I buy….

Both started thinking…then clicking the photo of dress vansh roamed in the whole market with vanya as she wanted to same dress with same colour…..
Now vanya is in class 6.Vansh and Vanya sitting on the bed like someone going to eat them raw. ” will you do honour of telling me why did your teacher want to meet us.” Said Ridhima

Vanya looked at vansh and he assured with eyes…” Maa I don’t know”

Ridhima: I will not going to tell me….(eyeing to vansh) can you please do me favour to ask your daughter what she did now.

Vansh: baby tell us…why your teacher want to meet us.

Vanya: haa papa….

Vansh: why your teacher called us..

“I really don’t know…beacuse if knew then I should told you…you know I share all the things with you.” Said she

Vansh: haa Ridhima….she must be me told if she knew…may be they want to meet because ….

Before he could continue Ridhima glared him and he stopped looking at her angry face.

Ridhima : that I will see tomorrow….and get ready both for consequences….

Vansh: what I have done…

Vanya giggled at her papa’s scared face…” Stop laughing vanya…..this is because of you.”

Vanya: maa you can’t scold my papa….
Saying this she hugged him.

Ridhima: shut up papa ki bachhi.

Vanya/vansh: that I am /she is

Both laughed and high fied…..
Vanya and vansh walking garden and talking as vanya is copy of Ridhima…she also use tell all the things to vansh…she use to tell all the things going in her life and her surrounding. She much close to her papa then maa.

Vanya: haa papa…..

Vansh: you befriend to your classmates…

Vanya: haa papa….i am friendly to them…but not like you….your are my best papa..and best friend so I don’t need anyone.

Vansh: but you should try…

Vanya stopped and vansh looked at her with the question ” papa I want to tell something.”

Vansh: say.

Vanya: papa wo…

Vansh: hmmm.

Vanya:  wo mai…wo mai…i mean…i want to say…wo mai…

Vansh hold her hands and said ” say na vanu…you are scaring me…i will not judge you.”

Vanya closed her eyes and said ” papa wo…oneboy from our school proposed me…i don’t what to do…you are my friend so….”

Vansh loosened grip on her hands and soon her hands left the touch of her papa….she looked at him and she was unable to react as she never saw her papa this expression and unable to code them….tears formed in her eyes thinking that he hurt her papa…

She hugged him tightly when he didn’t reciprocate she started crying badly mumbling ” I am sorry papa…..i am sorry…if you I will leave that school…(sobbing) ple.a..se……sa.y a.ome..thi.ng…please d.o.n’t ge.t an.gr.y on me….I…I..I…cant see you like this…

Vansh came back to sense and hugged her but she was crying badly…like he is going to leave…

Vansh broke the hug and looked at vanya who was looking down as she don’t guts to see in his eye.

Vansh: vanya look at me….

Vanya looked at him ” you know you are in class 10th only…(on which she nodded and looked down) this is first proposal”

Vanya nodded in negative ” then what made you tell this thing this time “

Vanya: because before this I always denied and thought not to trouble you..but

Vansh: but…

Vanya: but this time I (closed her eyes)

Vansh: accepted.

Vanya: how can I do such thing without asking you….I asked you because I too feel good when take care of me…most important he is like you.

Vansh: what do you mean.

Vanya: he is my senior…class 12….he always stand near whenever I nervous or need you beside me like in school events……and standing little far from me so that any boy don’t  trouble me when I use to wait for you after school….and when I use to canteen he use ask me what I want then asking me sit on the chair as on the counter always crowdy….he never asked anything in return but two days ago he proposed me.

Vansh: he is same guys…you use tell me….you said he is your friend.

Vanya looked down and nodded in yes….” If you say I will not even look at him….but don’t get angry….please papa….”

Vansh: you know you are like your mother….she misunderstood her feeling even she was college….I don’t want those things repeat with my daughter….are you getting what I want to say.

Vanya nodded ” I will stay away from him…” Hugged vansh tight “now you are happy nah papa…..”

Vansh: vanu if you feel awkward sharing these things to me then you can try to your mother….she will understand you.

Vanya: I know…but I am more comfortable with you….vaise bhi she has her boy “Ridwick…” Mumma’s boy.

Both laughed remembering their antics. ” again you both started back b*t*hing about us…” They turned to see Ridhima standing with 4 year old Ridhwick.

Ridhick ” mumma de al biching us”

Ridhima: haa baby….because they don’t love their lives….

Vanya and ran from there and duo started chasing them….after sometime they all came to ground panting….Ridhwick started beating vanya…

Ridhwick ” you papa ki tamchi “

Vanya: you mumma ka chamcha.

Ridhima: hey you can’t talk to my baby like this…

Vansh: even you can’t talk my daughter like this.

Ridhwick goes to Ridhima and hand holding her chin with tiny hands. He said “mummma…mumma…vanu haaaa papa” saying this he classed and both started laughing making fun of vanya….on which vanya pouted ” papa see him….”

Vansh: Ridhwick…!!!

Ridhwick: mumma!!

Ridhima: vansh!!!

Vansh: baby you leave him…and ask your friend to meet me and if he ready to wait for you and…then say “yes ” to him after your 12th…if it will just attraction then it will vanish in two and half years.

Vanya hugged her happily “you are best papa…I love you”

Vansh: I love you too.

Ridhwick: no…dada lob me.

He getup from Ridhima’s lap and went to vansh ” dada…youuu lob me…”

Vansh: yes…dada love you.

Ridhwicked clapped and laughed ” vanu’s papa lob me…no one lob vanu….haha…haha…mumma lob me…dada lob me…”

Vanya: even I love buddu….

Ridhwick: vanu lob me…( she nodded in yes and he went to her and hugged ) Riwick lob vanu…but Riwick love more mumma.

Vanya: that is why you mumma’s chamcha.

Ridhwick: and you al youl papa’s tamchi….
Saying this he ran to his mumma…..all laughed at his antics


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