Tu jaroori sa hai #Riansh (immj2) episode 40

Terrace was beautifully decorated, it was time of winter but still there was environment….whole place lit up with beautiful candles and lights….roses giving extra charm to the place….

Vansh opened the blindfold of Ridhima…she saw whole place. There was thier photos were hanging with beautiful quotes. She went to each and every quote and after reading she kissed them. They were depicting the thier love and care for each other. She so elated for the surprise. Going near vansh she tightly hugged him and after sometime she broke the hug…kissed on his cheek mumbling thanks.

Vansh hold her right hand and said ” I love you” on which she replied ” I Love you”. Vansh took to the mattress and started video showing their journey. Both were drowning in the past memories because they Only lived for one year but it seems like they are together since ages. When video ended vansh intertwined fingers with her and loved at her with so much love on which liked looked at him and smiled….he was trying hard to mend things but still he was not able to bring chirpy Ridhima like before….she was smiling but broken smile. Vansh slowly cupped her face with one hand and caressed thumb on her cheek. She closed eyes to feel his touch and soothing something that is breaking inside her. She rested head near his heart as we know music can heal your wound but here for here his heart beats are best music in the world that just call out her name only.

Vansh: Ridhima please tell me what is bothering you….I can’t see you like this.

Ridhima looked at him with tearful eyes although she don’t want to crying but even she can’t hold tears in front of her Jaan……He is everything for her and she is not like other partner who hid or hesitate for unfolding the things in front of lover….she know that can never going to judge her or make her feel guilty….she spoke with low and painful wise “jaan what if your family came to know about that viyom tried to molest me…..they will not going to accept me.” Tears rolled down from her eyes.

Vansh too closed eyes to compose himself….he can feel her pain and collecting good words he spoke ” Ridhima….you know either they accept you or not, I am not going to leave you at any cost…. Mujhse door zinda rah paogi because I can’t live with you….I need you at each instant of My life…every second in which I breath” on which moved her head left and right singling “NO”.

Vansh: then why are you thinking about something that you can’t do.

Ridhima (crying): I know….what I can do…whenever I see myself in mirror I his name on my body….(with anger and pain) I hate it…I hate it…I want to just take out my skin and throw it….I hate the fact that he saw in that state ….that is only reserved for you….it seems like I became impure…..I want to rip my skin..,I want to tear it to this extent that each part which he touch should remove.

Saying this she stood up and ran from there to go…but vansh was active enough that he held his hand because she ran down. She stood there crying bitterly .she was looking down. Vansh wiped her tears and made her look into his eyes. She looked at him and he spoke ” what are you seeing in my eyes…is love, respect or care decreased for you…is it does to me…” She was just looking into his eyes…

Vansh: who gave you to right to say such things about my body….(she looked at him attentively) yes Ridhima (Pointing to her) this body and soul in side it belongs to be and I am not giving right to bad mouth that is mine….the day you reciprocated my feeling all the things that is yours became mine…you …your body…your soul…everything….the day you scribbled my name on your back…you marked it as mine…the day you gave yourself to me wholeheartedly….you became mine in every mean….then how can you think this much bad about it that is mine….

Ridhima with cry ” I know but “

Vansh: what but Ridhima….is viyoms hate is more powerful than my love…

Ridhima instantly replied ” nhi vansh….you love me the way no one can do…”

Vansh: then what made you think all this….fit one thing in your mind that you belongs to me and I love the way you are…..forget this incident like bad dream and Ridhima I need you…..I need you every second Ridhima….you are seeing those worlds that vanished that only….can’t you see my name that is printed on your body for life long.

Saying this he  turned her then unzipped her middy…bending down he kissed the tatto….” See Ridhima how beautiful it look on your back.” feeling his lips she closed her eyes. He picked her in his arms and moved to mitrix. Carefully placing her on the bed that he prepared for them. Ridhima’s eyes were still closed….vansh removed her dress fully and kissed each part of her body….showing that how much he love her and that happened doesn’t make difference in the amount of love that he has for her.

After papering kisses on her whole body he came to her face and kissed her forehead whereas ridhima was still closing her eyes. He hugged her tightly placing his face in crook of her..he asked “Ridhima can we ?”
She opened her eyes and looked at him with so much love and respect as today event built more respect for her husband. Vansh was also looking at her with little fear as hr was not sure about her mind of state….is he able to decrease her pain or insecurities…. She bend down and kissed his fired and moving her hands she started unbuttoning his shirt as she too inneed of his physical suppport at this weak moment. Covering themselves in blanket they enjoyed their night…..
In morning both were peacefully sleeping in each others arms….on the other hand Dadi came to terrace for excersise….but she was not able to open the gate as it was looked by vansh from outside…

Dadi: who locked this gate…now I have to go from other gate…I don’t what people doing in this house….can’t they see it will hard for to climb stairs again go to that side when I use to exercise this side one….

With so much difficulty she went there and saw her grandson and granddaughter in low, sleeping peacefully in each other arms…she pretty well understood what must happen between, decorated place and their position. She don’t want to embarrase them so chuckling she came downstairs….and sitting in hall she eyeing on everyone so that they can’t move to riansh….

When sun rays hit on the face of vansh…he opened his eyes and saw ridhima sleeping hugging like teddy. He pecked her forehead then wearing his clothes he carefully wrapped ridhima in blanket without disturbing her sleep. After getting in the room they slept for more time then this again vansh woke early and after taking bath he went to the kitchen.

There dadi was doing something she saw him with open mouth as he never enter kitchen even not water too….this is first time he entered there.

Dadi: you in the kitchen…am I dreaming?

Vansh: arre dadi wo….. I came for breakfast.

Dadi: ooh!! Wait I am giving…but where is ridhima?

Vansh: I came for her breakfast and she is sleeping….you don’t worry I will prepare for her.

Dadi got again heart attack. She looked at him with wide eyes like she has seen any ghost instead of vansh…she thought firstly he is entering into kitchen then cooking too….vansh started preparing sandwich and coffee for ridhima instead of giving attention to old lady’s expression.

She this and asked ” vansh is the combination of it….who eat it…”

Vansh: dadi ridhima love both of them.

Dadi: you know vansh you are changed….and became typical husband even before your marriage…(laughing) I don’t know what will going to happen after your marriage….I think ridhima will going to ask you to leave your business and look after household work….

Vansh smiled and said ” she never asked for this….I am doing out of my love for her…”

Dadi (chucking): abhi se wife se darane lage…..

Vansh: you ladies always ready twist things and make them complicate instead of understanding them simply….

Dadi: ooohhh!!!

Vansh: yes!!!

Dadi: so enjoyed yesterday? (With teasing smile)

Vansh: what do you mean?

Dadi: don’t act so innocent….I saw the decoration on terrace….

Vansh: ooh that…it was for Ridhima as she was upset nah…

Dadi: indeed she is lucky girl in the world as she got best partner of the world.

Vansh: dadi I am lucky dadi…..(dreamily) she completed me dadi…..I can’t tell what is for me and what things she did for me….(smiled)

Dadi: when you learn cooking?

Vansh: I know only these two things as many time she was busy with studies and all…then she become so tired so refresh her and light her mood I learnt this….as coffee help in waking up late night so I use to make for her.

Dadi: ohhh…I am happy to see you both happy together….I wish you both stay like forever….
Vansh came in the room and place tray near by table then he laid beside her and hugged her ” Ridhima wake up”

She turned to his side and hugged him tightly wrapping legs around his waist. Vansh caressed her face loving “sweetheart wake up”

Ridhima with sleepy voice ” jaan I am tired…let me sleep more”

Vansh: now get up…you can sleep after having bath and breakfast but woke up now.

Ridhima opened her eyes and looked at him with frown making cute pout ” what is the logic if it”

Vansh: logic is your heath Ridhima.

Ridhima: then who told you to keep me wake early morning….

Vansh: ohhh, you can’t blame me alone…even you enjoyed….who told you to moan so heavenly and arouse me….why are you so addictive

Ridhima: again you started teasing me….has you promised me yesterday that you will not going to trouble me.

Vansh pulled her more close to himself and traced finger from cheeks to chest….she hold his finger before he move down on he smirked ” what happened sweetheart ” asked he innocently. Ridhima glared him with anger….on which vansh laughed and fueled her

Ridhima: Remember one thing that your teasing session can costly.

Vansh: how??? It’s my birth right.

Ridhima: ooh it is so….then try to touch me next time….kitana bhi kuch krlena…I will not allow you to touch me.

Vansh laughed again and moved to her ear ” what you think….. you can control yourself from coming close to me…will you able to resist me and warmth.”
Saying this he bite her earlobe. Ridhima moaned feeling his husky voice and touch….

Vansh: see sweetheart!! (Smirked)

In anger she ruffled her well settled hair and made ” ghola” then punching on his stomach 3-4 time she came upon him and kissed him roughly….vansh was enjoying his wild cat. After pouring out her anger she looked at with satisfied smiled and moved to bathroom because now vansh aroused made mood to continue but she left him after tempting him…he was looking at her with open mouth with wide eyes sitting   half naked on the bed.

Vansh (irritatedly): Ridhima you have to pay for this.

Ridhima from bath from bathroom and see ” we will see”

After sometime she came back and saw irritated vansh’s face as he was sitting in same position with messed look that was great favor of his kiddo wife. She came and pulled his cheeks and asked innocently ” what happened Jaan” on which he glared her.

This time she laughed at his expression “what you thought Mr. Raisinghinia that only you can tease me.”

Vansh ignored her and went to bathroom…making faces and said ” you just wait and watch Mrs Raisinghania….today you teased me and now will scream for me but I will not mark entry in you….just wait and watch sweetheart”

Ridhima: let’s see…who will going to scream and for whom…

Vansh: this much confidence sweetheart…let’s see.

Ridhima: hmm…come soon breakfast is getting cold.

Then both eat with the teasing session with food and sharing cute moments…and laughing…then vansh asked her to get ready as they were going for shoping….shopping for marriage…from there they went for long drive and vansh started fulfilling Ridhima’s bucket list like long drive in open car…many more and all the time Ridhima was just admiring her husband….
on the day of marriage Ragini forcefully came to vansh room and tried to come close and touch him….he asked her to stay away…

Ragini: what you saw in Ridhima that I don’t  have….tell me vansh

Vansh: first of all stay away from me….I am suffocating….(breathing heavily) you can never become my ridhima…even you can’t stand in front of her (taking deep breaths) stay away….

Ragini: I loved you since childhood and how gracefully proposed you and what you said….you consider me as sister…am I looking sister material to you

She came more close to him…he was unable to breath…taking heavy breath…he wanted to shout and push her but his throat dried and his body stopped working…she cupped her face and kissed but to her disappoint me as her lips touched his he fainted and fall on ground with her….seeing him like this she panicked….and ran from there but collided with angre who was coming to vansh’s room….she quickly ran from there….
When angre went to his room…he called everyone and doctor came there…Ridhima fainted due to so much stress and crying as 12 hours passed he didn’t gained Conscious….she aksed angre how it happen…he told the scenario……she directly moved to   Ragini….asked her what she did to vansh…but she refused…Ridhima started slapping her and shouting….

Ridhima: didn’t I told you to stay away from my “Jaan”…if something happen to him then mark my worlds….I will kill you…saying this took Ragini with her with help of Angre….
Next day doctor told them that he slipped into coma……after 11 days he gained conscious but he lost the memory of two year….

Time passed and Ridhima’s love made him gains things again….and they happily lived their life


So this book ends here only….I hope I didn’t bored you all….waise earlier I decided to give all this in 10 chapter but due to lack of time I just concentrated in one chapter only…. Thanks to all who appriciated my work and gave time to my book….you all amazing your lovely comments use to make my day and motivate me…love you all.

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