Tu jaroori sa hai #Riansh (immj2) episode 16

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@Salma and @sarwat riansh moment in second last chapter was Ridhima’s dream. That is why she said that she loves viyom…..

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episode starts….

Ridhima was in the hospital and crying. Soon Ragini and Angre came running to her.Ridhima was continuously sobbing. Ragini hugged her and assured her that nothing going to happen.

Ragini: How this happen.

Ridhima: He was returning from a cafe a truck hit his car.

Angre thinks jab tk tum vansh or viyom k pass rhogi tb tk to aisa hi hota rahega. Because you my friend destroyed with vansh. Now because of you vansh met with accident now viyom.why don’t you get out of our lives?Everything was good before your arrival into our life. You are a trouble maker and a bad omen to us. I wish I could throw you out of our life.

Ragini: Angre what are you thinking call vansh.

Angre nodded and informed vansh. Soon vansh arrived there and sees Ridhima crying like a baby. He asked Ragini how the accident happened and she told him the same that Ridhima told her.

He goes to Ridhima and gave her a handkerchief. When she wiped her tears he offered water to her and said ” don’t worry! Nothing going to happen to viyom. He will soon recover.” He said all this directly looking into her eyes and for a moment they lost in the eyes of each other. Both want to hug each other.

Ridhima wants to hug him tightly and want to cry her heart out that she can’t stay away from him. She is dying to talk to him and to see in anger full eyes which show fake anger and lots of love for him. But she is bond.

Their eye contact was broken by a nurse who came to them for medicine. Angre and Ragini also came to them.” These are some medicine that is needed for him.”

Ragini: give this paper to me I will buy them.

Angre: Ragini I will accompany you.

Nurse: this form is needed to fill and after some time you can take him home.

Vansh: give this to me I will complete all the formalities.

Ridhima with a tear ” how is he now”

Vansh looked at her crying face. ” he is fine but still unconscious but don’t worry he perfectly fine”

Ridhima nodded and slowly asked, ” can I meet him.”

Nurse: ma’am wait for some then you can meet him.

Ridhima: okay!!!

Vansh was continuously looking at her and slipped in his thought ” when I was in hospital she didn’t meet me and went away. Now, look at her face how badly she is crying and wants to meet him. Ye each me mujhse pyaar krti bhi hai…ya fir mai ishaki friendship or care ko pyaar samajh rha hu….God not again….this time I will not able to hold myself.”

Ridhima was continuously calling vansh’s name but he was in his word. Ridhima took a water bottle and poured water on him as according to him she can’t touch him.

Vansh shouted ” what the hell” and looked at her ” are you lost your senses. Why did you poured water on me?”

Ridhima: sorry vansh I didn’t intend to offend you. I was calling but you were not responding and I don’t have any other option to bring you back into your senses.

Vansh looked at furiously and said ” don’t repeat this childish act again otherwise you will not able to wear the consequences”

Ridhima: for your kind information I am not a child and I am 20 years old cute, beautiful girl.

Vansh: who told you that you are cute and beautiful? Come out of your dreamland….you wanna know what you are…

Ridhima replied irritatedly ” By the way, I don’t want your clarification what I am??? If you are dying to tell me then say fast…”

Vansh: you are..

Ridhima: I am..

Vansh: you are…

Ridhima: yes I am…


Ridhima with surprise” chipku!! Vansh I will not leave you….”

Vansh: see…see…you started sticking…Chipku.

Ridhima made a cute pout in disappointment and looked at vansh laughing face….” Oo my god Ridhima!!! Look at yourself. ( laughing) you are not less than newborn baby”

Ridhima smiled looking at him who was laughing wholeheartedly for the first time in front of her.” Ek baat balu”

Vansh: Hmm bolo…

Ridhima: Kabhi tumhe aise hasate huye nhi dekha….Adat daal lo achhe lagate ho!!

Vansh: Ridhima these things are not meant for me. I will be back after filling the form.

Viyom was in his ward when Ridhima goes to him. ” how are you feeling now?”

Viyom: much better..

Ridhima: okay! If you need anything then let me know

Viyom: why are you so tensed….I am fine..

Ridhima: viyom! I want to say something…please firstly listen to my whole thing and then….

Viyom: tell me Nah…. Mon cherry!!

Ridhima: I don’t wanna marry you..

Viyom: what?? Are mad what are you saying?

Ridhima: I am sorry viyom!

Viyom: what sorry Ridhima! You are not in your senses Ridhima…How could do this to me Ridhima..

Ridhima: Sorry viyom! I can’t control my feelings….

Viyom: this means you love someone else?

Ridhima looked down and tears started coming out of her eyes…

Viyom (angry): tell me Ridhima?

Ridhima: wo..viyom…mai…wo..

Viyom: if said all this to my then why are you afraid of taking his name tell me Ridhima…

Ridhima looked at his face and closed her eye ” I love vansh”

Viyom: what??? Vansh…Apna vansh!!

Ridhima nodded and said ” viyom, I really love him…please try to understand please viyom…”

viyom : How can you cheat me and how my best friend can do this to me. I will not leave him and you too. You both will pay for your deed.

Ridhima: viyom please don’t do anything to him…I will die!!

Viyom: I don’t care Ridhima! You both cheated on me…How can I spare you both…you betrayed me Ridhima….

Ridhima: viyom, please!
She started begging in front of him. He stood up from his bed and moved out in full anger.

Ridhima called his name viyom again again to stop him…and collapsed on the floor.

When she looked around no one was there. She was still in the corridor not in the room. She stood up from the floor and wiped her tears. She was daydreaming. She drank water and moved to viyom’s room.
It was late evening when they brought viyom to his house. ” how are you feeling now dude” vansh asked him.

Viyom: why are you so tensed nothing happen to me….look at your face how dull and pale are…especially yours pointing to Ridhima.

Vansh looked at her face which was really extremely depressed.

Angre: we have to go office….we have a meeting…

Vansh : okay! Let’s go…

No one tried to stop him as all know how much he loves his work. ” I see you soon…and get well soon..Bye viyom ” said vansh.

Viyom: bye!

Angre: Bye!

Vansh successfully completed his meeting. Now he was sitting in his cabin.” Angre! You go to viyom’s house and check if he needs anything or not as there are only two girls not any man. It’s night also so it’s not safe for them to go out if any case they need something.”

Angre: okay!! You will not come?

Vansh: no!! I have some work here then I will directly go to my house.

Angre: you still love Ridhima!!

Vansh: yesΒ  I love her and what do you mean by “still”….if it is true love then you can’t unlove the person whom loved madly. Love is not like that one day you get up and forget all the things….jitana bhi tum ishahe door jaane ki kosis kroge utane khud ko kareeb paoge…

His throat choked but he continued” you can’t run away from your feeling just like that. You will not understand Angre until you fall in love.Love is painful beautiful feeling every can’t feel this.”

Angre: but she don’t love you….He is going to marry viyom not you vansh….

Vansh: love has a different meaning for a different person. For me, love is the happiness of my love means happiness of Ridhima….if she is happy with viyom then I will not snatch her happiness…if her happiness is in me…then no one in this world can snatch her from me not even god. My love is not selfish so I only think about my happiness which is with her.

My love is not bound to a relationship called marriage. My love gives her liberty and wings to fly in the open sky the way she wants. If she is accepting me then no one dares to look at her as she is mine only mine. Vansh Raisinghania never snatch others loves because I know the pain of it…and I suffer a lot because of this…my whole childhood get destroyed because of it. This made me hate girls…see what I am became because of it.

Angre was speechless after hearing all this. He doesn’t know what to say…as Ruthless, heartless and arrogant The Great vansh Raisinghania is madly in love with a girl. ” take care I am going vansh”

When he left the office vansh dialled someone’s no.

Vansh: hello

Person : hello!

Vansh: how is work going on…

Person: God! You were right…she loves you

Vansh with excitement ” really. I can’t express my happiness in words….thank you…thank you…thank you so much buddy…..”

Person: yes!!! She is dreaming about you…

Vansh: oo my God!! I can’t believe it.

Person: soon she will express all her feeling to you…

Vansh: yes I am eagerly waiting for that day…

Person: but we careful because she is hurt by your behaviour and these things are suffocating her. I can’t see her like please end this game here Nah..

Vansh: I know she is hurt but she needs to understand the fact so that she will not repeat this again.

Person: I am totally understanding your point ….you know nah how much I love her and you also know the truth and me then why we are making her suffer more.

Vansh: yeah!!! I have seen her dull and pale face in hospital and in the house too…

Person: exactly….we should end this….

Vansh: okay! Will you wait till she confront me and express her feelings to me.

Person: okay!! Good night

Vansh: Good night and take care!!
Next day in the college..

Sejal: did you confront both of them

Ridhima: no!! I am scared about the consequences….

Sejal: don’t think too much Ridhu….you can’t make everybody happy and fulfil their wish.

Ridhima narrated his daydream to her and said ” this making me weaker…I don’t want to become the reason which can break their childhood friendship.”

Sejal: you are overthinking Ridhu…I am sure viyom will understand you and he will not do anything like he did in your dream.

Ridhima: hope so!! But vansh?

Sejal: what vansh?

“Seju what if vansh refused to accept me and misunderstood me that I am making fun of his and his friend’s feeling.”

Sejal: he is a good and understanding person not child like you who jump on the inclusion without knowing the whole matter.

Ridhim: seju stop taunting me I know I do mistakes but it doesn’t mean that I always wrong.

Sejal: Achha sorry…don’t demotivate yourself.

” You are demotivating me not me….seju you never met Vansh than how can be you are so sure about him….it seems like you know him more than me”

Sejal clarifying her doubt ” you are the one who told me about him….you already know about my talent that I have a better sense of judging people than you ” playfully hitting her head.

Ridhima engrossed in the thought.” What are thinking ridhu.”

Ridhima: nothing about my life…I mean first I was in relation with Kabeer and he was cheating on me…..when I found him with siya I broke my relation with him….and before break up, I met vansh and after a breakup, I misunderstood him and went away from him…after this I met viyom then he proposed me and I accepted too…then I married vansh instead of viyom….after confrontation, I divorced him….when again I am going to marry viyom I found myself in dilemma…..

I hope God never give this life to anyone. This is not life.. this is a kind of fun of me….many times I thought I am that bad that on is permanent in my life…. Why people pass from my life. First my parent and left with so-called family who never accepted me and then Kabeer also betrayed me…then Angre misunderstood me now vansh is also not talking to me. It’s been a month he ignored and cried for him but it seems like that my tears give happiness to him. That is why he didn’t bother to talk to me….I am running behind him like mad. If he was in pain but he thinks about me that I was happy…so the answer is big NO…

The difference is that his pain was visible but mine hidden in my heart because I don’t have reason to explain to people why I am crying so I use to smile by face and cry by heart….

You know what sejal when you are sad you can cry…it very easy thing but when you are sad and you can’t cry…..you have to smile for the sake of some people and you can’t share your pain with anyone it is very difficult…your heart will become heavy with your pain and sufferings and you will die in each passing second and your life will become hell which seems like heaven from outside and no one will be able to see reality. A lone tear escaped from her eyes…

Sejal wiped her tears and said ” I can understand your pain ridhu….but you have to accept the fact that this pain is chosen by you…you can happily move on with vansh after your marriage but you chose to divorce him. He didn’t choose this pain but he suffered for you just because he loves you…you don’t know dear how much it gives pain to you when you see your love with another person. If you can’t share your pain with anyone think about him who is there with him he can share his pain…the answer is big no one….at least I am with you and to support you…you are lucky dude.

When you don’t know the depth of other’s pain so Never think your pain is bigger than theirs. I am not saying that your pain is nothing if you are blaming him for your suffering because of him that is wrong. He did a mistake by marrying you without your consult but on the other hand, he accepted your decision without throwing any tantrums. He supported you and stayed away from you as you asked him to stay away from you. He sacrificed his happiness because he wants to see you happy even when you are not with him. Think he forcefully took you to his home and forced you to accept that marriage. No one could be saved you as he is so rich and powerful. No one dares to stand in front of him even not viyom but vansh did nothing like this because his love is not selfish.

Ridhima: I know but why he is making me suffer now….you one day stay with me then you will going to see his tantrums…he calls me a child but he is a kid like the way he does things to me. He calls me chipku tell me from where I look like chipku. I love him I doesn’t mean that he will say all this…I also have feelings and now he is hurting them by his cold behaviour.

Yesterday he came to our college and what he did he simply ignored me…if can’t talk in front of the director then he ask me to stay or wait for him….you know he changed his contact number so that I can’t contact him. He gave his new no. to viyom but not me… Seju I never expressed my grief it doesn’t mean I don’t feel pain. I also human like him. You are saying he loves me then why he giving pain to me…if we love someone then we can never even thought to give her/him pain.

Sejal: Ridhu!! You should confront him and ask him why he making you suffer and behaving like this.

Ridhima: I am scared of his anger…He is an Angry bird….he always use to carry anger in his pocket and always ready to throw that on me.

Sejal: we show anger to them whom we consider our. Do one thing lock him in a room until he ready to sort out things with you.

Ridhima: what if things got horrible and increased distance between us…

Sejal: first you put out all these negative thoughts from your mind and keep faith in your love. True love can’t be over just like that.


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