Tu Hi Mera Shivika FF Part 19

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The next day Anika went to Oberoi Mansion after her hospital. She thought to meet Dadi and OmRu and every family member. She was a girl who never thought about her love or crush 24/7 like teenage love struck girls.

“Daadiii…”She stepped in the mansion and called out her favourite person who was sitting in the lounge with all the family members
She went and hugged daadi and then sat beside her
“Anika why you comes after so manys days?”Pinky asked showing little saddness
“Wo Pinky aunty…I was busy in work na”She said making puppy eyes
“Now u have come u have to stay here for a day”Rudi stated.
“But…”She started to say but was cut off by Jhanvi
“No ifs and buts”
“Fine”She happily agreed. She chatted with them all and told about that inaugration party especially mentioning about the girls who were going gaga over those three.
All the while she was telling the story, Shivaay was just looking at her. He was loving the way she was talking with actions, her changing expressions and every little thing. And OmRu were just noticing him how he went on smiling idiotically looking at Anika. They both looked towards each other and smirked and thought to talk about this matter afterwards.


It was night. Anika went into the girls room while OmRu went to confront Shivaay.

O: Shivaay we need to talk about something really serious
S: Say?
R: Bhaiyaa, the thing is about you and someone so special
S: Can u please stop making suspense?
O: Okay. So lets be straight forward. Why were u looking at Anika when she was talking with the elders and smiling?
S: What I was doing?
R: U were staring my pretty di and was smiling
S: I….didn….didn…
O: Shivaay Singh Oberoi is stammering?
S: I amn’t…
R: Bhaiyaa do you love Anika di?
He literally screamed in astonishment
O: Do u love Anika?
S: I……don’t
He said taking a long pause
R: What if we say you do and you are just denying it because you don’t wanna love again?
S: No..I don’t love anyone. No one…

He said and moved out of the room. Om and Rudi looked at each other and nodded their heads
“We’ll make him confess”Rudi said and Om nodded in agreement.


Ishana, Dev, Saumya, Priyanka were in Om’s room waiting for OmRu. They have been immediately called saying there’s something serious to talk about. Every one was extreme tensed as no one knew the matter
As OmRu entered they all start questioning them
“What do you need to talk about?”
“What’s the problem?”
“What’s so serious?”

O: Guys! Guys! Calm down….
I: You told us that u have something serious to talk about so how can we remain calm?
R: It’s not that type of serious. It’s about how to make a man confess his love
P: Who is that man?
O: Your own bhaiya…
“Shivaay Bhaiya????” All shouted in unision
I: Did he say he loves Anika di?
D: Anika? Like really? Shivaay bhaiya loves her?
S: Oh My God! I can’t believe it…
R: Guys! Guys! Guys! Bhaiyaa didn’t even say that he loves Anika di. Actually wo unse pyar karty hain magar iqrar nahi kar rahe.
S: So we need to make him confess ky wo Anika didi se pyar karte hain
O: Exactly…
P: But how we are gonna do that? Bhaiya is so stubborn
D: Yeah bhaiya won’t accept it easily
I: Ummm… we can tease him?
O : What does it mean?
I: We will plan things
R: I understood bhabhi. For example we will make Anika di fall and Shivaay bhaiya will save her and then we will tease him? Right IB?
I: Exactly. Wait… what’s IB?
P: Yeah Rudra bhaiya what’s this IB?
R: Aray it’s short form of Ishana Bhabhi. IB
S: Had hoti hai Rudr…
R: What had? I have also thought the short form of Anika Bhabhi AB.
“Rudr….”Everyone said
R: Yeah Yeah. I know Shut up na?
D: No it wasn’t shut up this time. Well leave it. You know we will tease bhaiya through songs.
“Songs? How?”Everyone asked in unsion
Dev tells them somthing and they all smile and nods their head
“So Mission SBKCKP is on?”Rudi put his hand forward and said waiting for everyone to put their hands
“What’s this Sbbkp?”Saumya asked not even remembering the alphabets
“Aray it’s SBKCKP means Shivaay Bhaiya ko Confess karao Pyar.. Is it on?”He explained and asked once again
“YESSSS” Everyone put their hands on Rudi’s and said


Shivaay was in thoughts after what OmRu had asked him
“You Love Anika?”their voices again cross through his ears
“Anika”He murmered her name and a smile crepted on his lips. Her beautiful angelic face start roaming around his eyes
“What is happening to me?”He thought and shook his head
“Kia mujhay Anika se waqai pyar hogaya hai? Am I in Love with Anika?”He self asked himself and this question was unanswerable. He didn’t know what feelings had started growing inside him
“Anika”This name give him relief. This name had something so unique in it. Shivaay & Anika sounds so good, it’s beautiful. Anika had some magic in her. It isn’t easy for anyone to take out a broken person from it’s trauma but, she did. And he didn’t know how. How he started getting attracted to her. He never knew the  answers of the questions that his heart and mind kept asking him.
“You LOVE Anika” His heart & mind both said, maybe answered the restless soul. A smile played on his lips knowing the fact that he loves Anika but he won’t accept it easily. Yeh tou woh khud bhi janta hai.


Are u people happy? Cause now I can say that both loves eachother. It took a lot of time to realize they love eachother! Isn’t it? But maybe…
I am so glad that u people loved the concept of LOVE.

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  1. SMC

    Yes this was just so cuteee…????
    The way Shivaay spoke to himself and realized was just amazing..
    Waiting for the next one soon..?❤️

    1. Fati

      Thank you so much❤
      Thanks alot?
      Will update it sooon..

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear

    1. Fati

      Thank you so much?

  3. Niriha

    Awesome fabulous..finally shivay realised his feelings ???loved it update next part soon

    1. Fati

      Thank you so much Niriha❤
      He did..?
      Pakka today?

  4. Lovely Update ❤
    So Mission ‘Confession’ starts!!!
    Shivaay’s POV was too cute & the way he was staring at Anika…He is too Adorable?
    Waiting fr the nxt 🙂

    1. Fati

      Thank you so much❤

  5. Yeah post soon I want to read it…..
    Amazing part yaar….
    Love to the core……
    Eagerly waiting for the love confession……..???

    1. Fati

      Sumi Pakka today
      Thanks alot dear❤
      Love confession kyliye thoraaaa se intezar karna paray ga?

  6. Alekhika20

    Lovely updt

  7. Ashwinee

    Awesome update .

  8. awesome

  9. SatyendraSharma

    Awesome.It was juzt awwwwww….I lovd it


  10. Sairish

    heyy aapi…
    such a khidkitod chappy as always
    it was soooooooooooooo cutee
    shivaay staring at annika ❤❤????..
    shivomru’s convo and the paltan’s talk was superb …
    everything was “masttt” ????
    sorry for the chhotu sa comment but studies ..??…
    so take care ..
    SWEETIE or I can say SAISH

    1. Fati

      Sweetieee, Dearieee u don’t have to apologise at all for short comment.. Studies is more important?
      Thaanks alot Sairi or Saish❤ I just love giving u nicknames?
      Paltan jo hoti hai, ajeeb ajeeb batein tou karni hoti hain?
      Shivaay shouldn’t be staring at Anika sab ke samne. Should he??
      Mast…Girl I love your language❤??
      Loads and loads of Love❤

  11. Lauren

    Amazing dearie… loved it to d core… ?% happy… post nxt soon ….

    1. Fati

      Thanks alot Lauren❤ really it means alot to me?

  12. Banita

    Superbb epi fati….. SBKCKP Luv this part….

    1. Fati

      Thanks alot Banita❤

  13. Maryam_ishq

    Awesome epi !!!
    Anika is back in oberoi mansion ?… feels so nice to see pinky being so caring and lovin. Ishqbaaz main toh iske characters ki oh my maata kar diya hai. Kuch din oberoi mansion main rukege… masti maazak aur romance ?.
    Shivay smiling lookin at her ?… but he got caught by his brothers who tried to get the truth out of him but sincr he is the great wall hr wouldn’t give in so easily ?. Finally isse realise hogaya ke usse anika se pyaar hogaya hai lekin uski tadi ki wajah se itni jaldi batane wala nahi. Ab toh ishkara, rumya, pridev ki wajah se hi baat aage badhe gi.
    Rudy aur uske shortforms ?… toh mission SBKCKP shiroon kiya jaye ?.
    Main bhi kabhi kabar late latheef ban jaati hoon ?. Mujhe aapki writin style bahut acgi lagti hai… anika’s character is very similar to many of us in some ways. Anyways take care and love u dear ❤❤❤

    1. Fati

      Maryaaaam❤ Thanks alottt
      I just wanted her character to be positive. Pata nahi kyn they destroyed her character.
      Haha?ha…dekhte jao bus yeh gang kia karti hai?
      SSO hai kaise kar sakta hai itnay jaldi confess.?
      Haan ho tou gaya hai realise. I don’t think so ky Mr. Tadibaaz bagad billa will tell Anika any soon?
      This gang will rock..
      Mission SBKCKP is going to start. And Oh! This short form…Dimagh lagana para itnay sochnay mae?
      Please don’t call me aap. Thanks alot for that? See I’m still late
      Actually yes! I wanted her to be a normal girl like us. So just wrote her character mixing me, my sister, my friends and every girl I know?
      Take care u too and love u too dear❤

  14. Ankita27

    Amazing update… loved it…
    shivay staring at anika but caught by omru…. shivrukara’s convo per harama tadibaaz sso itani jaldi thodina apni feeling confess karega…. Rudy n his antics so cute… IB… AB… n mission kato kya naam diya hai sbkckp.. chalo sso ne mana to sahi apni feeling but true he won’t accept it easily…
    Eagerly waiting for the next part..
    take care…

    1. Fati

      Thanks alot Ankuu di❤
      Ab aisa karega tou pakda tou jaye ga naaa??
      Bilkul, he won’t confess soon
      It took alot of time to think about the name?
      Update kardia hai
      Take care you too?


    Dear Fati
    Rudi And Her Short Form??So Shivay Love Anika Too??The Part Is Really Cool And Intersting??Day By Day I Enjoy Your FF Story’s Every Part And Your FF Story Also??????

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

  16. Jerry_36

    Hey Fati !
    That was such a beautiful and a soulful update. Beautifully written and portrayed. Shivaay staring at Anika, not bad. Now the mission is on. But Shivaay has to be with his mind and heart and both of them are squeaking only one name -Anika. Then toh he had to accept her. I loved the way you took care of small things. Shit up Rudra??? AIT was humorous as well. Overall I fell in love with it. Post the next one soonish❤

    1. Fati

      Heyaa Jerry
      Thank you so so so much❤?
      Yup, mission is on and wo bhi full on? for the first time Shivaay’s mind and heart says the same thing and he agreed too? so he have to accept that he loves her?
      Thanks alot Vedoo?
      Love u loads?❤

  17. Abbi

    Tu he mera mera mera, tu he mera mera mera. ? *Okay stop*
    Whenever I read your title, one song just pop up on my mind and it is thissss! ?If you know which one I’m talkin’ ’bout. *Winksss*
    I just LOVEEEE this.?
    Do post the next post asap!!

    1. Fati

      I know which song you are talking about??
      Thaaank you❤?

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