Tu Aashiqui 31st January 2018 Written Episode Update: Manav learns JD’s truth

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The Episode starts with JD saying you will always be mine, I can’t bear anyone coming between us. He holds her. She cries. He says stop this drama now. He says its been long that I came close to you and claim my right, I couldn’t check on you, you would have missed me too, when girls fascinate a bad boy , who will get a bad boy like JD, Ahaan’s love is nothing in front of me, remember one thing, one who becomes mistress once, she finds boring to become wife, because you will always be my mistress. She cries and pushes him. She runs out of the room. Manav looks on shocked and angry.

Kaira says Aparna is calling you Pankti. Pankti goes. Anita asks Poorva where is she going. Poorva says I can’t see you falling more, you are habitual to stoop down. She warns Anita. Anita asks are you going to Monty, he is your buyer, don’t think he is your lover, your heart will break. Poorva taunts her and leaves.

JD drinks wine. Manav comes in. JD asks what happened, is there any work. Manav says I came to ask, how did you get 10 crores in your account, what’s the suspense, but I got to know everything. Pankti collides with Richa and apologizes. Richa pushes her away and gets angry on servant. She indirectly taunts Pankti.

Richa asks Pankti to see how they are getting punished for her mistake. She says I wish I knew your truth, I would have not introduced you to Ahaan, I swear I would have not let your shadow fall on my family. Pankti cries. Sheetal and Aparna look on. Sheetal says this is Pankti’s family too. Manav says I understand everything now, Ahaan breaking the table and fighting with you, Ahaan has told about your mistress, its Pankti. JD gets shocked.

Manav asks right? My brother whom I considered as Lord, he has a mistress, isn’t this true? Answer me, why…..JD takes his drink. He says yes, its true, Pankti is that mistress. Manav gets angry. JD says come on Manav.

Manav says don’t touch me. JD says who else will understand me if not you, a man has some needs, I work in office all day, wife makes life boring, man doesn’t get any happiness, so I had found a new house, a mistress who could give me happiness that a wife gives, sorry I didn’t ask you about the drink, tell me if the buyer is ready to give a price to the seller in business, what’s wrong in it, its not like I didn’t fulfill my duties at home, or I didn’t love Sheetal, then what’s wrong. Manav stares at him.

Sheetal says Richa, you have studied in a big university, how can your thinking be so small. Richa says I can’t tolerate Pankti, I m ashamed that she was my best friend. Pankti says what do you mean. Richa says who will befriend you after knowing your reality. Aparna says enough. Richa says I m angry on myself, I made Pankti and Ahaan meet, I feel she is here because of my mistake, I wish it was easy to oust her from the house. Pankti cries and goes.

Manav throws the drink and says everything is wrong, you have done this with my son, its wrong, you have hidden this from family, its wrong. Manav says Ahaan knew everything, even then he didn’t agree, I tried to stop him, he didn’t stop, he wanted to play in dirt, he had to get dirt home, I didn’t come between them, he became between us, else I was managing everything well since years, so that I stay happy and no one at home gets upset, its Ahaan’s fault, he has spoiled everything, I agree I stumbled, but I didn’t let my family name get stained, if this happens, it will be by Ahaan, I have kept all the dirt away from the house, Ahaan got the dirt inside the house, your son and would be bahu did this. Manav feels disgusting hearing him. JD says Pankti didn’t forget me till now.

JD says trust me, Ahaan came to me, this can’t be changed, the decision is in your hands, you want to keep that stained girl at home, or will you give a clean life to your son, remember one thing, love is blind, not the society. Manav leaves. JD drinks. Pankti cries. She gets Ahaan’s call. He says I got the ring tight, our relation should get tight too, is everything fine. She sees Manav at the door. She says Ahaan, I will call you back. She ends call. She asks is there any work uncle, I would have come if you called. Manav says my voice didn’t get my son till now, I didn’t believe my voice will reach my son’s choice, so I had to come, Pankti do you truly love Ahaan. She nods. He says then leave him. She gets shocked.

Pankti says please let me go. Sheetal says you won’t go. Manav says you can accept Pankti, can you accept your sautan, she is JD’s mistress. Everyone gets shocked. Ahaan looks on.

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  1. So glad that Manav isn’t covering for JD, he wiped that smugness right of his face and even as he asked Pankti to leave you can see a fathers pain and Richa not once asked Pankti why she got into that life and Sheetal and Aparna who are the older generation are more tolerant , Richa is a big time snob and Ahaan was already obsessed with Pankti before Richa came on the scene he just found her quicker as Richa knew who she was. I’m loving this show as in other shows it takes forever for truths to come out and I was waiting for the day Sheetal finds out because it feels like she has a ruthless side and she will destroy JD and it feels like JDs scared of her and that’s why he likes being the big man in front of others. The way he used to treat Pankti was disgusting, he was brutal

    1. I really hope Sheetal doesn’t turn against Pankti. She seems to be quite sensible so I think she’ll understand that Pankti was forced into being his mistress but that’s what usually happens in dramas. But then again this drama is different. Really hope she still supports Pankti. Richa is being so stupid. She should understand that what happened is not Pankti’s fault and should be more sympathetic and less judgmental but I guess even in real life not everyone will be understanding.

  2. I think there should be a leap in which Pankti goes somewhere far becomes self reliant and be able to fight JD to save ahaan from JD’s trap

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