Tu Aashiqui 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Poorva learns Pankti’s decision

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The Episode starts with Rangoli saying your dreams will be dying soon. Pankti says I truly loved Ahaan, our love can’t end so soon. Ahaan says Pankti will never become anyone’s wife or bahu, I hate Pankti. He crushes Pankti’s pic and tears it. Aparna asks why can’t she become someone’s wife or bahu. Ahaan shouts because she is a mistress. They get shocked. Aparna says you are not in senses, tell us if there is any misunderstanding between you two, we will clear it. He says no, I don’t want to see her, I hate Pankti. He falls on stairs and goes up to his room. Everyone looks on shocked.

Its morning, Randhir asks for coffee. He asks Rangoli what’s this bread, where is breakfast, lassi or paratha. She asks when are you going Delhi, when is your flight. He says I will tell you. She

reminds why he made Pankti his mistress. She says take her away today. He agrees to leave. He asks his man to meet him at Pankti’s house. He asks her is she happy now. He eats sandwich.

Monty and Poorva come home. They see decorations. Poorva questions Anita and goes to see Pankti. Monty says we came to know what happened. Pankti hides Ahaan’s pic. She hugs Poorva. She asks her to take care of Ahaan, she is leaving. Pankti stops talking and does makeup. Poorva asks what are you saying. Pankti says nothing. Poorva says I doubted on mum, I have got Ahaan’s video. Pankti says Ahaan just knows this, he is a loser. Randhir comes. Pankti says Randhir is my new buyer, I m his mistress now. Poorva gets shocked. Pankti goes to Randhir and holds his hand. She asks about flight. He says I m also not able to control, if you can’t control, shall I book hotel. Anita goes to get drink for him. Randhir finishes paper work. Monty and Poorva look on shocked. Randhir asks Pankti to come.

Vikram stays tensed. Richa gives tea to him. Kaira says Ahaan’s video got viral. Aparna says people has a habit to talk. Ahaan comes. Aparna asks him the matter. Ahaan recalls Pankti’s words. Aparna says we will find a solution, tell me. Dinesh comes and asks them to continue this talk later. He says I have come to send you all away. They get shocked.

Randhir waits for Pankti. Poorva scolds Anita for threatening Pankti. Pankti says no, it was my decision this time. Anita says you always blame me. She goes. Poorva cries. Anita smells money notes and smiles. Monty looks on. Pankti says I m doing this for happiness and good life. Poorva says don’t lie to me, is Ahaan is in any problem, you are doing this to save him, tell me what are you hiding. Pankti says nothing, I m fed up looking after Ahaan, this is a practical decision. She speaks against Ahaan. Poorva asks her to stop it. Pankti says I just want freedom, I want to become a mistress. Poorva can’t believe this. Pankti says I m going now, don’t know when will we meet again. Poorva hugs her and says you still care for that loser, and gave his responsibility to me. Pankti goes. Poorva says I will find the truth. Dinesh says this house is sold, you have to leave this house, so that my clients can come. He gives the documents of deal. Ahaan asks what nonsense. Aparna checks papers and says Vikram sold the house.

Ahaan asks Vikram how can you sell our house. Aparna says we are not going anywhere. Randhir gets Pankti there and says its our new house. Pankti gets shocked seeing Ahaan and everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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