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Hello allies… Amore is back… I know!! I know!!! you wanna kill me but you cant… because you even want me to complete this story… dont you?? Okay! Okay!!… I agree I am late.. but what to do… I have no lappy (Laptop) and I have to publish it either by burrowing or by visiting Cyber… Hearty apologies… and thank you for all the dear Allies who commented… hope I will get to know about new readers too in this shot…

If you have not read previous shot then here it is:- shot 1

So now here goes 1st chappy of shot 2:-

On the other side Ajay had a hard time controlling his emotions as he had something else in his mind. He was watching her with love and care. He had noticed that she was no more chirpy. The Mina he knew was a fire cracker. She was feisty, happy-go-lucky and of course full of life but the Mina he is watching now is an ocean, looks calm and with a really vast depth. This Mina hardly smiles and what scrunched him was her submission. His Mina was never without her life in fact she was defiant. Yes she did was humble and mature even during then but was never submissive. He was feeling to scoop her in his arms and speak and speak and go on but he wanted her to say all her heart. He wanted to know what has changed her so much. He somewhere knew what must have happened to her so had an urge to hug her tight and make her feel blessed but this was not right especially when she have created walls around her. He wanted her to open herself up.

After what it seemed like ages both got their senses. They realized that he was still leaning to the wooden window and she was standing merely inside the room. They were so lost within that they forgot themselves.

Mina all of a sudden became conscious. She was nor sure about her steps. It was his room where she was staying. She didn’t want to make him furious. She very well knew that those wives who do something against her husband’s wish are punished severely. She now feared his reaction. She didn’t know him. Yeah! she did know all his favorites, his education and even him yet he was a stranger for her. She didn’t know whether to move ahead or to wait for his approval to enter. She had obviously seen her mother-in-law getting badly beaten for entering in the room without her father-in-law’s permission.

He was watching her like a hawk. Her changing expressions didn’t go unnoticed by him. The fear in her eyes was something he never wanted to see. He wanted to see her as she was.

He was never like other males of the village. He always was aspirant and believed in equality. He liked her always because of her bold nature but he was naive then to think she will remain the same forever. He so badly wanted to meet her after he went to the city. He missed her there, not because he loved her but he slowly understood that she will not remain same till his return.

He knew that she was forced to change, forced to stay quiet, forced to submit herself but he was determined to bring his SWAN back, determined to encourage her to live her own life…

How was it??? did you like it??? I will post as soon as possible. But I even need feedback so that i can know my mistakes… Thank you…

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  1. Arti viswanathan

    Amore darling superb, excellent, outstanding, nice, awesome, mind-blowing, fabulous, amazing, fantastic episode. . . . . I loved it to the core. . . . . . . I liked all the scenes. . . . . Tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to you. …… will be waiting for next episode. ..

    1. Amore

      Thank you arti… your words mean a lot

  2. Hey amore nice concept.looking forward for next part.try to update soon dear?

    1. Amore

      Sure dear… keep reading

  3. Arshaanya

    Aaawww i loved it…
    Aftr last chappy i was confused wid ajayz chrctr dat he want somethin else from mina… bt now m loving his chrctr…
    N i knw hez gonna give her all d happiness n fulfill all her wishes…???
    I dun think its ts coz lots of things r left…
    Make it as ss or ff

    1. Arshaanya

      N its too short… olz try to gve longer updts

    2. Amore

      hahaha you are actually so sweet Arshaana… hope you don’t mind me calling you that… and yeah there is much more… hope i can make it TEN SHOT (TS) of course but i need better idea then… and i will surely be glad to do so…

  4. amazing.. loved it dear

    1. Amore

      Thank you dear

  5. Hai Amore… New and very interesting Story

    1. Amore

      Thanks and keep reading

  6. Meera_s

    awesome dear..just read in one go…loved it☺

    1. Amore

      Thank you meera… it means a lot

  7. loved it so much dear?and thank arshaanya for suggesting this?

    1. Amore

      gracious… really…??? Thank you dear for such a wonderful words…

  8. Kakali

    Wohooohoooo..!! I guess something really very interesting is on the way.!! Loved it Amore..!! Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Amore

      Thank you dear… keep loving e like this…

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