Truth? or Lie? – Ragsan – Part 3

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Hi sissy’s. In one day only m posting my 3 ff. Hope u all like. Pls tell ur views.

Sanskar hurried to go and meet pandit ji. He took car keys.

Ram: sanskar, where r u going? Doc told u to not drive until u get well.

San: Its urgent dad. I have proof that ragini is my wife. I can prove u. laksh, u drive car. Come with me all.

They reached a temple. Sanskar ran to pandit ji.

San: pandit ji , do u remember me? U only did my marriage?

Pandit ji: yes beta, I remember, I only made ur marriage.

San: my family was also present that time rite? U remember?

Pan: I remember everything. Wat happened now?

San: u can recognize all?

Pan: yes.

San got happy. He tells all.

San: mom, dad, lucky. Uttara. Come. I’ll prove now.

They all come to panditji.

San: did u recognize them?

Pan: this is ur family. They were present during ur marriage.

San: did u listen mom? U all were present.

San got happy.

Sanskar drags kavita infront of pandit.

San: she’s not that girl rite?

Pan: she’s the girl with whom u married.

San got shocked.

San: little angry. Pls pandit ji. This is abt my life. Please tell truth.

Pan: she’s only that girl.

San: wait I’ll show her pic.

He searched for his mob.

Lak: it broke in ur accident Bhai.

San: damn it. I had photos of her. Wait… Orphanage. Ya. Orphanage. Let’s go there.

Ram: y orphanage now?

San: I met Ragini there only. She’s orphan. All know her. Even owner also present in marriage. Come with me.

All go to orphanage. There San met with the owner.

San: ma’am m sanskar. U know me rite?

Own: of course, all know u. U r such a successful business man.

San: that’s a part. Do u know where’s Ragini? U were present in our marriage.

Own: Ragini? Ur marriage? How can I present in ur marriage? M a simple owner of small orphanage. There’s no Ragini here. First time m seeing u.

San irritated.

San: y all r lieing? Children. Yes children r like God. They never lie. Pls call them.

Owner called all children.

San: other children.

Own: we only have these children.

San: u hide them. Coz u know I’ll come here. Where they are?

Own: Mr.sanskar u misunderstood. Only these children we have and u r coming here first time. And there’s no Ragini living here. Pls don’t disturb us. U need treatment.

San gets angry. All somehow console him and bring back to home.

Kav: at least now accept truth. M ur wife.

Suj: Kavita. Take him to room.


San room

Kavita make him sit on bed and she sits beside him.

Kav: u forgot everything. Let me remind u. U were leaving for India on that day..


(According to family)

San: hello Kavita. Where r u?

Kav: m in office. When ull reach here?

San: tmrw. After reaching I’ll talk with mom ,dad abt our marriage.

San reached home. Suj makes his arti.

Uttlak hug him.

Lak: Bhai . Have u brought wat I told?

Utt: even mine too.

Suj: stop u all. Just now he came. Let him take rest.

Ram comes. San takes his blessings.

Ram: now u have to shift here as we decided.

San: of course dad.

San room

Suj comes with coffee.

Suj: beta. I want to talk to u.

San: I know mom. U want me to get married rite?

Suj: yes.

San: mom. I love a girl. Her name is Kavita. She too loves me. If u agree then .

Suj happily: y not. If u like and agreed means it’s yes from all of us. Bring her home tmrw.

They hug eachother.

San and kav comes to home. All get happy seeing her. She takes suj and ram blessings.

Suj: there’s gud news for u both. Tmrw mrng is ur marriage as we don’t have gud mahurat soon.

All decide to do tmrw.

All gathered and marriage done by pandit ji.

They come home. Suj does grahapravesh of Kavita.

(Her thoughts ends here)


Kav: m surprised, how did u forgot me so easily? Is our love so weak?

She gets sad.

San head gets paining. He took medicine and sleeps.


(Sanskar thought)

Ragsan did grahapravesh. All took pics.

Suj: let me take pic. I’ll make big portrait of that.


Next day Ragini’s first Rasoi.

Rag: mom, wat shall I make?

Suj caressing her face: u r my fav DIL. Do whatever u want.

Rag: I’ll prepare kheer and gajar Ka halwa.

Suj: as u wish.

All had in breakfast and praised Ragini.

Ragini then signs sanskar to come kitchen. He went. Romantically he put his hands around her neck.

San: my wife became so romantic in one day only. That she can’t wait till we go to our room?

Rag: sanskar. Be serious at least sometime.

She showed him burnt pan.

Rag sad face: while preparing by mistake it burnt. I didn’t tell mom. Wat if she gets angry? On first day I don’t want her to b sad.

San: it’s not big deal. But I know u care for every small things.

Rag cutely: sanskar.

San: as u wish my love. I’ll hide it behind this box in kitchen storage room. Tmrw we will Tel to mom. Ok.

Rag happily hugs him.


( Out of his thoughts)

San: only me and Ragini knew abt that pan. I’ll get that then it’ll b proved that it happened that too with Ragini only, not kavita.

Hope u guys like this part.

Do likes and comments.

Love u all..???

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      Thanku Ragsanian. I posted you are only mine FF also. Don’t know when Tu will update.

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