Truth comeout one day (ishqbaaz ff) episode 25

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The function was to start in few minutes , But ShivOmRuHi not yet come. AniRiYa worried for them. Dadi ordered them to get ready for the function.
Anni: dadi without them how to start the function
Dadi: Arrey Annika my grandsons are very responsible, don’t worry ,they will come right on time

After a while AniRiYa came down. Dadi praised them. They get blessings from elders. Suddenly all the lights get off. Annika was scared, someone hugged her back. She realized shivaay and reciprocated.

Gouri moved slowly in the dark, someone collided to her, he hold her shoulders and he whispered her ears “don’t worry gouri am here”, it was om.

Sowmya try to scream someone closed her mouth, “am here don’t scared”. Rudra hold her hand tightly. Soumya hugged Rudra. Spotlight fell on them.. Sivika,Rikara and Rumya came to middle of the stage. The Music played in background. they lost each other in their eyes. End of the dance everyone clapped for their performance. Dadi signaled them to don’t ask any question now. AnniRiYa decides to deal with them later.

After the function everyone went their rooms. AniRiYa waited for their would be husbands. ShivOmRu came but No one utter the single word. Thay maintain their silence.
Anni: shivaay where did u go.
Mahi came to them: actually Anni …
Anni: shivaay I dnt want any explanation from him. plz say him to leave from here
Shivaay came to Annika and said “Annika First listen what he is saying”.
Mahi: am sry girls I know everyone angry on me. but I have a reason
Gou: if u have a reason means u can hurt anyone this is not fair. U did wrong
Roshini: no gouri . Roshini came to support mahi. Roshini hold Mahi’s hand. AnniRiYa surprised

Roshi: that’s not his mistake. He is scared for your futures I mean he was scared for Mr.Rathore that’s y he avoids me. guys u all know Ranveer escaped from Rathore’s clutch , he is still search Ranveer. If he know ranveer and priyanga are here. i dnt know wat will happens. I understand his situations and respect his decision.

Anni: but roshini u and mahi love each other na
RoShi: haa Anni who said no, yes we love each other. First we have to finish your marriage, after we will discuss this
MAhi: thank u Roshini u understands me but my best friend , my sisters still not understand me. mahi hold her hand. Mahi went out of room. Roshini followed mahi.

InMahi’s Room

Roshi: I think after everything getting normal dntwry. Ur brothers always with u. now am getting late. Can u drop me at the airport.
Mahi:wat about ours.
Roshi: mahi I dnt want Annika and gouri’s life gets risk because of me.
Mahi: I dnt know how to ask plz dnt go I want u always with me. plz I really need u. mahi hold roshini’s hand and cried
Roshi: we will talk this matter Later now just focus on marriage work. I want to know his next plan
Mahi looked with guilt. Roshini bits bye to everyone, she takes blessing from elders.

In night AnniRiya came to see Mahi. Mahi and sahil plays with mannu. Prinku and dadi busy with their talks. Gouri and Sowmya sad sry to mahi.

GouYa: am sry bhaiyaa. They hold their ears. Mahi hugged them.
Anni: but haaa am still angry on u. this reasons not enough for me, i feel you hide something from me. I dnt believe. I want real reason
Rud: y bhabhi why you don’t agree?
Ani: because am his friend I know him very well. Annika leaves.
Rud: It is not easy to make her believe
Mahi: I know rudra. I don’t care about what she thinks. I just focus on my work.

In middile of night Shivaay heard some noise, he came to check. He saw everyone playing in the rain. Shivaay scolded them to go back their rooms but But nobody listened to him. rudra was drag him to the rain, first he scold after he to enjoyed with Annika. Mahi looked them then He took Sahil to his room.

Shivaay placed his hands on her waist and pulled close. Annika was nervous, she try to leave but shivaay holds tight. Shivaay pinned Annika on wall. His hot breath makes her more nervous “shi..shi..shivaay anyone will see”. shivaay” I dnt care” he hold her face and softly kissed on her cheeks. She holds his shirt tighter. He lost his control.

Om looks Gouri she danced like a child. Gouri puts hand on om’s shoulder “omkaraji how fun it was”. She hold raindrops and sprinkled on om’s face. Om can’t take his eyes for his love lady. She made him crazier. Om pulled gouri to close. She stared sneezing. Om lift Gouri and took his room. He takes towel to dry the hair. Gouri hold om’s hand she takes towel from his hand she rubbed his hair. Om holds her hand to stop. They have an eyelock. He moved very close to her. Gouri closed her eyes.

Rudra enjoyed the rain, he takes sowmya with him. Sowmya searched Sivika, rikara, mahi and sahil. She realized that they left. Sowmya asks rudra to came but rudra pulled her. she missed her balance and landed on floor. Soumya was top of rudra. She tried to stand up but he did not give permission. he pulled her. rudra’s hand travelled her face eyes, nose, cheeks and lips. He touched her lips. She was already shivering because of wetness. Now she was more nervous, rudra leaned to kiss her.

Next day

Roshini gets ready for her office. she saw some new peoples came to meet Rathore. she secretly followed them. She try hears rathore’s plan
Men: sir this pictures 15 years befor. We get to know Mr.Gupta meets this person in lawyers house. But he died 10 years before an car accident. After his family moved to Bangalore. they lived 5 years in Bangalore. after where they goes no one knows.
Ratho: i gave 10 hours to u bring their details. they will show me the way to property papers
New persons leaved that place. Roshini informed mahi.
Roshi: mahi I think Rathore almost reached the property. we should do something to stop him.
Mahi: dnt wry roshini fisrt get to know who they are
Roshi: haa I will try my best.

Roshini enters Rathore’s personal room she searched some clues. she check rathore’s cupboard, bag,everything but no clue in that place. She decide to eye on Rathore

In Mumbai

Shivaay checks annika’s temperature it was 102.
Shi: Annika how much careless look its 102 dnt move from bed.
Anni: but shivaay we purchase things for mehandi.
Gou: di me and somu went to purchase u take rest. We will handle
Shivaay take care of Annika. He continuously gets call.
Pink: shivaay u go for ur meeting I will take care of her dnt wry
Shi: maa u dnt know her. I’m only the right person to handle her.
G.M: shivaay beta we take care of ur wife dnt wry . Annika like our daughter
Shi: but ma she never listen any one’s word she always doing wat she want so plz everyone leave I will take care of her

PRECAP: Annika reads Shivaay’s diary. Someone followed GouYa.

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