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hey guys i am here with next part….

first of all let me provide u link of last episodes—–

i am speechless guys for ur support…. i don’t know how to thank u for this…. i am blessed to have u guys as my friends….some readers messaged me their suggestions so thanks to them & many of u shared ur suggestion through ur comments…..i was so confused but now i know how to present the maha epi…so thank u all….

here is the next part




annika is back at oberoi mansion with injured leg, ranveer is helping her. everyone gets concerned for her especially daksh & shivaay. shivaay can’t handle that annika is behaving so comfortable with ACP ranveer he burst on ranveer… and confronts him he asks that what he is doing with her bcoz he has warned him before to stay away from annika… but annika too losses her temper and shouts on shivaay and tells everyone about whole incident and then how ranveer helped her. annika accepts ranveer’s friendship. tej & shakti thanks ACP. everyone is thankful to him for helping annika on right time.. shivaay ask annika that why she didn’t called him up for help… she tells that his no was switch off rudy gets angry on shivaay for not protecting his super girl. annika taunts shivaay that why will he care about her… who is she in his life that he will care for her …shivaay gets silent… acp leaves but while leaving he tries to pressurize om & prinku… om confronts ACP for this… ranveer tells him that he ruined his life bcoz of him he lost someone… OM gets big shock knowing that… he starts to repent more…

shivaay is sitting at pool side annika comes there she behaves sweetly with him. he understands that she is under painkiller effect. in an FB it’s shown that shivaay is in stress and thinking about his feelings for annika… he is in love but can’t understand it clearly… he breaks his phone in frustration. annika is behaving like child. she demands for kulfi. but shivaay refuses bcoz of late night (1 O’ clock) & cold weather… but annika gets angry on him and asks the same question again that what is her place in his life… and goes to room. shivaay goes out in night and brings kulfi for her. he goes to her to give it but somu tells him that she is sleeping…. shivaay gets sad starts leaving but annika’s sleep gets disturbed she comes there he gives her the kulfi. she gets super happy and kisses shivaay sweetly on chicks he blushes widely but notice that somu is standing there with naughty grin hence runs from there being shy….

in morning annika gets up she is feeling good she admires the sleeping angels who r sleeping there beside her (prinku & somu) but she finds some thing on corner table and panics….



annika gets up to freshen up herself… but something on corner table grabbed her attention… was the kulfi stick and the parcel bag…she remembered last night incidents and she says fail gaya raita…( and hits her forehead.)


annika u r such fool… what did u do… u have created a big mess under the effect of that painkiller… what billu ji will be thinking about me… i have to clear this mess… it’ll be good if i cleared it now… or he will think that i am really obsessed with him and it will be proved that his POV about me is right… i can’t let this happen… i will go to him right now & clear it…(she leaves for shivay’s room)


shivaay was standing in front of the mirror was getting ready for his office… he remembered the kiss of annika… he again blushed to the glory and touches his cheek where she planted the kiss…


I can’t believe it…. she kissed me…. she is so cute… her touch bring goosebumps on my whole body… something is there in between us but what… why I always get attracted towards her unknowingly… what was the need to go out and bring the kulfi that to in the late night @ around 2 O’clock… why i want to fulfill her silly demands… (just then he feels her presence) and why i always feel about her presence around me without listening to her or without seeing her…. I have to find this…

shivaay: yes annika speak…
annika: (she was not surprised that he got to know about her presence without seeing her) ummm… wo…. (she was searching for words to start the matter she was feeling so awkward …)
shivaay: annika… what happened r u okay..? how is ur leg..?
annika: heeinn… (she gets started by his questions and thinks he is behaving like if nothing happened last night… but i am not getting it…. was it a dream or it happened really…)
shivaay: hey… annika tell me what r u thinking.. should i call doc….
annika: no.. no… not needed. actually what happened in night(shivay completes her sentence)
shivaay: that was bcoz of the pain killer effect…. this is what u want to say na…
annika: (she is surprised bcoz he got to know it without telling it..) yeah it’s that only actually i am sorry. it was not done intentionally…
shivaay: (he was also thinking the same that how he got to know her mind’s thought) it’s okay.. i know it..
(there was an awkward silence for two min both were lost in there thoughts but just then somu came there and brought them back in real world)
somu: annika di, u r here i was searching for u… what r u doing here… did bade bhaiya bought another kulfi for u…?
(both shivika gets shocked by her question and fumbles..)
annika: u also know about this…(and widens her eyes in shock)
somu: yes di, i was there last night…
annika & shivaay: did u told about it to anybody…?( both r scared and embarrassed to the hell)
somu: yeah rudra..
annika: what u told to rudra then toh fail gaya raita… (and gets angry) what did u do somu
shivaay: yeah she is right why did u tell him.. he is faster than any social network to spread this news (gets angry..)
somu: (thinks to herself somu r u mad or what u were going to tell them that u shared this with rudy and that to in video form…& bhaiya is right that duffer will show this video to everyone… & then bhaiya and annika di will [and she imagines annika with her chameli in her hand to beat her up & bade bhaiya in his most angry state looking at her like if he will kill her] she gets out of that horrible dream by their voices.. she thinks that bacchu if u want to get saved then don’t tell them about video and all just run from here ASAP)
shivika: will u tell us what did u do…?
somu: (fumbles bcoz of fear) woo… wooo… i didn’t do anything… i didn’t share it with rudy..
annika: then why did u take rudra’s name (annika asked with suspicious look)
somu: (thinks annika di is fast than James bond & smart than Sherlock holmes.., now what to do..) wo actually i was telling that i am going to rudra’s room to wake him up u go and freshen up…
shivika: okay… but plz somu whatever u want we’ll give u but keep it to yourself only.. plzzzzz.. (both pleads her with puppy face)
somu: yes i’ll not (thinks what to do raita to fail chuka hai…) i’ll go to rudy…(and runs from there ASAP)
[annika also goes to freshen up herself and shivaay also leaves to meet his business partner..]


[somu comes in the room tensed and sees rudy sleeping peacefully and thinks that thank god this duffer is not awake it means he would not have watched that video…she thinks that i’ll take his mob and then will delete the video problem solved… and smiles on her idea… she goes silently near rudy and finds his phone on corner table…she picks the phone and sits on the bed to delete the video… rudra murmurs in sleep]

rudra: u know u r so cute…. when u smile u look like worlds most beautiful girl… u r different…
somu: (gets jealous) he will not change in his life… he is flirting with girls in a dream also…. nothing can happen of this duffer… but what i have to do, i don’t care i just have to delete this video from his phone…(tries to unlock his phone but finds that it has password) ohhh noooo….. this duffer has kept password to his phone now what to do….she thinks that i have to unlock this at any cost…..

@ dining table

dadi is sitting on a table for breakfast… daksh is also present there.. annika come there….
annika: gm dadi..
dadi: annika puttar u got up.. how r u now.. r u feeling well..? (just then shivaay enters there)
shivaay: yes dadi she is okay… no need to worry.
dadi: & how do u know that (dadi asks naughtily & daksh looks on)
daksh: dadi don’t u know that shivaay know everything about annika… many things r there about her which i also don’t know but he knows…( he taunts them with sweet smile)
annika: it’s nothing like that daksh… actually he just asked me about my health when i went to give him update about preparations for his sangeet.
shivaay: yeah it’s like that only…..
[just then they hears a voice of a person and turns in that direction]
ranveer: can i come in…?(he smiles widely)
dadi: come puttar, come, what to ask in that..? (and gestures him to come in)
[ranveer comes in and stands near annika]
ranveer: Gm dadi, Gm Mr. oberoi, Gm daksh
daksh: hey gm but i have to leave… i have to attend a call… (and leaves from there hastily)
dadi: Gm beta, come have breakfast with us…
ranveer: (ranveer is suspicious about daksh why he left as soon as i came here…no u r thinking a lot now a days may be he really have to attend any call…)
shivaay: ACP dadi is asking u something at least answer her…(shivaay spoke with stern voice… he was still doubtful about him.)
ranveer: (he came out of his thought bcoz of shivaay’s voice) no thank u dadi… but i had taken my breakfast… i just came here to see annika…(turns to annika) Goooood morning annika….. how r u feeling now..?
annika: Gm ranveer, i am feeling better now and that’s bcoz of u..
ranveer: bcoz of me how…
annika: awww u r so innocent like rudy… arey bcoz of ur medicines my pain ran away…..
[shivaay was like burned JELOUS SSO after all his annika was talking with ACP so sweetly]
ranveer: yeah of course… the pain had no option than running away after all U r friend of ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa….
[both annika & ranveer busted loudly on their own joke… this made shivay hell angry]
shivaay:(giving angry stare at both annika and ranveer) dadi i am going.. i have to meet my business partner… it’s imp…(and leaves the place giving killing look to ranveer.)
annika: ranveer have some breakfast with us..
dadi: yes puttar u have some breakfast… i’ll go i have some work and she left from there…
ranveer: annika trust me i had my breakfast before coming here itself…
annika: plz have na i am going to make special gajar halwa….(sweet dish made from carrot)
ranveer: (as soon as annika took the name of gajar halwa ranveer remembered something and his eyes filled with tear…. he turned his face away and composed himself…but our detective annika noticed this) If u r going to make the halawa then i’ll love to have it….. it’s long time i didn’t tasted it…
annika: ranveer r u hiding anything from me..?
ranveer: no annika.. there is nothing to hide… trust me..
annika: i trust u… but it’s not good to hide pain… u trust me… u can share ur pain with me …. u will feel better…
ranveer: (gets teary eyed again.. seeing him like this she makes him sit on a chair and sits beside him on another chair she keeps her hand on his to calm him down.. although he was strong enough but he was unable to hide his pain in front of her..) u know annika…u never asked me but i am sure u wanted to know it why suddenly my behavior changed towards u….
annika:(only nods her head she don’t wanted to interrupt him)
ranveer: u made me remind of her… she was like u only… her nature her talking style… everything was like u… but i lost her… she was my life… i love her to the core but i lost her…. i lost her annika..
annika:(annika was surprised to see ranveer like this his pain can be seen trough his eyes easily…) how u lost her…? i mean how this happened…?
ranveer: she met with an accident… it was not her mistake…. she was punished for someone else mistake.
annika: (annika asked looking at him) is that culprit got punished for his deeds…?
ranveer: nooo…. the culprit is roaming outside… he is in front of my eyes but i can’t punish him i don’t have proofs…he is enjoying but my life ended with her death i was just living to punish the murderer…… but u came in my life u know U r my only friend… u gave mi another reason to live my life… thank u so much for being my friend….
[as soon as after his confession annika hugged him to lessen his pain… to calm him down… she was very amazed to see this side of ranveer. om & prinku were standing there just behind them… both were feeling toooo much guilty seeing ranveer in this condition…. prinku also knows that ranveer has lost his loved one om told this to her to lessen his guilt…. both left from there in a sad and guilty mood]
annika: (breaking the hug) ohh bete ki… i was thinking so much that why ranveer wanted to be my friend… u know what U r very selfish person…(our drama queen started her drama to enlighten his mood..) aapana kam banta to bhaad mei jaye janta hai na… (she asked raising her eyebrow)
ranveer: (first he got confused but later he understood that his great drama queen friend is trying to cheer him up) yeah u r right madam… it is same like this only… i am very selfish person….
[both started laughing…. just then he got a call and he said i’ll reach there in 15 min]
ranveer: annika i have to leave there is some urgency… and yes thank u so much for being there with me…. u know i am feeling so light hearten after this… U r a gem… and this is the real reason that i wanted to do friendship with u…. i am so lucky that i have u in my life as a friend…… he hugged her lightly]
annika: okay enough … don’t be this much senti… it doesn’t suit u…. (and smiled with her charm)

[ranveer left from there, annika went to do her work for evening’s sangeet..]

[soumya was trying to unlock rudra’s phone…]

somu: ohhh god… this duffer has kept difficult password, now how to unlock it i have tried many time…. i have tried by typing is GF’s names… his birthday… his car number but nothing is matching what will be the password…(suddenly her face lightened) yes what we keep our password from, we keep our password of our favorite thing or our most loved person…. i don’t think this differ will have any favorite thing….

ohh yes i got it… how can i miss this i am sure this is his password….he loves his brother most in the whole world so obviously the password will be that only… she tried shivay and omkara’s name… but it didn’t open then she typed OBEROI…..OBRO’s….. PRIYANKA but no result the lock didn’t open yet…

now what to do what will be his password it is not related to his family members also… then she thought for some time and hesitantly typed this one and slowly pressed the enter button but it showed wrong password message… her mood got sad. she thinks to herself hey whats happening to me, why will he keep his password on my name…

and now it’s last chance for her to unlock it… after that it will be locked for 30 minutes bcoz of wrong attempts…she was thinking so deeply… then she typed password and prayed to god…. hey ganpati bappa vachav re mala (means hey ganpati bappa save me plz) and tapped the enter button and closed her eyes… later she opened her eyes slightly and what a surprise the phone was unlocked….. and the password was …..she was so excited and she screamed loudly in excitement and said he is really a duffer oberoi protein shake who keeps the password like this…..and giggled…
[but bcoz of her scream our rudra was awake. and he was like what sumo is doing in my room early morning…]
rudra: sumo what r u doing in my room… and whats that in ur hand….(he sees his phone in her hand) OMG u r checking my phone…(and gives shocked expressions) we decided na that we r not husband and wife and we will not behave like them then why r u checking my phone like a wife does…
somu: whaaat…??? rudra r u mad or what…. i am not checking ur phone…..
rudra: then give me my phone…(he tried to take his phone)
somu: no… i can’t give u…(and thinks soumya whatever will happen u have to delete that video before anyone sees it or else u will be dead)
rudra: sumo, what r u thinking give me my phone
[and started to take his phone but somu was not giving it to him so he tried to snatch it but in this process of phone snatching they both fell on bed rudra was on top of sumo… they both shared an intense eye lock… rudra was so lost in her beautiful eyes, he was just staring at her cute face…]
rudra: sumo u r sooo cute…
somu: whaaaat…?(she was hell shocked to listen this from rudra..)
rudra: (he realized what he did..) i was saying that u must be thinking that u r cute but U r not…..(and saying this he got up and gave her hand to get up)
somu: thanks
rudra: now tell me the truth…
somu: (somu tells him everything about the video) hence i want to delete it bcoz if the video got leaked then both di & bhaiya will kill me…
rudra: ohh this small thing u should have told me i would have deleted it myself but i’ll watch it once phir aisa mauka mile na mile(means again i’ll get this chance or not) and smiles naughtily….
somu: okay no problem. see it and then delete the video…(smiled at him)
[rudra opened his phone and got shocked….and made cry baby face]
somu: what happened to u now..
rudra:(crying) video send ho gaya (means video got sent)
somu: what…?????? how…??? show me…
[rudra shows her the phone… she also gets shocked and panics]
somu: it’s all ur fault u duffer…u tried to snatch the phone and the video got sent….
rudra: moti this is ur falt not mine….(both started arguing them rudra stopped) just stop arguing now think this what to do next…. raita to fail chuka hai ab kya kare (means we messed up everything now what to do)..
somu: now nothing can happen…

[both dreams same time that annika has thrown a bucket full water on them and has her chameli in her hand to beat them up and they r running in the whole house to save themselves and there they both dash with the shivaay who is now VSO(volcano singh oberoi) ]

rumya: (both says in unison) WE R DEAD….(both makes cry baby face…..)

epi ends on rumya’s cry baby faces…


so what happened where they sent that video mistakenly….???
ACP is suspicious about daksh.. why..???
what is the whole truth of omkara & ranveer’s past???
ranveer lost whom in that accident…????

sorry guys i am postponing the maha episode bcoz their is the biggest surprise for u guys in that epi but before that i have to develop the story little more hence… i am doing this sorry… but i’ll try to cover it in 10th epi and then may be 11th epi will be maha epi of sangeet…

so done with 9th part of TRUST ME (ISHQBAAZ FF) by MRUNAL…
enjoy reading…
and let me know about ur reviews through ur comments….

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      Hey archiya…. Thank u so much dear…
      I am so glad that u r liking my ff this much that u read them in one strech….??

      About giving link on ishqbaaz page i had provided it in earlier times but now it’s my exam time hence i used to update in jiffy bcoz of time limits i forgot to share the link there…. Sorry..?

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    1. Mrunal

      hey nice guess work dear….
      and yes some of ur ans r correct
      which one r correct u will come to know it in upcoming episodes…..

      right now i am typing the next part….
      so no more wait for the answers……

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