True Love – Sadda Haq – Part 5

Chapter 5
It was really hard for Sanyukta to take all this things. She sat on her bed because she was feeling that dizzy. Why did she let him leave? She could have stopped him from leaving but she didn’t. Why? May be because she believed that his ego was bigger than their love. May be because she believed that he did not wanted her in his life. But she never thought that the truth could be so different.

After few seconds Sanyu asked Harsh that why is he saying all this now? If he wanted to hurt her then he could have said these things two years ago, why didn’t he?
And a cunning smile appeared on his face. You think I didn’t want that, he said. But Randhir stopped me, actually money stopped me, c’mon you know me, I always prefer money above everyone. So Randhir transferred all his shares from Saniyal industries on my name and I promised that I will keep my mouth shut. Plus I knew that if I would have informed you earlier then you would be back in my son’s life which I never wanted. It was like “ek ke saath ek free” offer for me, money plus freedom from you, so I took it.

Sanyukta was feeling very guilty. Unstoppable tears were flowing from her eye and neither had she wanted them to stop. Randhir has sacrificed so much for her, loved her more than anything else, risked his career, his life for her yet again and what did she do? She only thought that he never loved her, his male ego could not appreciated the fact that his girlfriend, his wife could be better than him. Randhir has done so much for her and she didn’t even know. He loved her from the core of his heart, selflessly and she always thought that he was nothing but a selfish, egoistic person who does not care about anyone. All their old memories were occurring in her minds. All their conversations, their fights – Snayukta was remembering them all. The pain was unbearable and she knows that she will be fine only when she will meet Randhir. She stood up to go to Randhir but Harsh stopped him.

Harsh – Where are you going? To Randhir so that you can solve all your misunderstandings? Sanyukta how can you be so dumb? You really think Randhir hates you because he has to go to jail to protect you. You really think that. Nahi Na, toh socho why happened in this two years that his love for you, actually his selfless love for you changed into hatred? What? Hah…any idea?
Let me tell from the beginning so that you can understand everything. Two years back when Randhir took your blame he was very much in love with you, he was happy that he has protected you from all the troubles and now you can live freely and fulfill all your dreams. He was sure that after completion of his punishment he will come back to you and tell you everything so that you two could get back together. But that was his plan I never wanted an over ambitious girl like you in my son’s life. So I have to do something else.

You know what Randhir’s weakness is; he believes everything that people say to him. You can manipulate him very easily and that’s what I did. I took Renuka’s death as my weapon and filled Randhir’s mind with the thought that because of you; Randhir could not meet his mother for the last time when she needed him. He neglected her because he was jail for the crime which was not done by him and because of his love for you have left her mother suffers badly. I said him Sanyukta, that you are the reason because of which he lost his mother. And he believes me. Of course I had to fake Renuka’s natural death as suicide, bring up fake suicide note and brainwash his mind very much, but after so much hard work he believed me and started hating you. He then decided that he will never show his face to you and will not return to your life which fulfilled my wish. Even God was on my side and because of Randhir’s good behavior the jail authority released him early. Though he was allotted to do community service at some orphanage for a couple of months but he was free.

Sanyu – How can you be so cheap? How can you do that with your own son? How could you cause him so much pain? Said sanyukta even more shocked to hear about all this.
Harsh – because I had no other options, the money which Randhir gave me to keep my mouth shut was not enough and after Renuka’s death, all her property went to Randhir. So I had to say something to him so that he stays with me and I can enjoy my life with Renuka’s money. But unfortunately Rd was so disturbed with all this that after his release he just left without telling anything to anyone not even me… You know how much hard work I have to do to reach here to meet him. So don’t even dare to come in between my son and me. I won’t spare you this time. And he left the room leaving Sanyukta in the web of thoughts.

Sanyukta was really shocked. The person she cared the most has suffered so much and she couldn’t do anything. He was made to feel that guilt that his ignorance killed his mother. No wonder he hates me so much because his act of saving me from the police has cost him so much. No, now I won’t let him suffer anymore. I am going to tell him everything. His father’s true face need to come out. He should be free from his guilt. He should know that his father has faked his mother’s natural death as suicide. I have to talk to randhir now.

  1. Hey…loved the interpretation of current track…really hoped the current track would have been like yours…..
    Finally sandhir will be together…
    But I think rd will take time to believe sanyu again… Oh god! Its soo exciting………
    Keep smiling..
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