True love never ends by Aiha

Once there was a boy and a girl who loved each other a lot. The boy was a Hindu and the girl was a Muslim. One fine evening, they decide to meet. They sit holding hands with lots of love looking into each other’s eyes. The girl says “I think we should tell about us in our house, see now ur well-settled and me too now we r big enough to tie a knot. what do u think?” the boy said “s I think it`s the right time, I hope that our parents will understand us.” They look at each other with a slight smile on their face.

That night the boy sits with his mom and dad for dinner. He says ‘mom and dad, I love a girl. And she is very nice girl am sure u will like her. His mom says ‘’take away these kind of thoughts from ur mind people like us can`t handle this love’’ the boy says“ what do u mean by people like us?” his dad says “this love is very complicated as ur mom said u can`t handle it,leave all this”.the boy in a anger of love and tears in his eyes gets up from the chair and speaks “ mom, dad why r u saying so I believe that I can make her happy, and dad from my childhood I have solved all the complicated things and I am sure I can handle this. I promise that I will marry her only her. Soon he walks into his room and keeps calling her but he gets no answer he thinks that she may be sleeping and he goes to bed.

Next morning he calls her she doesn’t lift the call he calls to her house. Her maid lifts the phone he asks that he wants to talk to the girl the maid asks him who is he?. He says that he is her friend. The maid says him that he can`t talk to the girl as her father locked her in a room as she told about her loved ones, the boy cuts the call. He rushes to her house, he tries to go inside from the back door he saw the girl sitting near a window and crying. Soon her goes to her open the door and goes into the room the girl hugs him tightly. She tells him that she told about him but his dad said no and locked her up in a room.he holds her hand tight. They both run away from there.
After sometime there sit on the steps of a temple after walking for a long time. The boy still holds the girls hand she asks him ‘will u catch my hand for the rest of my life in the same way?” the boy slightly smiles and nodded his head will his eyes filled with tears. The girl says“ promise me that you will never cry, from today because I am with u and I only for u. I will fight till the end of my life but I need u with me ur my strength,my love ur my everything”. The boy says` pakka promise!i will never leave u alone,whatever may happen”. They stand up and walk up the stairs of the temple with the same smile on their face. They stand in the presence of god with varmala in their hands,they pray that the almighty give them a life of happiness.

When they were about to exchange the varmala the girls brother enters there with police he says that the boy is forcing to marry his sister and her father comes there he asks that she want to talk to the girl and takes her from there,the girl comes back with tears in her eyes. The boy asks her to tell the police that she loves him. The police asks the girl do she love her she says“NO!”. They boy breaks down he fell on his knees.The police takes the boy.
{ tere mere plays:-
Tere mere darmiyaan hain baatein ankahi
Tu wahaan hai main yahaan
Kyun saath hum nahin

Faisley jo kiye
Faasley hi mile
Raahein judaa kyun ho gayi
Na tu ghalat, na main sahi }

After 7 days:-
The boy is seen at the back of the bars. With a question in his mind that why she said no that day. A police inspector comes there and says that today his case is presented in the court so he should go to the court.

In the court the girl stands on the right and the boy on the left. The judge asks the girl to speak she says that the boy didn`t force her for marriage instead they loved each other. The boy was very happy and looked at the girl he thinks then why she said no. she continuous “my dad told me if I say yes he would kill my mom,and my mom is also very important equally to him.that`s why I said no that day,what is between he and me is true love and it can never end, time passes people chance but love never change.she says that she wants to take back the case.
Outside the court,the boy sits on a bench. The girl comes to him and sits at the side of him.she catches his hand and sits on her knees*crying*
{a soft sound plays,with these magical words:-
Aisa kyun hota hai
Tere jaane ke baad
Lagta hai haathon mein
Reh gaye tere haath
Tu shaamil hai mere
Hansne mein, rone mein
Hai kya koyi kami
Mere paagal hone mein }
The boy looks at the girl he sees that she is crying he places the edge of his fingers on her chin and lifts her head.

He hugs her and asks her“why r u crying? Ur the one who made me strong that day and now ur crying that`s not good”. The girls says “sry!!” I am selfish I think only about me my mom and my family. I am sry I should`nt done so.the boy says“ s! ur selfish u think about u,ur mom and the one who loves u the most, u said that true love never exists s ur right,true love never ends.
And they moved on in life holding each others hand forever.

  1. ImRagela

    Wow Aishu ..This is so emotional story yaar..I just literally got tears..So nice…??????????????????

    1. AIHA19

      Sry for making u cry and tq for reading

  2. Awesome dear Aishu ….Sweet concept ….loved it ….lots of love to u

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    Awesome story..
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    Aww! Wow! Really glad that you send me this story’s link or I would have missed this sweet story! It was too good and I am smiling after reading it. A sweet, soft and simple but beautiful love story! Loads of love from me too for you! Stay blessed!

    1. AIHA19

      Thanks a lot di ? hope I will write more better in future love you a lot ?????

  9. This girl’s dad is so rude ? what does he think of himself ? the boy indeed loves the girl or else he should have left the girl ? . Poor girl n boy. Parents should have understood them ? what a pathetic condition…
    Anyway, super OS aihu!! Emotional one!! Nice concept and story line!! Write more dear ??
    Good luck. Keep writing ??

    1. AIHA19

      Di if their parents would agree it would be A soft simple story . Anyways I am happy u liked it ,????

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  16. Siddharth

    wow very nice story Aishu ?loved this story. u write well .huh girls dad is very cruel how can he black mail his daughter like that . but at the end girl gave her statement in favour of him and proved her ???love.keep writing

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      First of all thanks for the comment bhaiya I am so happy that u understood the true sense of the story.

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    Hare meri pyaari si chotu yeh kitna emotional tha… Rula diya mere ko… Ioved every single thing..and the way she said the truth in court and song selection was ??….aur phir what i loved the most is u said the reality!!
    And i m so proud that my sis is having a realistic thought!!! More way to go aishu.. And you are a brilliant writer!!!
    Love you loads???
    And your new dp is cute…my dono favs sid and srk… Chalo rock it!!

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