True love never dies Episode 40 (Swasan)

hey guys i m arohi nd i am posting this on nehas behalf

Shona goes to her flat.. Sanjay keeps waiting for her near her flat..
He looks at her and gets happy..

Sanjay: Shona good, ur listening to me.. By d way did u talk to Sanky, did u tell him that u won’t love him??

Shona: ?noooo..
Sanjay: ?Noo… Then why d hell you went? I told u to tell him ryt?? Then why dint u say??
(He holds her shoulder and shouts at her)

Shona: (scared) I’m sorry.. Actually I couldn’t tell.. I need some time.. Plzz!!
Sanjay: okay il give u 3 days time..
Shona: okay!!

She was about to go… He holds her hand…
Sanjay: where r u going??? Come here…
He pulls her towards him

(She angrily pushes him nd goes inside and locks the door)
Sanjay: shonaaa open the door…
Shona: please leave me… Plz go away from me!!
Sanja: shonaaaaaaa!!! I said open the door..

(She doesn’t open the door, and cries thinking about Sanky)

Sanky goes down, he starts watching match with his frnds..

Bublu: (teases) Sanky.. I hope u had a great time?
Rahul: someone used to say that they hate love.. But today…. He is in love.. Strange?

Sanky: (blushes) guys will u plz stop,

They spend some time teasing, laughing….

After sometime…
Rahul: Sanky we need to go, we have a work..
Sanky: hmm okay!!
Rahul: Bublu u stay with Sanky..
Bublu: sure…

Rahul and others leave MM…
Sanky calls Shona, as he wants to know whether she reached or not

Shona in her room.. She keeps crying and sleeps.. She doesn’t lift his phone…

Sanky in MM:
Sanky: madam is soo busy with work I guess… She’s not lifting my call…

Bublu: hmm Sanky, she’s in project work na.. Leave her.. Let her complete it.
Sanky: hmm Kk… Come now let’s read diary.. It’s been many days..

They go inside the room. Sanky opens the diary and starts reading it..

Diary open..
Day when we r fighting about our names…

I quickly grabbed her hand… Nd pulled her on bed!!!
I was staring at her beautiful face…

Me: Swara ur soo beautiful today…
I leaned towards her and was about to kiss her…

Swara: Sanksar, U forgot we r talking about ur name…

(Saying this she again started beating me… I was soo shocked to see her childish nature….that moment.. I felt like Kissing her seeing those cute expressions…she was still beating me…

I starred at her lovingly for sometime.. Nd as soon as I got chance I quickly pulled her and hold her so tightly where she can’t escape..

Swara: ?sanskar.. Plzzz leave me!

Sanskar: nooo!! By d way Swara, I forgot to say.. U look soo gud in marriage saree.. I felt like kissing u…
(I kissed her forehead…)
Nd later after seeing u in that white saree, I felt like eating u..
(Saying this I bitted her cheeks)
Nd now when I’m seeing u with this night dress, I can’t stop controlling myself.. U look soo hot!!
(This time I kissed her lips)

(I looked at her expressions she has that shocked expression in her face.. ?I winked at her?)

Swara: sanskar.. Please noo??

Me: (smiles) Swara, how can I leave.. That too today is our first night.. Did u forgot??
Swara: plzz don’t scare me.. ?
(I looked at her face, I can understand that she’s not ready with this suhagraat.. As I can notice that fear in her face)

Me: (teasingly) swara, now I will show u what I am… How dare u tease my name?? Ur over now!!

Swara: (scaringly) nooo Sanskar.. Im just telling that ur name is big.. That’s it.. Nothing more then that..In fact ur name is soo beautiful.. I just love it!!
Now no fighting okay… It’s too late lets sleep now!!

Me: (teases) what??? Soo soon.. Noo I have lotsss to doooo?

Swara: (tensed) ohh.. U have office work!! Okay u carry on.. I will sleep okay!!
Bye good night!!

(I looked at her childish behaviour, and pulled her over me..and

Me: arey wait!! Why soo hurry!! I have n important work with u…Let’s enjoy this day
(I started kissing her shoulder)

Swara is soo tensed now..
Swara: (tensed) Sanskar…
Me: haa Swara..
Swara: leave me plzz!!
Me: (laughs) haha why r u so scared Swara, Nd how dare you tease me haa??
Swara: I’m sorry, I will never ever tease u in my life.. Okay??
Me: (smiles) ohh wow!! Really?? good!! I hope u stay on ur words!!
Swara: haa sure!!
(I left her)
Swara: (relieved) sanskar Talk something na…

I looked at her angrily.. Just now she said that she’s getting sleep.. Nd look at her now!!
Swara: ?Kk.. It’s soo late na.. I will sleep now.. Good night!!
Me: gud night!!

She looked at me and gave a sudden peck on my cheeks saying goodnight and slept immediately hiding herself inside the quilt!!
Which gave a Smile on my face…
Ohh god!! This girls na, it’s very difficult to understand them!!

Early morning,
I don’t know when we slept.. But we slept holding each other and the happiest thing is that she was beside me.. The whole night..I don’t need to fear about her anything!! I’m there with her to protect her from that Jagadish!! I don’t know about her, but i slept very peacefully holding her.. After some time…

I’ve started to hear some noises.. My sleep getting disturbed, but now I can hear more loud noise.. Nd I can feel a heavy Sun rays on my face… I turned to the left side now I can feel a heavy light on my face.. Someone had on the light…I quickly covered my face with blanket…
My blood is fuming with anger to think who is that stupid who is spoiling my sleep…I couldn’t even open my eyes as I’m still in that drowsiness.. So I’m listening those voice clearly by closing my eyes.. To my surprise that stupid voice which is disturbing my sleep is non other than Mrs Sanskar …She started her nuisance.. Sorry.. Nonsense early morning with my mom..

Ma is arranging swara’s clothes in my room..

Swara: (shouts) Maa plzz don’t keep my clothes in that shelf!
Ma: (shocked) buy Kyu Swara??
Swara: I hate that shelf.. It’s my biggest enemy in this house.. Don’t keep in that shelf..

*I was confused…How can a shelf be enemy.. Is that not strange??*

Ma: but Swara, what did this shelf do to u??
Swara: ?what did it do?? If I say what it did, even u will start hating it!
Ma: (smiling ) what did it do Swara??
Swara: that day, when I entered in this room to make it messy.. It hurted me.. See how it hurted me.. (She shows her a small tiny wound)
Look.. That’s why I hate this shelf!!

Ma started to laugh loudly…
Ma: (laughing) Swaraa ur soo childish!!

*I was thinking in my mind, nooo Ma she’s not childish but she’s mental.. Is that a human?? Not even a living can she be angry on that item… Sooo crazy, I guess it is last stage of mental*

AP: (laughs) hahaha Kk.. nd Swaraa.. Get ready quickly.. Nd wipe ur wet hair.. You will catch cold..

Swara laughs loudly.. Looking at the sarees and all
Swara: Maa plzzz, don’t tell me to keep all these, I will look early in the morning.. Hahaha lol!!

(She starts running on the bed, crossing me like to and fro..irritating me)

Ap: Swara don’t be with that wet hair, come il wipe it with towel!! Nd wear this saree.. Come now..Listen to me..
Swara: (smiles) no Maa … I love to be with this wet hair, Nd saree early morning?? Omg?
Ap: Swara, ul get cold.. Nd saree only 1 hour.. We have puja.. Later u can change it..Come here.. Sit calmly.. And get ready fast u need to do puja..

Swara: hmm okay!!
(She sat near the dressing table, and ma starts wiping her hair and she makes her wear saree and starts making her ready..
She was continuously talking, laughing… Even in my sleep I can only hear her voice…her voice is like someone kept a sound system near my ears… At that time Pari Bhabi came, partner of Swara..)

Pari: (teases) arey wahh Swara, u looking soo cute!! By d way.. How was ur suhagraat???

*(I was shocked?…Ohh God!!!! Dint they have other topic to discuss??? Nd why only my room?? Dint they found any other room to talk, how could they disturb my sleep.. This Swara na… Instead of calling Swara I should keep a new name as ‘DISTURBANCE OF INDIA’.. What’s this nuisance early morning..)*

Swara: (blushes) Di..
Pari: hahaha Swara, ur blushing… Okay leave that and tell me onething who won yesterday’s fight??

Swara: (laughing) Di.. What was that question?? It’s sooo funny… Hahahhaaha Do u think Sanskar can win over me?? Noo way.. Hahahhaaha u know what happened yesterday, after we went inside the room we both started hitting each other with pillows… And after that he..

*? I was thinking.. What is she trying to say.. Will she say about the kiss and all?? Ohh god! please shut her mouth..*

Swara: he started pleasing me… Saying
Swaraa plzz stop it… Swara I can’t run with u… Swaraaa I’m tired… Swaraa I accept my defeat.. Swaraa I’m getting sleep.. Swaraa I have office tomorrow..
Hahahaha.. Itna sensitive?? How Ma?? I pity him.. So I left him!!
At that time he slept… Nd see still he is sleeping..
Maa.. Ur son is sooo lazy!!!!

All starts laughing…

*Ohh god.. Did u see, how intelligently she’s making herself great.. Let all go.. I will show her what I am… I will shut her smartness!! *

Ma: Swara.. Finally ur ready.!! (She kisses her forehead) Nd my Swara is looking soo beautiful!!

Swara: (hugs her) Thankyou Ma!!
Ma: Swara.. I’m going down, will prepare breakfast.. U wake up Sanskar, and make him get ready fast.. Nd come soon okay!!

Swara: (smiles) okay Ma.. Just give me some time I will bring him down.. I will show what Swara is..

Ma: hahaha Kk.. Let’s see.. How great you will handle Sanskar..
Pari: Swara, I can bet u will loose.. Because that is Sanskar Maheswari!!

Swara: Di.. He may be Sanskar Maheshwari.. But now I’m Swara Sanskar Maheswari.. My name is bigger than his name.. So I will win?

Pari: hAhaha okay let’s see…all d best!! By 8:30 u need to bring him down!!

Swara: done??

*I thought.. Achaa Swara, I looked at the clock it’s 7:30.. So Swara u think ur soo smart.. Just see I will not get up from this bed.. Let’s see what ul do.. I quickly wrapped myself in the quilt*

After sometime..

Swara: sanskar get up, it’s already late.. How much time will you sleep?? Get up!!

Me: nooo I will not get up!! Wake me after 1 hour!!
Swara: ? what 1 hour?? Noo Sanskar, I don’t have that much time.. Now get up!! Plzzzz..
Me: nooooooo!!!

(I can feel her weight on me)
Swara: my sweetu, my cutu, get up baby!!
See I’m ready, I’m a good girl.. Come get up
Sanskar: don’t try to wake me by ur sweetu cutu baby words, I’m not a kid like u…
Swara: (angry) ?Sanskar get up now…if u won’t wake , I won’t talk to u…
Me: okay.. I’m very happy.. Thankgod I don’t need to bear ur nonsense any more!!
Swara: (shocked) what?? How dare you.. Sanskar This is the last time will you get up or not???

Me: (smiling) noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

Swara: okay.. I know how to wake u..

I was wondering what she was up to..

(Swara went to the restroom and brought cold water along with her.
Before doing anything she wanted to give him one more chance.
If this time he gets up , then she would forgive him otherwise not.
She went and sat by his side. Slowly removing the blanket from his face , she brought her face near to his ear and whispered
“get up sanskar’
Its already 7:30 and you need to do puja, and get ready for office..

Me: Swara let me sleep.
And I am not going to go to office today.
I am not in a mood..So now I am not in any hurry And so could sleep peacefully.
Now pls. don’t disturb me”

Swara: achaa!!okay Sanskar,
So now you get ready to wake up.
And here I come”

*(After saying this to me she poured the cold water on my face.. Oh god!! It was too cold!! I started shouting.. Swaraaa!! )*

Swara: hahaha ” so Sanskar didn’t you enjoy it.??
This only happens when you don’t listen to ur wife .the greatt Swara Sanskar Maheswari!
So if you want to be safe , then always listen to your wife”

” Swara , now you are gone
Its your pay back time.” I said with a smirk on my face

” no Sanskar , no You are not doing anything” She said while moving backwards step by step
She was very well aware that what was going on in my head.

“no mrs.Sanskar , no one can save you now from me.
Its my turn” saying this I got up from the bed and started moving towards her!!

I kept moving forward and she moved backwards.
Finally there was no place to escape .
I pushed her against the wall.
And now she was in my prison. I had full rights on her.
But She was not going to give up so easily.
After all even she knows how to play with me. And she is Swara Sanskar Maheswari who cannot accept her defeat soo soon!!!

As I expected she winked at me, making me weak and she escaped from my grip..
She was again a free bird ready to fly.

“wait Swara , you cannot escape from me” I said playfully
“catch me if you can” Swara accepted the game and was ready.

Even I accepted the challenge and was ready .
We were running in the room, throwing items on each other and having fun. Finally I got hold of her….

So where will you run now, Mrs.sanskar??”

I leaned forward and kissed her cheeks and whispered in her ear
” your looking soo gorgeous in this saree”

“Thankyou” she replied with a shyness in her face..

I placed my hands around her neck..
Me: (teasingly) my dear wifey, I need to settle some matters.. By d way what is this nonsense early morning.. Too much nonsense.. You spoiled my sleep!!

Swara: ?what did I do Sanskar, I woke up early.. I went down.. I joined Ma In helping, later she told that she will arrange my clothes.. I told okay.. Now tell me, what wrong I did???

Me: achaa leave all that.. What were u telling Bhabi.. Tell me, what happened yesterday night, Did I said that I’m tired… Did I said that I accepted my defeat.. Did I said that I’m getting sleep.. Did I said that I have office tomorrow.. And am I sensitive?? Nd so do U pity me??

Swara: (shocked?) noooooo?I’m sorry.. I thought u dint listen.. I’m really sorry..

Me: achaa!! Soooo smart!! Shall I shut ur smartness??

Swara: noooo please!!
(I slowly went towards her and started kissing her… All over the face)

Swara looks at the time,
Swara: Sanksar.. It’s enough.. Now come get ready we need to do puja..
Me: (teasingly) should I get ready for puja or should I get ready for ur bet??
Swara: (smiles) ohh so u know about the bet ryt?? Dats go and come soon.. Within 2 mins.. Or else il show u what a wife can do!!

Me: achaa.. I love to see it!!

Swara: sanskar!!!! Now goo quickly!!!!
She started pushing me inside the washroom!!

I smiled seeing her expressions..
Okay.. I said.. Nd went to the washroom..

After 10mins.. I can hear her shouting!!

Swara: sanskar!! How much time will u take?? Come soon na!! I can’t loose my bet soo easily!!

Me: Hahahaha I won’t come out!! Even I won’t let u win soo easily Swara!!

Swara shocked…

Again after sometime she started screaming loudly

Swara: sanskar if u won’t come out now…I won’t talk to u.. R u listening.. I won’t talk to ever ever ever in my life…

Me: woww.. I just loved it!! All the best, let’s see how can u be without talking to me..

Swara: ?sanskarrrrr get lost, I won’t talk to u… Because of u I lost my bet.. It’s 8:30.. My time is over.. Stay there itself.. Nd don’t talk to me… I hate u!!

I was shocked, is she really mean that?? And soo soon 8:30.? I started calling her Swaraaa..
But I dint get a reply from her, I slowly opened the door and peeped my head out, I could see Swara sitting on the bed with sad face..
I called out… Swaraa.. Can u plzz give me a towel!!
She looked at me angrily and threw that towel on my face…
?she was soo angry at me..

I quickly went outside.. I could see her being silent…I looked at the clock it was 8:35, oops I got to know that she’s very angry now and she’s not talking to me.. I slowly went and hugged her from back…
” Swara I’m sorry” but no reply from her

Me: Swaraa, I just did for fun.. Okay now give me 2 mins okay.. Il get ready fast!!

Swara: ?Noo need.. Take ur own time.. Now I don’t bother if u sit in the washroom for hours.. Bye.. I’m going down!!

I stopped her…Nd hugged her tightly!!
“Swara I’m really sorry.. Just see , only 2 mins I will get ready soon okay.. Plzzz talk to me darling, I can’t see u like this plzzzz…

Swara: (smiles) okay il excuse u only when u get ready in 2 mins…

Me: woww sure, just 2 mins darling..

I started getting ready very quickly.. And finally I did it.. So “Swara r u happy now??

Swara: wowww so sweet of u!! Love u sooo much (she started pulling my cheeks) now come lets go down!!

Okay.. “Come lets go.. “I said holding her hands…

We went down happily, talking to each other..
Ma bhai and Bhabi.. We’re happy looking at us..

Adharsh: woww both of u look soo perfect.. Just awesome!!

Swara started blushing.. Seeing her I started to smile..

Swara went towards Ma and Bhabi..

Swara: (smiles) Maa soo did I managed ur son well?? ?
Pari: woww Swara, u brought him down 10 mins early.. Ur just amazing!!!

I was completely shocked… Nd looked at a time.. It was 8:20.. I looked at Swara shockingly, she winked at me? and whispered in my ears..

Swara: my dear hubby.. Ur wife is soo intelligent.. When u went inside the washroom She changed the time.. (She started pulling my cheeks) I won’t accept my defeat soo soon.?

I was speechless seeing her naughtiness…
I looked at her angrily and whispered..
So my dear wifey… Don’t think that u won.. Nd today u can’t escape from ur punishment.. I think u understand what I mean… Get ready for that?

I can see her tensed face… I smiled teasingly ..

We started pulling each other legs.. Later, we completed puja and breakfast..
I got a work, which I need to go to office..
When I was about to tell them, I got a shock.. Actually we all got shock.. To see Kavitha and Sujatha Ma standing towards the door…

Swara: Sujatha aunty?? (She gets happy)
All are shocked to see them..
Ma: Sujatha?? What r u doing here??
Sujatha: Bhabi.. I’m very sorry.. Plz forgive us..
Kavitha: haa ma.. I’ve got to know how bad I thought.. I’m very sorry plz forgive us..Nd I got to know that Swara and Sanskar had married.. So I came here to wish them..
Congrats swara.. Nd plz forgive me!! (She hugs Swara)

Swara smiles and hugs her back…
Swara: no need to be sorry Kavitha.. I’m glad ur back!!

I was so angry at them, I don’t know why they came again.. But Swara was very excited too see them, because she always feel that Becz of her they were separated but now she’s feeling happy…

Swara looks at AP signalling her to accept..
Ap: (hugs both Sujatha and Kavitha) I’m soo happy, we all are together again

I can’t understand why ladies have soo weak Heart, how can they trust them so easily..
But I’m not like them.. I started giving them warning..
“Kavitha.. Don’t be soo happy that ur back to my house, if U ever try to harm them, I will just not spare u”

Kavitha starts crying..
Kavitha: Noo Sanksar, I really realised my mistake, plz don’t take me wrong this time..

Swara went towards her and consoles her..
Swara: I trust u Kavitha.. Don’t cry please..

I looked at Swara angrily and went to my room, actually i was soo worried about her, one side that Jagadish now other side This Kavitha, I don’t know what problems she will get to Swara, I can’t see Swara in pain…

Swara came back of me..
Swara: Sanskar..
(She got to know that im angry and she came and hugged me)

Swara: sanskar I know that ur angry at me. But plz forgive them.. Not for me but for Ma.. She likes them soo much.. She always used to think about them.. Plz Sanksar..

Me: but Swara, Ma likes them but she loves u more… Nd did u think about u?? U know about her ryt?? How can u believe them soo much.

Swara: may be they might have changed.. Plz Sanskar..

Me: okay.. But if they think to harm any of us.. I won’t spare them..

Swara: okay.. But I trust them.. Don’t worry!
(She hugged me so tightly and she kissed my cheeks.. I hugged her back and reminded about her punishment.. She made her eyes wide in shock… I kissed those eyes and said…
Swara ur soo loving person.. I love u soo much.. Nd ya I forgot to say, I had a work now I’m going to office, I may come home late okay.. Take care.. (I caressed her hair)

Swara: okay take care.. Come soon.. (She hugged me)

Me: bye swara!!
I left to office..

I was in office.. In an important meeting suddenly my Phone started to ring, as I’m in meeting I’m cutting the call. Later I got a message from unknown person,
” don’t u want to save ur wife?”
I was shocked.. To see that message
again I got a call, this time I lifted.. It was that Jagadish..
As soon as I lifted, he started laughing!!
Jagadish: sanskar, I dint expect that I will get ur wife so easily..
Me: what d hell r u talking?
Jagadish: I saw ur wife going somewhere alone, Nd my people are around her, il give u 20 mins, if u want save her, if 20 mins are over the next min I will kill her…
(He cuts the call)

I was soo shocked now.. I called landline.. But it was engaged, Swara doesn’t have phone.. Ohh god where did she go???

I remembered the watch and started to trace her, she’s in temple.. I immediately started my car, Nd went to save my wife..
On the way I was wondering, how can she go alone? And thankgod she kept that watch, but will I go on time?? What if no.. Will he kill her???
I started to sweat and speeded up my car, how can I live without her when she’s my life… Sanskar go quickly damn it!! I was scolding myself..Nd finally reached the temple,
I could only see many people around, Nd that Jagadish sitting in his car and he was shocked to see me.. He dint expect that I will come…I was shocked to see them… When I was about to go inside I saw her coming down,
All my tensions were gone.. Thankgod she’s safe..I went towards her and hugged her soo tightly…

Swara: (excited) Sanskar!!! What r u doing here??? How did u know that I came here?? And why did u come here?? Nd

Me: Swara don’t ask these questions now, il tell u later now come lets go..
When she was about to look towards Jagadish, I diverted her and made her look other side…
She’s so happy now I don’t want her to see him.
(I hold her hand so tightly and walked towards the car..
Swara: (happy) Sanskar this God is so great! I just thought about u and u came Infront of me.. I’m soo excited seeing you… Thankyou for coming..

She kissed my cheeks, Nd started pulling my cheeks… She was completely on a playful mood…

I saw that Jagadish sitting inside the car, and watching us… His looks were on us. He was very angry on Swara, as she is close to me.. I can see his anger and jealous , he smiled evilly at me..

I made her sit in the car and we moved I looked at him signalling him that I’m With her…

We reached home..

Swara: sanskar Come, let’s go inside
Me: Noo Swara, actually I had a meeting now, all are waiting for me.. You go inside, il meet u in the evening..

Swara: ur in meeting?? But Sanskar, why did you come out then… Achaa wait wait I got to know…. Someone told u that ur wife is in temple, so u came to surprise me na??
Hahahaahhaha am I right?

I was looking at her admiringly, I want that smile on her all the time..
“Swara, ur very intelligent.. Seriously hatsoff” I said

Swara: Hahahaha I know Sanksar, anyways have a nice meeting okay??

Me: sure darling, by d way, why did u go to temple at this time??

Swara: (excited) Sanskar, you know what this god is very powerful it seems, if we ask anything he will give us immediately it seems,

Me: are you crazy, who told u that??
Swara: Kavitha told me.. Nd Sanskar you won’t believe this god is really powerful, I just thought about you, Nd you came in front of me… It’s awesome na!!!

I was shocked… “Kavitha told you to go”?
I was thinking, why did Kavitha sent her, i should eye on her,

Me: anyways leave all that and Swara, next time don’t go alone okay?? Nd don’t go without informing.

Swara: (cutely) okay Sanksar

Her cuteness was overloaded, this girl Made me insane…I gave a peck on her lips, “bye Swara, take care” I said

Swara: (teases) okay.. But Sanskar, by 6pm you have to be in home, or else..

Or else what Swara?? I asked her..

Swara: (lifted her eye brows) or else…. Ur wife…Won’t let u come inside… ?

Achaaa, let’s see!! I winked at her?

Swara: hahahaha bye Sanskar,
Me: bye Swara!!

I went back to my office…I’m soo relieved now, I saved my wife.. Now I should be more careful, Nd that Kavitha, what is she up to, I don’t trust her, a person can’t be good suddenly.. Now I have to find out what’s going on their mind!!

Diary closed:

Bublu and Sanky laughs loudly,
Sanky: (smiles) hahaha woww Swara is soo funny!! You know she somewhat behaves like my Shona darling… Hey na Bublu??

Bublu: hahah Yaa Sanky.. Just imagine, Shona torturing u like that, hahaha it will be very funny… Lol!!! Then I will write diary about u both.. So that ur kids will read..??

Sanky: ?enough making fun of me!!
Bublu: haha Kk by d way I just liked the way Sanskar care for Swara, he is just awesome.. He saved her at a correct time.. Soo nice of him..

Sanky : Yess Bublu.. (He thinks about something)

Bublu: Kya hua sanky.. Are you alright??
Sanky: Noo Bublu, I’m not alright.. Why am I feeling that Shona is in danger?? Today, u can’t believe she’s soo sad.. Something had happened, and those marks making me restless..

Bublu: (worried) marks??
Sanky: Yaa it’s like someone did it purposely, but she’s saying that its her nail mark.. But Noo.. Something has happened, i need to find it out Bublu..

Bublu: don’t worry, even il help u out!!
Hmm let me guess… May be Laksh,

Sanky looked at him angrily,
Sanky: Bublu Noo way, Laksh loves Ragini, Nd Ragini likes Swara so much.. So he won’t dare to hurt her, I know it!!

Bublu: then who might be, may be her family.. She’s so scared of her dad na,

Sanky: Bublu… Her dad is in Bangalore.. How can he hurt her..

Bublu: Yaa that’s right.. Then may be she might have start her funny fight with someone in that flat, may be that funny fight might have turned to serious fight.. So they might have ended up with beating each other… Haha loll just kidding..

Sanky: (shocked) Sanjay!!

Bublu: Sanjay???
Sanky: Yess.. Yesterday he gave me warning, Nd today ohh god, he is the one Bublu.. May be he could have hurted her, I can see that fear in shona’s eyes..
How dare he?? I know he is up to something, that day he intentionally made her fall… (Sanky gets angry)

Bublu: first let’s find out!! Later we can take action on him..

Sanky: by d way Bublu did u see.. She went morning, til now no message nothing, madam is very busy I guess..

Bublu: okay Sanky, I need to go now.. If u need anything call me..
Sanky: okay sure.. Bye dude!!!

Bublu leaves… Sanky again thinks about all the incidents, happy moments, their kiss…. He misses her soo much..

He again calls her…
Shona feels that her phone is vibrating and she looks at it and gets happy seeing his call and lifts it..

Shona: (happy) Sanky…
Sanky: Shona, no message nothing, you know how much I was worried..

Shona: I’m sorry Sanky.. I was bit tired..
Sanky: hmm Kk.. By d way where r u??

Shona: I’m at home..

Sanky: (smiles) Ohkkk!!
Shona: by d way where r u??
Sanky: I came out, just a drive!
Shona: Ohkk.. Be careful, drive slowly!!
Sanky: do u wanna come?
Shona : (happy) Yess Sanky.. (She remembers Sanjay words) nooo Sanky.. U go!!

Sanky: just now u said that ul come..
Shona: but… Leave all That now tell me something..

They talk for sometime….

Suddenly Shona hears her door bell.. She gets scared thinking about Sanjay.. Nd cuts sanky’s call…

She goes near the door and shouts.. How many times should I tell u I won’t open the door, plzzz leave me…let me live peacefully..

Again the door bell rings, Shona doesn’t opens the door..

Sanky calls her again… Shona lifts it..
Sanky: ?Shona Kya hua?? Why did u cut my call??
Shona: nothing,
Sanky: achaaa open the door!
Shona: ?open the door?? But why??
Sanky: Becz it was me who was knocking!!

Shona: ?what???

She gets happy and opens the door… She gets happy seeing and hugs him..

She gets him inside soon and locks the door… Nd gets relieved!!

Sanky looks at her angrily, as he clearly got to know that she’s soo scared of someone!! He stares at her..

Shona : Sanky why did u come here?? Don’t come here Sanky… Plzz…
(She hugs him tightly)

Sanky: Kyu?? Why shouldn’t I come?? Shona gets tensed..

Shona: woo I mean, what if someone sees u..

He keeps staring at her angrily..

Sanky: achaa.. K fine.. Now tell me onething, why dint u open the door before??

Shona: (tensed) I thought some stranger..

He gets more angry seeing her lies.. He angrily pulled her Nd blocked her in his arms..

Sanky: Shona, what’s happening?? I want to know it now..

Shona: nothing Sanky, why do u feel like that?? Leave all that.. U know I’ve did online shopping and today morning I got those parcels.. Come I will show u..

(She diverts his mind)

Sanky thinks… Shes not telling you.. That mean she doesn’t want u to know it.. Sanky, just chill.. Nd u find out the reason.. On ur own..

Meanwhile Shona shows him wearing the dresses..
He stares at her lovingly..

Shona: (smiles)Kya hua Sanky??
Sanky: (smiles) come here!!

Shona smiles and goes near him..
Shona: hmm what!!

He made her sit on his lap and hugged her…
Sanky: Shona, why do I love u soo much?? You know after u went to the project I missed you soo much.. I want you to be with me Shona.. (He kisses her)

Shona eyes are filled with tears, she looked at him with that teary eyes.. Sanky is shocked to see her tears.. He cups her face and wipes those tears..

Sanky: Kya hua Shona??
Shona: I missed u too Sanky..
(She hugged him)

Sanky: I love u Shona!!
Shona: (smiles) how many times will you say this word to me Sanky?? You don’t need to tell me, because I know that u love me soo much!!

Sanky is shocked.. As he heard those words somewhere..

Shona: Sanky Kya hua??
Sanky: nothing.. (He gets call) Shona, I have to go now.. To care ok!!
Shona: okay Sanky.. Call me when u reach home..
Sanky: okay.. Bye (he kisses her forehead)

Sanky moves few step forward.. Shona eyes are filled with tears seeing him going..

Shona: Sanky!
Sanky turns back..
Sanky: haa Shona!

Shona goes towards him… Nd holds his hands…
Shona: il Come down,
Sanky: (smiles) okay come..

They go down, They keep talking holding each other hands..
Sanky: okay bye Shona.. Love u darling!
Shona: (smiles) love u too..

At that time Shona watches Sanjay watching them..
She gets scared and releases her hand.. And looks at Sanjay shockingly

Sanjay signals her to go to her flat.. Shona nodes yes…

Sanky: okay bye Shona..
(He looks at Shona, where she’s looking at someone…. With tensed face… He turns back and gets shocked seeing Sanjay… He gets more angry as he clearly understood that he is the reason for her sadness…

Sanky: shonaa…
Shona looks at him tensedly…
Shona: (covers) haa Sanky.. Did h tell anything now??

Sanky pulled her closer and kissed her on her lips..
Shona is shocked…
Sanky looks at Sanjay angrily.. And tells bit loudly to make him hear

Sanky: Shona I love u.. Don’t think about anyone and no one can seperate us, okay?! Now go quickly to ur room and close the door.. Don’t open until morning.. Okay??

Shona: okay..
Sanky: goo to ur room.. After reaching call me..

Shona goes to her flat and rings Sanky saying that she reached..

Sanky looks angrily at Sanjay and he leaves…

Sanjay gets angry!!

Episode ends!!

Sanjay tries to abuse Shona…
Will Sanky reach in time??

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