Episode 7

Swara and Sanskar came hand in hand inside the hall. Seeing them maheswari’s are shocked. They didn’t expect sanskar to be a big buisness man. They don’t know whether to be happy or sad. Now they understood y shomi and shobha came there. Sanskar and swara moved ahead of maheswari’s. Sanskar saw their reactions and smirked. The host asked the couple to sit in the diase. Sanskar first went up and gave his hand to swara and she held his hand and came up. Both gave a pose to everyone and sat in the diase. Then the host told,”Gud evening ladies and gentleman. Today this world came to see the face of the most popular business man Sanskar Maheswari who is the sole owner of Karma group of companies. He developed his company from scratch and achieved many things in this age. He got many awards in this young. In spite being a son of multimillionaire he started his own company and he is now a multimillionaire on his own. So now lets cheer him up and celebrate this moment.” he said and asked the dj to put a music. Everyone came to the diase one by one and wished the couple and gifted them.

Maheswari are rooted in the place. They can’t even a move an inch. At that time ap said,”Sanskar is this much big businessman but he didn’t even tell us. How can he do this??”

“Yes jiji i don’t know whether to be happy or sad. He didn’t thought to share this much big thing with us. I am depressed.” sujatha said and everyone’s state were also the same.

“Just bcoz we didn’t accept his love he avoided us fully. This is hurting me a lot. I can’t be here anymore. I am going. If u all want to be here u can.” ram said and tried to go but dp stopped him and said,”Ram see everyone will come to us and ask everything. If u go they will find something is wrong. This is not right. We will talk to sanskar once we go home. Now cool down urself. Even i am hurt.” dp said and ram accepted and stood there. All this are seen by sanskar. He smirked seeing them. As dp said one man came and asked him,”Mr.Maheswari u didn’t inform us that sanskar is the company of the karma industries.”

“Oh Mr.Sharma actually sanskar is reserved type so he doesn’t want the world to know about himself. That’s y.”

“Mr.Maheswari u r nicely managing the situtaion. Mr.Maheswari we know u send him out of the house before 5 years as he loved a bengali girl and also he came as a mad to take revenge from u. We know everything Mr.Maheswari. And also karma is a rival company of ur’s. We know everything.” Mr.Sharma said and laughed with his friends. Sanskar who came there heard this and came to Mr.Sharma and said,”Mr.Sharma except ur house’s matter u know everyone’s matters.”

“Sanskar i didn’t tell anything wrong!! I told whatever happened!”

“Mr.Sharma yes i came back to take revenge but i didn’t as i came to know they are innocent and one more thing is ur brother-in-law’s company is ur rival company???”

“How come his company will be my rival?? He is my relation.”

“Same way. Karma and maheswari’s aren’t rival. If a deal comes everyone will quote the amount that doesn’t mean they are rival and we see the official and personal matters separately. And one more thing Mr.Sharma ur son came here and booked a room. He is in room no 576 with a call girl. Go and see ur house matter first.” saying this he went from there. Mr.Sharma felt insulted and went from there. Maheswari’s felt proud that moment and forgot everything which they were discussing.

The party is happening in a full swing but felt like boring so sahil took the host post and came to diase.,”Ladies and gentleman as on this special occasion i ask the guests here to perform a couple dance. So lets start with the main couple of this party.” sahil said and sanskar stood up and gave hands to swara. Without any hesitation she gave the hand and both came down. The dj played a romantic number and hearing the song laksh got angry.

Sanskar kept his right hand in swara’s waist and left hand is holding her right hand. Swara’s left hand is on his shoulder. Both started to move slowly. As the song goes they started to dance intensely. Swara is mesmerized in his eyes. She didn’t take her eyes from his till the dance finished. Laksh who saw this is hell angry and also his jealousy reached to the peak. Swara and sanskar finished their dance and everyone clapped for them. Then sahil asked the rest of the people to come and dance. Everyone came as a couple and danced. Even adarsh and parineeta danced. Ragini asked laksh for a dance but he glared her and went from there. Swara who saw this smirked and went to ragini and dragged her aside before anyone could see.

“Swara what is this?? Y u dragged me??”

“Acho ragini i am feeling pity for u. U can’t even dance with ur laksh. So sad na.” swara said and made a crying face.

“Shut up swara. This all happened bcoz of u only. Who asked u to dance with sanskar??”

“Ya true ragini i should have danced with laksh instead of sanskar. I did a very big mistake. Shit.” swara acted like worrying. Ragini got angry and raised her hand to slap her but swara acted like she is scared and kept her hand covering her face and said,”Omg ragini pls don’t beat me i am afraid of u.” seeing this ragini got irritated and went from there. Swara laughed seeing her. Sanskar who came there also listened their convo and laughed. Hearing some sound swara turn and saw sanskar laughing. She is again lost in his smile. Sanskar came to her and said,”Swara u r nicely provoking ragini. She will herself spit out the truth Once.” sanskar said and laughed again. Swara too smiled seeing him. Then both went from there.

Sanskar and swara reach the diase and sanskar took the mic and said,”Thank u everyone for attending my reception party. I am very happy. On this occasion i want to share an important thing to everyone. My next project i am going to do with sengupta group of companies. I hope our project will be a hit. Thank u once again gentleman. Dinner is arranged. Make urself comfortable and dine with happiness.” sanskar said and maheswari’s especially dp,ram,sujatha and ap are shocked hearing sengupta name. They went to talk to sanskar but before that maya and rahul came there to talk with sanskar. Seeing it dp and rp got angry and went from there without taking food. Raglak and parish are confused are seeing them but as usual neglected thinking sengupta is rival company of maheswari’s. So they are angry as Sanskar is doing business with them and kept quiet. Sanskar once again smirked seeing it. He felt happy seeing their reactions.

After the party is over except sahil,sanskar,swara and sanskar’s pa everyone left to home. Then swasan and sahil with sanskar’s pa went to press meet. The journalists are waiting for him. Sanskar came and sat with swara and sahil. Then a reporter asked them,”Mr.Maheswari there is a news that u ran away with a bengali girl before 5 years and u r assumed to be dead? Really does ur family members doesn’t know about ur whereabouts or is it any plan??”

“Ha ha what plan will be there?? Yes what all u said is true and i ran away before 5 years but my lover died and i came back to take revenge who killed her but later came to know she died accidentally. So i showed my face to the world.”

“Oh okie sir. How u became a popular businessman within short span of time??”

“My knowledge helped me a lot. And my friend sahil he guided me and spread my knowledge to the world and my first project became a huge success. Then everything i touch became a success and i became popular.”

“Sir we heard mrs.sanskar was engaged to ur younger brother and they were about to tie a knot but ur brother married ur wife’s sister. Then how suddenly u married her??”

“It’s something personal and i don’t want to share it in public.” sanskar said and reporters asked some more questions and after answering them everyone went back to home. Sanskar thanked sahil for arranging everything. Sanskar knew a play is ready in maheswari mansion and once he enters it will start. Sanskar and swara both went to maheswari mansion after changing to normal dress.

As expected when sanskar entered inside the mansion elders are sitting with a rigid face while youngsters are standing back of them. Dp saw sanskar and called him,”Sanskar i want to talk with u.”

“I expected bade papa. Ask me.”

“Sanskar i am angry and hurt on u as u didn’t inform us about ur company but i cooled my mind thinking u r in good position but how can u do business with sengupta’s??? Don’t u know they are our business rivals??”

“Bade papa sorry to say this they are rivals for maheswari company not for karma. Infact sengupta’s are the one who beleived me and gave the first project. U and rahul papa may have some problems but i don’t have any problem with them infact they are my second family and sahil is my best friend so don’t expect that i will back out from the project.” sanskar said.

“Sanskar y r u not listening?? He is just using u to take revenge. I know him better than u. So just listen to me sanskar.”

“Sorry bade papa i won’t. And rahul papa is not like u think. And even i am not a small child. I know what to do and what not to. Thank u soo much for ur advice.” saying this sanskar went from there. Swara also went behind him. After reaching their room sanskar got changed to his night dress followed by swara. Then she came to sanskar and ask,”Sanskar y bade papa doesn’t want u to talk with rahul uncle??”

“Swara bade papa and rahul papa are friends but one incident changed them to enemy. Bade papa thinks him as enemy but rahul papa still sees bade papa as his friend. And u know i and sahil are enemies at first as both families are enemies but during my breakdown i mean when i ran away with kavitha it’s sahil who helped me. Even after kavitha died he was my support system. He took me out from my sorrow.” sanskar said.

“Do u know the incident??”

“Yes swara i knew it??”

“What is that?? If u feel like telling me then tell otherwise no problem. Bcoz it’s ur family issue.”

“Swara even u r my family only and the incident is……..” sanskar told the incident and swara is shocked to know the reason. Then sanskar told gud night to swara and slept. Swara didn’t feel like sleeping. She went near the window and gazed the moon. At that time unconsciously she started to think about sanskar. How he got her from hospital and how he told he is grieving for his mistake and want to repent. Then he helped her by marrying her. He took stand for her in the morning against his family. She has a smile in her face thinking all this. She turn and saw sanskar sleeping. She is just seeing him. Suddenly air blow on her face and She is now confused as y she is thinking her and hit her forehead and came to sleep.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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