Episode 4

Two days passed. Swara got ready in a simple saree. Shomi and dida too got ready. At that time sanskar came there in car. He went inside and saw swara,shomi and dida. Sanskar is as usual wearing coat,shirt and pant. Swara and sanskar saw each other but didn’t talk much. Then everyone went and sat in sanskar’s car. Dadi who saw this is confused. But she let it go as she didn’t know the danger coming to their way.

Sanskar and everyone reached court. Sahil who is ready there saw them and hugged sanskar. Then everyone went inside and saw some more people standing there. Sanskar went and got blessings from them. Sanskar introduced each other. Showing the people he got blessings he said,”Dida,aunty this is sahil my best best friend while they are his parents Maya Sengupta and Rahul Sengupta. And this is sahil’s wife Irene. While these two are their children aishwarya and reyhaan.”Saying this sanskar took little angel which is in Irene’s hand. Seeing that reyhaan came and started to beat sanskar. Sanskar saw that and said,”Oh hello stop it okie. She is my princess. I will take her anyway.”

“U r my dushman. Give my doll to me. She is my doll and ma how many times i told u not to give doll to him. He is very bad. And u Mr. See there are many police here i will complaint them u r kidnapping my doll.” reyhaan said this in his sweet tone. He is 4 years while aishu is 2 year. Hearing this sanskar is shocked. Still he didn’t give aishu and just teasing reyhaan. Bose family is seeing this with shocked face. Sahil noticed it and said,”Ha ha this is common for us. And they both fight more than this. Before aishu born sanskar and reyhaan are friends. Reyhaan always be in sanskar’s arm. But after aishu born reyhaan thought he became big and doesn’t allow us to kiss or hug him. And also sanskar got attached to aishu. And reyhaan feels as a brother he should safeguard aishu from others. So he is not letting anyone other than our family members to touch aishu mainly male.” hearing this bose family is shocked and at the same time happy to see how he is protective towards his sister. Then everyone called inside. Sanskar gave aishu to Irene and went inside. Then sanskar and swara made to stand together and exchanged the garland. Then sanskar wore mangalsutra around her neck. After that both signed the register and as a witness dida,shomi and sahil parents signed. The marriage is finished and is also registered.

After marriage sahil and his family went to his home while sanskar,swara,dida and shomi sat in sanskar’s car and went to bose house. After reaching bose mansion shomi did the rituals and dida and shomi blessed them. Then swara brought her luggage and things.

“Sanskar i know u both did the marriage only for bringing the truth out. Still i want to tell u one thing. Pls take care of shoru and don’t leave her any time. I am believing u and sending her with u. Hope u don’t disappoint us.” dida said.

“Dida i promise u. Swara is my responsibility from this minute. I know the marriage is just a formality but before that swara is my friend and i won’t let my friend to suffer. I won’t betray ur belief.” sanskar said and dida and shomi became happy. Then swasan went from there. As dadi went out she didn’t see this.

Sanskar is driving the car and swara is admiring the nature. At that time swara asked sanskar,”Sanskar u told ur sahilji’s wife name as Irene. It’s a Christian name right??”

“Ya swara their marriage is love marriage and ma,papa accepted it without any compulsion. They are sweet parents. But Irene family opposed it. So ma and papa convinced them with lots of effort and made them agreed. Then they married happily and have two cute beautiful children.”

“Wow soo sweet.” swara said and Sanskar nodded his head and concentrated in driving while swara started to look outside. Then both reach maheswari mansion. Swara and sanskar both took their luggage(Sanskar was living separately not with maheswari’s) and stopped at the entrance. Then sanskar shouted,”Mom,ma” hearing this sound sujatha and ap became happy and went to the entrance only to see swara and sanskar standing with garlands. Both are shocked.

“Mom what r u seeing?? Go and bring the aarti plate,rice pot and kumkum water to welcome ur bahu.” sanskar said casually.

“Sanskar r u mad??? U married a bengali?? Now what happened to ur love??? U told u love kavitha then whats this?? Is ur love over???”

“Mom that is past. Now i love swara and we are married. So just do the duty by welcoming my wife.” sanskar said.

“Sanskar whats this???” dp who came for lunch shouted at sanskar. Rp,adarsh and laksh were also with him. Laksh is shocked to the core.

“Oh bade papa y u r wearing specs and even elder than me. U know everything and can’t u guess it. See this is garland and (showing mangalsutra and kumkum) this is mangalsutra and kumkum. So automatically we are married. Now u understand.”

“Sanskar r u quiping me???”

“No bade papa i was just answering.”

“Swara i didn’t expect this from u!!!”dp said and sanskar opened his mouth to say something but before that swara interrupted and said,”Sorry to say this even i didn’t expect u will betray me by giving approval to laksh for marrying ragini.” hearing this dp became quiet. Laksh who was quiet till now came out from his shock and said,”Swara u promised me u will marry me again after i divorce ragini but whats this??? U and bhai??? Tell me its a lie pls swara still i love u only” hearing this everyone is shocked.

“Laksh then what about ur promise to me??? Even u betrayed me by marrying my sister na???”

“Is this a tit for tat???”

“U can keep it in any way.” swara said and laksh is shocked.

“Sanskar i won’t accept this marriage” dp said.

“Me too. I won’t accept her as my bahu.” sujatha sided dp.

“I don’t care who accepts or not. Bcoz it’s my marriage and i don’t need ur approval at all.”

“Then get out from my house.” dp said.

“No chance bade papa bcoz i have rights in this house. This is not built by ur’s and papa’s hardwork. It’s built by my grandpa. So i have the rights as his grandson. And ma i don’t care if u didn’t accept swara as ur bahu but as my mother u have to do the rituals. Go and bring what i asked.” sanskar said and everyone is shocked to hear such harsh statement from sanskar. He was the pride of the family once. Now Seeing him like this pained them a lot. Dp didn’t want to hear more harsh statements from sanskar so he asked sujatha to welcome swara with rituals.

Sujatha brought the aarti plate and did aarti to SwaSan. Then she asked swara to kick the rice pot. After that swara took her leg to keep in kumkum water but sanskar stopped her and asked sujatha,”Mom i don’t have belief. So first u Keep ur hand on this kumkum water.” sanskar said and sujatha is shocked to the core.


“Mom pls do it fast. I have many works to do.” sanskar said and sujatha with tears kept her hands and showed there is nothing and went Inside cryingly. Then swara kept her leg and both entered inside. Ragini and pari who went to market came back and saw this and is shocked. Ragini is the one who is shocked more. Swara saw her and smirked. She went to her and hugged her and said to her slowly such that no one would hear or see,”Ragini i came back to get revenge from u. I will prove my innocence back and will snatch everything from u. Everything means everything and one more thing everyone here thinks we are married truly but i will tell u one truth that we faked our marriage. So after truth is out i will….” she left incomplete and ragini is shocked to the core. She couldn’t understand what to do. Swara smirked seeing her condition and went from there. Sanskar asked the servants to keep their bags in his room and took swara to their room.

Sanskar and swara enter inside sanskar’s room. Swara sat in the coach while sanskar sat in the bed. At that time servant brought the luggage inside. Sanskar saw this and said to swara,”Swara take this cupboard and keep ur things here.”

“Okie sanskar.” swara said and after a minute she asked sanskar,”Sanskar if i ask something won’t u mind.” hearing this sanskar smirked and nodded his head.

“Sanskar y u behaved harshly with ur ma and others???”

“I knew it swara u will ask this.”

“If u don’t want to answer no need to tell.”

“No no nothing like that. Actually none of them talked for me when i loved kavitha. None supported me. Have u seen ma supported laksh every time when bade papa scold him. Even she fought with bade papa when he sent laksh out. But in my case none did. Even after knowing u r bengali bade papa accepted bcoz laksh is his son but me?? This is the reason swara. And my love for them gone days before. If at all he acted same way in both cases i would have felt happy but no he always said i am also like his son but did partiality with me. I can’t accept that swara.” sanskar said and swara kept her hand in his shoulder and consoled him. Then both went to freshen up one by one.

An building is shown. Inside a cabin two persons are there and speaking something. They are none other than vikram and AD.

“AD i heard from my sources that swara and sanskar are married.”

“What?? How is it possible?? Swara loved laksh and Sanskar loved kavitha then how it happened??? Just inquire what happened and find the matter. If at all i come to know sanskar forced swara then i won’t leave him. I will kill him.”

“AD pls relax. U just now came from hospital. Ur health is not well. I will find the truth soon. Don’t worry”

“Vikram i am here standing and speaking just bcoz i believe u. I have full faith on u. So find the truth soon.” AD said and vikram went from there.

In maheswari mansion ragini is roaming here and there in tension thinking about swara’s warnings. She didn’t know what to do. She thought to take help from her dadi and papa. She called her papa and said,”Papa i am ragini. Swara came here also to destroy my life. She even challenged me that she will snatch everything from me mainly laksh. Pls papa do something.” ragini faked her tears.

“Ragini beta what r u saying??? Y swara will come there??”

“Papa she came here by marrying sanskar. No no she told she faked her marriage just to snatch everything from me. Papa pls do something. If she wanted laksh i already told her i will leave laksh then y she is doing this papa?? What if she malign my character?? Papa now itself come and take me. I don’t want to be the reason for swara behaving in negative way.” ragini said and kept the call. She acted well that shekar and dadi became angry.

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