True friendship love and trust (episode 20)

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Let’s begin
It’s night
Dhani: (was in her room, sitting on her bed and to herself) why I am feeling like something is wrong, how can they agree so easily, they must be planning something but what they are trying to do..
She was lost in her thoughts when viplav called her but she didn’t noticed as her cell phone was at silent mode.. after awhile she checked her mobile and saw viplav’s 6 missed calls, she was about to dial his number but just then viplav called her again, she picked it at once
Dhani: hey viplav, is everything okay.. just now I have saw ur missed calls
Viplav: thank God dhani u picked up the call.. I was so tensed, I would have come at ur home if u won’t receive this time.. u know which kind of thoughts were coming in my mind, no u don’t know.. how u can be so careless dhani, now why are u silent tell me why u were not receiving the call ?
Dhani: thanks for giving me the chance to speak.. I am sorry actually my cell phone was at silent mode so don’t know when ur call came
Viplav: (sighs) dhani please don’t do that again.. u can’t imagine my condition right now..
Dhani: don’t worry I am fine.. now tell me why were u calling me ?
Viplav: woh actually I want to ask whether u are fine and I also want to give u a good news
Dhani: which good news ?
Viplav: I have told mom that ur brother has agreed, she was too happy now she will come tomorrow to fix our alliance..
Dhani: yeah that’s a wonderful news..
Viplav: but I will not come as I have to submit admission forms so I will be there
Dhani: yeah I can understand it’s Ok .. even I want to continue my studies but..
Viplav: (interrupts her) array that’s wonderful I will submit a form for u too..
Dhani: how can u submit my form too I mean they will not accept my form from u
Viplav: don’t worry about that actually naa it’s headmaster is my dad’s best friend so I will talk with him and he will accept it for sure..

Dhani: and what about fees and all ?
Viplav: dhani u are master in taking tensions.. I am here naa, I will do everything
Dhani: thanks viplav for always being at my side..
Viplav: what did u say ? Thanks, now I will not talk with u.. go
Dhani: (smiles) can u live without talking with me ?
Viplav: (smiles) yeah that is the problem naa.. I can’t live without u because u are so special for me
Dhani: I know that.. viplav I want to ask u something.. umm! Don’t u think my family has agreed so easily.. I think they are up to something, till tomorrow bhai wants me to marry that veer and today he accepted u.. I am feeling as if something is wrong
Viplav: u are thinking too much re.. don’t worry ur bhai is a good man actually ur bhabi used to instigate him that’s why he was acting like that now he has realized his mistakes, I know u can’t believe them because they have hurt u alot but now everything will be fine
Dhani: yeah hope so.. don’t know what destiny has decided for us
Viplav: sure it will be in our favour.. now forget about everything and just think about present and future.. I am so excited for that
Dhani: hmm.. me too, acha I am going to sleep u also take some rest
Viplav: yeah good night, take care and have dreams filled with love and romance
Dhani: no, that is ur work.. pagal! Bye
Then she disconnects the call and lay down on the bed whereas viplav also laughs and jumps on his bed.. both were lost in each other thoughts and after awhile they both slept
It’s morning
Dhani wake up, get ready and went to kitchen where her bhabi was standing
Dhani: good morning bhabi.. are u making something special today
Bhabi: (irritatingly) special for what ?
Dhani: because maa is coming naa so we should make something special
Bhabi: maa, from when she becomes ur maa.. ur alliance is not fixed yet so don’t see dreams
Dhani: (angrily) it is fixed bhabi.. u guys are just doing formality
Bhabi: what did u say, how dare u.. that viplav has taught u to misbehave with elders..
Dhani: don’t involve viplav in it..
Bhabi: why ? Who are u to stop me.. dhani I am telling u politely that don’t give answers and behave urself.. anyways I will serve her anything it’s my responsibility.. so u stay out of it..
Saying so she goes from there.. dhani also left from there with broken heart, after sometime door bell rings her bhabi opened the door
Bhabi: u ?
Kanak: I am viplav’s mother..
Bhabi: oh so u are his mother.. come inside

They enter the drawing room.. her bhabi asked her to have a seat and called sahil..
Bhabi: it looks like that u belong to a rich family but u have given very poor teachings to ur son
Kanak: what ? I didn’t understand..
Bhabi: u will understand soon
Saying so she goes to kitchen and brings cold tea and some biscuits which were stale.. she serves it in front of kanak and sits on a sofa.. just then sahil came and sits beside her
Bhabi: have it, feel comfortable
Kanak smiles, holds the cup of tea but realized that it’s cold then she glanced at stale biscuits but remained silent and ignored it..
Kanak: so I am here to ask for dhani’s hand.. I want her to become our daughter in law
Sahil: why should we fix her alliance with ur spoiled son.. any solid reason
Kanak: what did u say, spoiled.. may I know what he has done
Sahil: he had forcefully made us agreed, what else u want ?
Kanak: he loves dhani, and veer is not a good guy for dhani, viplav has told me everything about veer
Bhabi: see, we know better than u, he is my brother how dare u say something like this about him woh be sitting at my home
Sahil: calm down! Ok we will come directly at point, we want something as u know no lunch is free in this world
Kanak: I didn’t get ur point, what are u trying to say
Sahil: yeah I will explain it to u.. we will fix this alliance only if u will agree to give us some money as we were making her to marry veer for money which I want for starting business so if u will agree to this condition than dhani will be urs
Dhani: (enters to that room with teary eyes) bhai how can u stoop so low, u are really a worse brother..
All stand up from their places
Bhabi: behave urself dhani and go to ur room
Dhani: (shouts) no I will not, (turns to kanak) maa u will not agree to their condition.. I am telling u.. they have lost their minds, they have become blind in greed
Sahil: (comes to dhani and slapped her) shut up! Otherwise I will not regret to do this again
Kanak: (holds dhani) how dare u, how can u raise hand on ur sister
Sahil: stop acting, tell me clear cut.. u are agreeing to what we said..
Dhani: maa just give them answer in no.. ap ko meri kasam
Kanak has no option left and she replied with no with teary eyes.. her bhabi came in front, drags dhani from kanak’s hand and pulled her hair
Kanak: leave her what are u doing

Sahil: leave right now, if u want dhani’s betterment otherwise ur resistance will become punishment for dhani
Kanak: Ok I am leaving but don’t harm dhani
Sahil: (shouts) leave
Then kanak took a leave when sahil slapped dhani for interfering in his matters, her face was having marks because he slapped her so hard naa and that’s why blood was coming from her mouth..
Bhabi: u are getting married tomorrow with my brother and that’s final
After that they leave from there whereas dhani was crying vigorously..
Scene shifts to AN, where kanak and viplav were sitting in hall.. kanak told everything to viplav while he was fuming in anger
Viplav: dhani was right she was continuously saying me that her bhai is planning something but I didn’t believe her but now enough I am going to her house
Kanak: no viplav, don’t go there otherwise they will mistreat her more.. u know when I was asking them to stop they were giving more pain to her and now if u will go there they can harm her in aggression
Viplav: so mom what should I do, shall I remain silent and ask dhani to marry that cheap man
Kanak: (thinks awhile) viplav ask dhani to leave her home
Viplav: what ? Mom are u serious, she will not do this
Kanak: she has to otherwise they will make her marry forcefully and we can’t do anything as it’s her family decision and then till she is there we can’t take any action against them plus she is not save there u know they are ruining dhani’s life just for money..
Viplav closes his eyes for awhile and then walks towards his room, he was thinking kanak’s words after sometime he dialed dhani’s number whereas she was in her room sitting on floor helplessly and was crying bitterly when her mobile rings she wipes her tears, takes a deep breath and picked up the call
Dhani: (with less energy) hello! Viplav
Viplav: (recognized her state) dhani, are u Ok ?
Dhani: (sobbingly) yeah I am fine.. what about maa is she fine, I know she must be feeling bad as my family treated her so badly
Viplav: dhani she is fine, tell me ur brother has raised hand on u ?
Dhani: (cryingly) viplav he slapped me.. they are animals
Viplav: (with teary eyes) dhani don’t cry please, is it paining
Dhani: (wiping her tears) no! I am Ok
Viplav: dhani at least don’t hide ur pain from me please apply something it will lessen ur pain..
Dhani: viplav they treated so harshly with me (touched her cheeks)
Viplav: I would have come but if they will get to know then they will give u more pain.. I am feeling very helpless

Then both remained silent for awhile but there silence was conveying messages to each other
Dhani: (breaks the silence) viplav I am getting married tomorrow.. my family has decided it without my permission
Viplav: (shockingly) what ? Dhani u don’t worry nothing like this will happen, have faith on God
Dhani: I am not in the position of faith.. I have told u that my bhai is up to something
Viplav: dhani I can’t even think that someone can stoop so low
Dhani: my family is like that.. viplav I don’t want to marry that veer.. he will ruin my life
Viplav: (takes a deep breath) dhani leave ur home…
Dhani: what ? Are u mad ?
Viplav: this is the only solution we had
Dhani: but running away is not a right way, what we will say to ur parents.. what answer we will give to society
Viplav: dhani its mom’s idea she has suggested me and then we are not running away, we are not eloping.. u will stay at my home, our home as till u are at their house we can’t do anything and we have no time, my parents are with us we are not alone..
Dhani: I don’t know.. it’s a very big step but all ways are blocked and no option is left so…
Viplav: we have to do this, come at Pearl restaurant at around 6’o clock
Dhani: yeah Ok but what should I take along with me, I am telling u before I don’t have jewellery or money..
Viplav: are u mad dhani, how can u think like this..
Dhani: sorry, these words blurts out from my mouth by mistake I don’t want to hurt u.. I am really sorry
Viplav: it’s Ok .. I can understand, but don’t worry everything will be fine now..
Dhani: nothing is fine till now, everything is going wrong
Viplav: dhani think positive why u always thinks negative..
Dhani: because my life is filled with negative things
Viplav: no u are wrong, I am with u that is a positive thing my family is with u that is a positive thing and there must be many things which are positive.. just start noticing them acha leave all this u know tomorrow is a special day
Dhani: special day ?
Viplav: yup tomorrow is 14th Feb that means tomorrow is Valentine’s day
Dhani: oh yes! I forgot..
Viplav: it’s ok! We will celebrate tomorrow
Dhani: I hope tomorrow everything goes fine and according to our wish
Viplav: yeah it will.. now sleep well and just throw all worries and sorrows because I promise nothing wrong will happen with u till I am alive
Dhani: (with teary eyes and smile filled with pain) I know.. Good night!
Viplav: hmm! Good night, take care and I love u
Dhani: (smiles) me too
Both disconnects the call and lay down on bed.. whole night passed but both didn’t sleep as they were lost in many thoughts

It’s morning
Dhani gets up, freshen up and went to kitchen for breakfast.. she took something to eat and goes back to her room without paying attention to anyone.. after awhile her mobile rings, she checked it and saw viplav’s text message “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY”
She smiles and text him back “HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO U TOO”
Again a message came from viplav’s side “THANK U MY PRINCESS, WHAT ARE U DOING”
He messaged “YUP! I WILL, DON’T WORRY”
Then finally the time came, it was evening her bhabi entered her room
Bhabi: (keeps a bridal dress on the bed) change ur clothes and get ready fast.. we don’t want any drama because our bright future is attached with ur wedding
Saying so she left her room..
It was 6’o clock
dhani locked the door, get herself ready and jumped out from the window as her room was on ground floor so she didn’t find difficulty then she takes an auto and reached pearl restaurant
It’s 14 Feb,
Dhani is now seen in restaurant waiting for viplav..
Her POV: time passes so fastly.. so much things have happened many things are changed.. now I just pray to God that everything goes well
She was lost in all these thoughts when someone from behind keeps his hands on her eyes and said surprise! Guess who is this man..
Dhani: umm! It’s too difficult to guess.. I think it’s viplav
Viplav: (comes from behind and stands in front of dhani with a cute smile) u guessed right yaar, how do u know it’s me ?
Dhani: I can feel ur touch but where were u.. I was waiting since long I thought u won’t come
Viplav: hey dhani, how can u think like this I was just stuck in traffic.. just remember it always ek baar jo main na commitment kar le tw mai apne ap ke bhe nahe sunta, mind it!
Dhani laughs but she was not facing viplav she was continuously changing her face direction to hide her marks, viplav noticed it and slightly lifts her chin and realized that she was trying to hide her face
Viplav: (with teary eyes) what have they done ? I thought…
Dhani: (tear drop from her eye) it’s nothing.. obviously it will take some time to vanish (smiles)
Viplav: they have stoop so low but now its enough (grabs her hand and takes her towards car)
Dhani: where are u taking me ? Tell me first
Viplav: we are going to ur home
Dhani: why ? Now what left ?
Viplav: I want to confront them and then I have decided already that we will inform them that u are with me but I don’t want to tell them now but now after seeing ur condition I will not leave them..
Dhani: viplav please I don’t want any fight.. now I only want peace please just leave it
Viplav: dhani I will not fight I swear but I want to ask them that how a brother can do such inhuman thing with his own sister.. please dhani don’t stop me, it’s last time we are going there after that we will not take their name
Dhani nods, both sits inside car and heads to dhani’s home.. they reached there, both gets down from the car and walks to the main gate which was already opened.. they entered inside the room where sahil and his wife were cursing dhani.. viplav holds dhani’s hand and gave an assure smile
Viplav: I didn’t think that someone can be this much cruel
Sahil: so u are with him, how dare u
He was walking towards dhani with aggression but viplav comes in front of her and blocked his way..
Viplav: don’t u dare Mr. Sahil, today I am with her don’t even try to touch dhani yesterday she was alone that’s why u have hurt her alot
Sahil: see, I am not afraid of u..
Viplav: afraid of me, even u are not afraid of God (turned towards bhabi) u are also a woman naa how can u give pain to another girl.. u should stop ur husband for doing wrong but u are also helping him u are also a sister naa how u will feel if ur brother will do same thing with u
Bhabi: don’t involve me in all this and don’t compare me with this inauspicious girl
Viplav: oh just shut up! U guys are inauspicious and don’t worry even I can’t compare dhani with u as u are a greedy and heartless woman.. u have taken advantage of her goodness
Sahil: viplav we will agree to this proposal if u will agree to pay us some money..
Bhabi: and if u love dhani so much than what is bothering u give us 8 lac and dhani will be urs.. veer is much better than u because he is ready to give us this amount
Dhani: even if viplav will agree than also I will not let him do this..
Viplav: wait dhani, what did u say that I shall pay u money and than dhani will be mine, Mr. Sahil u are not selling her and I am not buying her (looks at dhani with a smile and teary eyes) she is my love not a toy for whom u will set price.. by the way I am not here to to ask u permission or something I am here to inform u that she will stay at my home from now on, she is my responsibility now so u guys just stay away from us
Sahil: yeah Ok take her with u but what about those expenses we have made on her.. return us that amount
Viplav: (irritating look) u are really a black spot on brother’s name, how can u ask this…
Sahil: (interrupts him and shouts) stop it, I am not his real brother she is my step sister.. we have no relation
Viplav and dhani gets shocked
Screen freezes

Precap: Viplav takes shattered dhani to his home where she falls unconscious later viplav brings a cake in her room to cheer up dhani and celebrate Valentine’s day simply..

Hope u loved this episode though it was too sad but kindly bear it as it was the main part..
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  1. Aiswarya

    Maha di i have read the episode ??I will comment after coming from school ??

  2. Sujie

    I am saying again…. never let the evils win….
    Kanak is sooo cool…. I must say….
    Good job Maha…keep rocking 🙂 🙂

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Sujie don’t worry evils can never win? Thanks alot keep reading

  3. Areeb

    Behtreen Maha! ? loved the ladt scene – Viplav confronting Bhai n Bhabi. Very well presented. ?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Shukriya Areeb? Glad u loved those scenes.. keep supporting

  4. Aiswarya

    Atlast the FB ended ??
    Di I must say I have not this kind of FB ?
    Sahil is sooooooooo cruel he slapped dhani??
    Viplav is sooooooo caring ?? dhani is so lucky to get a lover like him???
    Sahil is dhani step brother ??
    Di don’t let him hurt dhani anymore
    Kanak is soooooooo cool
    Wished I could have a brother like viplav or sis like dhani

    Di how is ur cousin now? ?
    Is he alright

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks alot sweetie! It means u loved the whole flashback.. yaay! Yeah sahil is like that, dhani is indeed lucky and viplav tw hai he lovely plus adorable?? yup he is step brother because a real brother can never do this type of cheap things with his sister..
      Don’t u have siblings ?
      He is much much better now.. Shukar hai Allah ka! Thanks for ur concern?

    2. Aiswarya

      I have no siblings ???

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Aww! It’s Ok as u have found ur siblings on this platform now u have di younger sis only brother is left naa no worries my brother is ur brother too.. Ok! Now happy ?

    4. Aiswarya

      yes diiiiii im soooo happy can i know my brother’s name

    5. Maha_Aijaz

      Aww! u are so sweet re ur brother name is Aliyan 🙂 any further information u want ? 😀 feel free to ask <3

    6. Aiswarya

      Awwww he has soooo cute name ???di what all things he like to do? ?

    7. Maha_Aijaz

      Umm! He likes to eat my brain LOL! he likes to do computer mobile all the time.. He is always ready to download a new game and uss k baad kaan kharab karta hai game ka volume high kar k 😛 Pranks karwa lo jitne marzi in short he is too naughty but he used to get scare from me itna nahe thora bohat because in whole house mostly I get irritate from his stupid acts u can say I am maahir in loosing temper LOL! Anything else u want to ask ? I am feeling like I am talking to my cousin right now :-*

    8. Aiswarya

      Di ask him to play clash of clans it is very nice game ??

    9. Maha_Aijaz

      Ok g I will convey ur message to him but tumhen mare help karne chahye us ke yeh habit khatam karne mai and u are telling him one more game.. waah! U are a very sweet sister??

  5. Shruthy

    WHAAAT? They are sautelis? Pottanda bit’u..
    That was not expected. Well… a bit tho as he was really ill-treaging her. But still I have seen stepsiblingsbeingkind to, which is rare tho.
    Will there be any flashback story for that also? I mean I am quite excited to know that actually :p
    Otherwise, Viplav’s lovefor Dhaani is seriously HATS OFF! I mean just like in the show, you are nicely showing the way he gets angry whenever something against Dhaani happens, and I am loving it.
    Keep it up pyaari si pari! Cant wait to read the next one 🙂

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Yeah they are.. it has to be as real brother can’t mistreat his sister yup there must be good people who are kind to their step siblings but this case is rare.. No! No, flashback for that actually I am thinking to finish it soon.. thats why..
      Thanks alot for ur support! Will try to post the next one by the end of next week

  6. Meghs

    Hi maha so sry for late comment as u know studies n all i pissed off… tu site is relaxation from all stress… i liked ur ff going way

    Its awesome good going… never mind how bro behave so step bro naa still he is so cheap he deserves slap from dhani and being grl how can bhabi mistreated dhani

    Twist never expected

    Love u? post nxt asap

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks Megha I know that so don’t feel sorry! Glad u are liking it..
      Love u too yeah its just on the way because I am working on it 😀

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