Gauri : Omkara ji do you really think Maanav will come to meet Archu at cemetry ?

Omkara : Yeah Even I thought this. It seems so strange . She is his lover and how can a lover make a love tale at the cemtery ?

Gauri : Love is not at all a fairy tale, Omkaraji. But some times this tale takes so much turns that we exactly starts feeling it’s an unending tale. Like

Omkara : Like you and me , isn’t it ?

Rikara look each other’s eyes. Gauri : I always believed you as the savior of my dignity, life and heart right from that day when you filled sindoor at my forehead.

Omkara : But that was like , I mean I should not have done that to you.

Gauri : In anger, disguise or circumstances which paved the way for it , but certainly I felt it has definitely a value in my life. That’s why I came here Omkaraji.

Omkara holds Gauri’s hands. Omkara : Love you my brave Chirayya.

Gauri : Love you too Mr. Super hero

They looks each other and smiles. Jo naa keha sake tum instrumenal beat plays.

Omkara : By the way Gauri our task is yet to be finished . It’s almost 10. 00 pm and I think we should accompany Archie.

Gauri : Yeah.

Rikara arrives Archu’s appartment and finds she had already left the place.

They reaches the cemetry behind the church and finds broken slippers, bangles, piece of cloth and some blood stains.

Gauri : Omkaraji We missed . May be she is kidnapped.

Omkara : What ? Mean while Om’s phone rings and it was a call from Khanna. Om puts the call in speaker.

Khanna : Sir, I am following the car at which Archana Mam has been kidnapped . They were a gang and I wasn’t able to defeat them alone. So I couldn’t save Archana mam.

Omkara : Khanna exactly tell me what happened here.

Khanna : Sir just two hours back Archana Mam arrived here at her car . Every thing was entirely dark and I was hiding behind a tree with a torch . I find a man’s face from distance and it was Maanav sir. I felt the information we got from the letter at Mam’s apartment was right. Both of them rushed towards each other. But suddenly I find some one beating at Maanav’s head from behind. Maanav fell down immediately and all of a sudden a gang surrounded Mam . They were hidden in various corners and as it was night time I wasn’t able to find them earlier. I tried my best to save but before that they took her away . My left leg is paining sir as a bullet is been strucked at my knee.

Omkara : Khanna they shoot you ?

Gauri : Khanna Ji please take care. We are on the way. And if it’s so much bleeding then please meet the doctor. I will call our family doctor.

Khanna : No , It’s okay. I have been on mission so many years. This is not a new thing.

Omkara : Khanna you needs rest now. You tried your best.

Khanna : Sir, It’s not like that. I am committed to the work and I can’t skip it in middle. Sir I have noted down the car no and has send it to the city police commissoner.

Omkara : That’s good. I will inform Ranveer also.

Omkara calls Ranveer and Priyanka picks the call.

Omkara : Prinku please it’s really very necessary to infrom Ranveer about the case of Maanav.

Priyanaka : Bhaiya don’t worry. Shivaay bhaiya and Ranveer has already left from here .

Gauri : Shivaay Bhaiya ?

Priyanka : Haan bhabhi. Khanna ji has informed Shivaay bhaiya too.

Omkara : That means all are on the mission. And now whoever has done the entire crime, he can’t be hidden from oberoi’s eyes.

Gauri ; Exactly. Now it’s our turn to find the culprit. Let’s go..


Ranveer : So you both find these blood stains and things .

Omkara : Yeah ranveer. I don’t know what exactly he wants.

Shivaay : Did you notice one thing ?

Gauri : What bhaiya ?

Shivaay : Khanna said it was a gang of four or five people who came in car. Archana also came here by driving her own car. And Maanav ?

Ranveer : I can see the prints of two wheeler.

Gauri : But we can’t assure it was Maanav only, right ? The gang might have forced Maanav to arrive here.

Ranveer : May be. But one thing is sure an extra person apart from gang, Maanav, Archana, Khanna was present at the time when the incident was happening.

And we had to find him soon. He is the link of this case.


Archana has been locked in a store room and she finds Maanav lying on the floor . His whole body has been wounded . Archana moves close to him and touches his hand.

Archana : Maanav, what happened ? Wake up Maanav, open your eyes.

“He will not open eyes with an ease, Baby ”

Archana turned back and with much shock she realized it was none other than her brother Vinod.

Archana : Bhaiya, Aap ?

Vinod : What to do ? You are not coming to meet this poor brother that’s why I had to took this drastic step. How’s it ? Shocking naa ?

Archana grabs his neck . Archana : For our personal matters why you are doing with this Maanav ?

Vinod : Because he loves you and I just thought to make you both as one.

Archana : What do you mean ?

Vinod : You have to obey me and agree my demands like a puppet.

Archana : And if i refused then what will you do ?

Vinod : See your dearest lover Maanav, So sad, He is slowly becoming the victim of drugs.

Archana : What ?

Vinod : You felt this as shocking ? What will happen if you meet the master brain behind the entire scene ? Just like Maanav if you also put quarells with my boss then beware of drugs , Okay my sweet sister ? He makes a cruel laugher and leaves. Archana breaks down in tears.


  1. Jasminerahul

    Gauri’s dialogues to om were nice.Shocking that manav had come but her own brother vinod kidnapped them.whats his real intention?just now he drugged manav or earlier itself manav was a drug addict?eager to see the mastermind.

    1. Revu

      Thanks a lot . Please wait. Will be updating soon.

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