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recap: intro of sanchi and kabir and some memory flashes for kabir ,kabir and sanchi agreed for their marriage



its 7:00 a.m

kabir is busy in his workout

kusum entered the room

kusum: kabir beta get ready soon

kabir: but mom its just 7:00 a.m

kusum: ok ok i know that i just came to check that you are awake or not

kabir: ma don’t worry we will be at time

kusum: ok beta be ready at 9:00 am i will go and check anwar

kabir- ok ma( i have to accept this relation for mom’s happiness whoever be the girl i will take care her and i should share my past and everything to her and to clearly tell her i cannot bear anymore betrayal if she accept this then this marriage will happen) some memory flashes

@ village

jaya entered sanchi’s room

jaya – this girl na everyday she will woke up dailybut today it is important day but she is still sleeping

just then apurva entered her room

apurva- jaya ma

jaya- come  beta see she is still sleeping

apurva- what i can’t believe it she used to wake up early

(apurva lifted the blanket)

there were only empty pillows

jaya- o bagavan where this girl went if her father asks me what i will say

apurva- don’t worry aunty i know were she will be i will bring her in time

on the other hand kesavan burned in anger hearing about sanchi

kesavan to his goons do whatever the groom should not enter this village i want be the next panchayat president

goons – yes sir


all members in kapoor mansion were ready

kabir – i will drive today

kusum- no you can’t because you are the groom what they think

anwar- ok mom then i can drive on behalf of sir

kusum – if you are calling me mom then who is he fr you ( kusum and kabir gave deathly glares for anwar)

anwar become emotional(two years ago his parents died in an accident till know the culprit is not known so he is staying with kapoors and taking care of them in kabirs absence)

kusum- don’t be senti we are there na forget past

anwar- ok mom then who will drive the car

anwar turned and saw kailash coming

anwar and kabir both at a same time paa

kailsah – what no no i can’t i have back pain

kabir- then why mom you insisting him to drive

anwar- actually bhai day before yesterday papa told nowadays mom is becoming older and she heard it

kusum glared him

kabir- thats the reason both laughed and thought anwar kept his family live in his absence

kailash-kk lets go

at driving

kusum- kabir you don’t even want to know her name, her studies

kabir- anyway you are not going to stop telling me about her this is what you want to hear from me right tell me about her ma

kusum- ok if you are not interested then leave it you will see by yourself

@ village

apurva came to temple and searched sanchi and she was right she was in the temple

apurva -sanchiiii

sanchi turned to her and hugged her in fear

apurva- i know you will be here i think you again got a dream and started to fear about it

sanchi- you know na my dreams always come true you remember na last time i got a dream that a sanke bite someone na you remember after that day a snake really bites ranjana di na infront of my eyes

apurva- o sanchi being a law graduate why are you thinking unnecessarily nothing will happen ok what is today’s dream

sanchi- you should not laugh ok

apurva- deal say i can’t wait and also your papa is calling you

sanchi – i got a dream that a girl is falling inside the well

apurva- sanchi you are thinking way to much think positively

let’s go home

sanchi and apurva came home in the back entrance like thiefs but sunil saw them

sunil- sanchiii

sanchi-papa wo …….

sunil-get ready soon beta groom is on the way

sanchi and appurva quickly ran to the dressing room


kailash- oh god finally we reached lets go iniside

the bride’s parents welcomed with a gentle smile

they entered the room

kabir and his family are greeted well

its time to call the bride kailash murmerd

bride’s father raj what are you two disscussing any thing serious

kusum- no nothing i am just eagerly waiting for bride to showup

raj- rathna bring karishma here

karishma comes from her room

she is dressed with beautiful leghanga and lite make up with matching jewels she looks amazing in her costume she came with a smile in her face


goons are waiting at the border line of village and a car arrives there

precap: a new entry

pls ignore grammatical errors

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