Time Changes Everything (Ragsan) – Chapter 1

Time Changes Everything

Ragini Pov

Few months before, i came to beach with her smiling and laughing. This is the best place for us to talk about our lives and to

share our little secrets. Building sand castles, playing with water, running here and there, teasing each other. Now these all turned into best memories of my life. That night changed our lives completely especially his. Now he’s no more the strong man i once knew. He lost her and their baby. Why God? Why? What wrong we did to deserve all this? Is she too good for her age? So you took her away from us. My cell ring tone brought me back to reality.

Ragini : Hello mama?

Mama : He said yes honey. I want you to come back home as soon as possible. We all are waiting for you. Honey are you listening to me?

Ragini : Yes mama.

Mama : Ok bye.

Ragini : Bye.

After few mins, i am standing infront of my house. My mind telling me to go inside and my heart isn’t ready to accept these new changes in my life. Finally i gathered some courage, took a deep breath and went inside.


I am going to continue this story. After completion of this story, i will start new one. Hope you all like the first chapter. Keep patience. You all will understand the story in upcoming chapters and i love to hear all your thoughts. Love you all❤❤❤

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