How to Truly Love a Woman

How to love a woman – Women are more demanding, but if you really get to know them you will see that the basics of love are simple when it comes to pure love.

If you haven’t figured out how to really love a woman, the tips below might help!


1. Agree with its social roles

Women are complex, they are eternal children, they are charming, they have social roles. Conflicts in a couple arise because the man always waits for the woman to wash, to iron, to eat and, above all, to work at home. If you understand that she also has social roles, you will also love her differently. The woman of today is no longer in the pan, she is in direct competition with any man who holds a leading position.


2. Offer a solution

We are talking about situations in which the woman does not know what to decide, she expects you, as a man, to have more options from which to choose the best one. Let’s look at two examples of dialogues, in a couple.


Unpleasant dialogue:

– Honey, let’s go somewhere for dinner, but I don’t know where. (She says, waiting for a proposal)

-We order something to eat and stay home if you are not determined.

Pleasant dialogue:

– Honey, let’s go somewhere for dinner, but I don’t know where.

– Come on, I just saw a new restaurant with an extraordinary cuisine, of Chinese origin.


3. Repair things around the house

For a woman it is magical how the partner manages to beat nails without hitting or fixing the coffee maker to drink his magic liquor again. Any woman who sees that you have “engineer” skills will fall in love with you irretrievably.


4. Displays proactive sensitivity

Proactive sensitivity involves acting in an anticipatory manner. I mean, you need to know the woman next to you very well and know what she wants and when she wants. I know it’s difficult at first, but you just have to study it in her daily routine. Maybe he likes to get flowers for no reason or maybe he loves to cook his coffee in the morning and leave it alone for half an hour. All this will make her fall in love with you.


5. See what you don’t like to do

Women do not like to see that the men next door still have a mentality of children. The vast majority of women prefer men in the true sense of the word, not to hide behind their mother’s skirt or their wives’. Have an open discussion with your partner and find out what they like or not, really!

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