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Hello guys!!!
I hadn’t watched Krishnadasi when it was on-air but somehow came across this series & all I can say is, it’s an amazing story with powerful characters & the cast did absolute justice to their respective roles.
Recently, I had started watching the series from the beginning again & I was wondering what could have happened if Aryan like always had taken a stand for what’s right & punish the guilty in the Shravani Track?
So, I decided to give the story an alternate ending.
My story starts from Episode 162 – when Aradhya stops Aryan from going towards his window as it is inauspicious.

Till Death Do Us Part
Aryan was sitting upset on his bed. He couldn’t understand what he should do. He was angry with Aradhya, with his Aaji & most importantly with himself. When he threw Aradhya out of his life, she didn’t budge. She kept on proving herself until he could see the truth. But what was wrong with him??? Why couldn’t he make Aradhya believe in himself? Was it her lack of trust in him or his lack of trying? Or the whole situation when he had no one beside him?
Aryan walked towards the window. How did it matter if it was inauspicious or not? Without Aradhya, his whole existence seemed meaningless. Flashes of memories were haunting him – when Tulsi in her deathbed gave Aradhya’s hand in his hand, when she advised him to trust Aradhya’s love even when she sounded bitter. Suddenly Aryan straightened himself up. “She still loves me. I have seen it in her eyes. I can’t just sit here & expect everything to be alright. I have to take matters in my hands now.” He wiped off his tears & dialed some numbers.

Aradhya was crying standing near her window. She was dying inside but had no one with whom she could share her pain. She was missing Tulsi. She could understand how her decision was suffocating people around her. She knew how her family members were worried for her as she was sacrificing her happiness for Shravani. She knew Aaba was angry with her for being an emotional fool. And how could she forget Aryan? The one she loved with all her heart. Reminiscing his crying face was killing her every moment. But what could she do?
She was tangled up in this messy situation. A part of her still believed Aryan. She knew he could never misbehave with any woman let alone take advantage of her using a custom. It was evident that he was dazed at that moment. If Kumudini could drug her & make her file a case against him to get them married, there was possibility of her orchestrating this whole thing. But even if it was, how could she deny Shravani being pregnant? How could she hold Aryan’s hand when another woman would be suffering? How could she make a child fatherless when she herself grew up longing for her father?
She was fighting with her own instincts. Suddenly her phone beeped. “Meet me at Gulab Bag tomorrow at 12pm – Aaba” “Why is Aaba messaging me? Anyway, how does it matter?” She kept her phone aside & sighed.

“Thank you so much Aaba for coming.” Aryan expressed his gratitude. Pradyumna said nothing. “Is Aradhya coming?” Aryan asked. “I called her as you requested because I want her to be happy. Even if it means I have to shake hands with a filth like you. But I need to know the truth. That’s why I have come earlier. What do you want to say?”
Aryan took a deep breath. He knew it wasn’t gonna be easy. He had broken everyone’s trust. But still Aaba coming after receiving his call was a big deal. “I know you are angry with me. But today I am pleading before you. Look at me once please. I am the same boy whom you nurtured. I could never stoop so low to take advantage of another woman. I am being framed here. But more than me, Aradhya is hurting. If not for me, for her sake, believe me for once & let me prove my innocence. I know my Aaba can’t stay angry with me for so long.” Aryan looked at Pradyumna with great expectation.
Pradyumna had tears in his eyes. How could he deny Aryan? No matter how much he hides, the boy still has & will always have a place in his heart. There was truth in his eyes. He decided to overlook his pride & join his hands with Aryan. “Ok, I am giving you one last chance. But just for Aaru.” “That’s all I need Aaba.” Aryan replied with a smile. “So, what do you want to do?” “I’ll tell you everything. But let Aradhya come first. I don’t want to hide anything from her this time.”

Aradhya was wondering what could it be that Aaba called her at Gulab Bag! When she saw both Aryan & Pradyumna standing there, she became enraged. “Really Aaba? I know you don’t like Shravani. But joining hands with this guy for that reason? I am ashamed.” Aradhya was about to storm off when Aryan held her hand. “Hit me, punch me, do whatever you want to do. But listen to me once. If not for me, then for your Tulsi Aayi’s sake.” Aradhya stopped & glared at Aryan. “Well, that’s progress. Don’t press your luck Aryan. Get to the point.” Aryan thought.
“Speak.” Aryan looked at both Pradyumna & Aradhya. “I know I am not in a position to defend myself. But think calmly for a second. Aradhya, do you remember how I was drugged twice before also? When you alleged Shravani yourself?” “Later we got proof that she was innocent.” “Yes, but it’s not completely impossible that the woman wasn’t involved with Shravani. You know set ups happen. When you tried to unmask Jayraj, didn’t the lawyer flip at the last moment? For argument’s sake, even if Shravani hadn’t drug my food, certainly there was someone who had done it. You know mu Aaji & to which extent she can go to extract her revenge.” Aradhya stood silent. Everything Aryan had just said made sense. But her love for her sister was making her oblivious towards the truth. “Even if it is Aryan, something happened & she got pregnant. Can you really be so selfish to abandon her now?” Aradhya was in tears. “No, I can’t. But I also know I didn’t do anything that day & she is certainly not pregnant with my child. If I can prove it to you, will you give our relation another chance?” Aradhya stood in confusion. She was at war with her emotions. While she didn’t want to lose Aryan, she also couldn’t, in fact, didn’t want her sister to be guilty. Pradyumna could understand her dilemma & stepped forward. “I agree with Aryan Aaru. We never knew what had happened that day. Not everything can be a coincidence. Aryan being drugged exactly on that moment & Shravani’s pregnancy news just when you came back. I know you love her. But if she really is the culprit here, you understand that she is only playing victim to use your sympathy against you. You can’t let her do that.”
Aradhya still didn’t answer. Both Aryan & Pradyumna started getting worried when she spoke up, “I am with you guys. Let’s do it.” Aryan heaved a sigh of relief. “Alright then, Aaba, you use your contacts to dig up information about Shravani. Aradhya & I will take her to a hospital to do the paternity test.” “I want it to be in Pune, in my friend’s father’s hospital. I can’t risk you manipulating the results.” Aryan was hurt at her statement. But he controlled himself. “Ok. Wherever you want.” Aradhya felt bad to hurt Aryan. But she had no choice. She could not let herself fall weak again until the truth was exposed.

Aryan returned home & joined the veneration. Kumudini was surprised. “He is looking way too happy. This isn’t good. Has he patched up with that witch Aradhya?” Aryan came to take her blessing & smirked. “What happened Aaji? Looks like you are not happy to see me smiling?” Kumudini said nothing & blessed him. Now she was sure there was something wrong with him. “I want to take my future bride with me to Pune for shopping. After all, she is getting married to Aryan Tulsi.” Shravani became shocked. Even she could realize there was something wrong with him. She was about to make some excuse but Aryan grabbed her wrist & literally dragged her to his car. Before either of Kumudini & Shravani could do anything, he started his car & drove off.
“Aryan please slow down. We can’t leave like this. Gayu Tai had just come to invite us. Shouldn’t we go there first?” “We definitely would. But I want to buy presents for everyone. And one more thing Shravani, you should know as my future wife, I don’t like to talk when I am driving.” Aryan threw a stern look to Shravani when Banwari from back seat, brought a handkerchief soaked with medicine & made her unconscious. “Now that’s more like it.” Aryan smirked. He dropped Banwari & picked Aradya up from her house.
“What happened to her?” Aradya was surprised. “Nothing. Made her unconscious so that she can’t do anything.” “So, you are hell bent on proving my sister wrong?” “No. I am hell bent on proving my innocence to the love of my life who has already declared me guilty.” Aradhya said nothing & turned her gaze towards the road. The same Pune Highway where she had collided Aryan for the first time. Everything was the same but the two people crossing the road have changed. After reaching Pune, she gave Aryan the address to her friend’s father’s clinic. Aryan just nodded his head & drove. Silence prevailed while both of them were fighting with their emotions.

“So how long would it take uncle? Is it safe?” Aradhya was worried. “It wouldn’t take much time Aradhya. It’s just an ampule of blood.” Mr. Dixit, the doctor took Shravani inside his room but came out almost immediately. “Is this some kind of joke Aradhya?” “Why uncle? Why would you say that?” Aradhya became concerned. “The girl isn’t pregnant. Why have you brought her for a paternity test?” Aradhya stood shocked while Aryan felt relieved. Finally the stain on his character got cleared. But still it wasn’t enough. “Doctor I am really sorry for the confusion. I’ll explain it to you later. I just needed another favor.” “What?” “I have heard that Police use truth serum or something like that in cells to make criminals confess their crime. Is it possible to use similar medicine or something so that a person can’t lie?” Dr. Dixit looked at AaRa with confusion. He was cursing himself to agree to Aradhya’s request. If he uses such medicine & the news gets leaked, he might even loose his license. “Look Aradhya! Since I know you, I agreed to help you. But this is too much. I can’t help you with this.” “We understand uncle.” Aryan intervened. “But I can assure you that we are really helpless to ask you to pull up something like this. Let me tell you the whole story.” Aryan explained his situation to the doctor & with much difficulty & assurance, finally Dr. Dixit agreed to his request.
“So, how does this work?” Aryan asked. “Well, she was already unconscious. So I gave her a minimum amount of amobarbital & woke her up. Whatever you want to ask, ask quickly.” “Thank you doctor.” Aryan rushed to Shravani’s bed & set his mobile up to record her confession. “Shravani! Look at me. Can you recognize me?” He asked. “Of course I can recognize you, my hero!” Shravani giggled. “You are the grandson of that oldie who thinks herself as Lady Don.” “Did anything happen between us on the day of Shradh?” “Nope. I made you unconscious & put lipstick marks all over your body so that this mousey here thinks you cheated on her.” Shravani pointed towards Aradhya. “Did my Aaji tell you to do this?” “Yes. That oldie!” Shravani giggled again. “Sometimes I wonder how could that manipulative b*t*h be your Aaji! You are too innocent to be her grandson. First, she created situations to make me a Krishnadasi. Then, she told me to act so that Aradhya leaves you. She didn’t realize that I twisted the whole thing to compel her to accept me as your wife. Otherwise she & her Krishnadasi chant!” Aryan sighed. This blind hatred of Kumudini!!! This was the sole reason that enabled outsiders to take advantage of their enmity. But that was it! He was gonna finish it once & for all. “Thank you Shravani. You sleep now. I am taking you home.” Shravani smiled at Aryan. “I love you so much Aryan. So much that I cheated my own Aaji & that scoundrel Jayraj for you. Please don’t leave me.” Aryan became shocked at the mention of Jayraj. But he didn’t want to drag the matter further & decided to inform Inspector Damini once they reached Krishnavati. He carried an unconscious Shravani to his car & then looked for Aradhya. She was standing like a statue. “Aradhya! We gotta go home.” She didn’t reply. She just looked at Aryan blankly & sat beside the driver’s seat. Aryan started his car. He was happy. Happy that finally he had the proof to unmask Shravani & Kumudini. But looking at Aradhya, he felt devastated. He could understand how she must be feeling. After their swap truth got revealed & Pradyumna disowned him, he was devastated. So was Aradhya, when Kumudini forsook her. And now the same thing got repeated again. Her so called twin sister – for whom she was about to sacrifice everything, had used her for her own benefit. Aryan tried to start a conversation but there was no response.
After reaching Krishnavati, he dropped Aradhya at Krishnanivas & then went home with Shravani. “What did you do to her?” An already hyper Kumudini burst at Aryan. “Relax Aaji! I know what’s best for my future wife & kid. Don’t poke your nose into my family affairs.” Aryan shrugged off Kumudini & left home to meet Pradyumna.
“It was a setup Aaba. Aaji tried to trap Aradhya but got trapped herself. Besides, Shravani is involved with Jayraj somehow. We should inform Police right away.” “Yes. Even my informers told me that she wasn’t married at the first place. She did this drama to enter your house.” “Whatever it is, we can’t take chance. I have already informed Inspector Damini. Tomorrow during Aarti, we’ll bring out the truth in front of everyone.” Pradyumna nodded. He moved forward to Aryan & hugged him. “I am so sorry. I kept on yelling at you, kept on taunting you for being a Krishnadasi’s son. But I could never understand you. Neither at that time, when I had forced you to marry Purva. Nor this time, when I doubted on you. Forgive me my child.” Aryan hugged him back. “You are not at fault Aaba. Not at all. It’s just our relations got twisted & we lost our belief on everything. Tomorrow everything ends.” Pradyumna was about to say something but Aryan intervened. “Aaba, please take care of Aru. She is devastated. She needs your support.” Aryan tried to smile a bit but his tears betrayed him. “She doesn’t need anyone as long as she has you. But I’ll take care of her for you.” Pradyumna assured Aryan & left the place.

The next morning, Aryan & Pradyumna gathered all Panchayat members & villagers at Krishna’s temple. They showed the proof against Shravani & pointed out how Kumudini & Shravani had used the Devdasi custom for their own selfish motives. Police arrested Shravani, while Panchayat declared that Kumudini will no longer be a Panchayat member.
After everyone had left the temple, Kumudini glared at Aryan & Pradyumna. “So much love for that witch that you went against your own Aaji Aryan? And you, Pradyumna Vidyadhar Rao! Couldn’t do anything alone so you used my own grandson against me! How dare you!” Pradyumna looked at Kumudini with disgust. “I pity you, you mad woman! You are so blind in your revenge that you aren’t even seeing how a cheap girl was about to take advantage of you & your grandson. You think yourself to be so smart? Just look, how Shravani has made a fool out of you. Didn’t you tell me once that both by nature & nurture you have won? You were wrong. You could never understand Aradhya. You think she despised Tulsi? I forced her to do that. If she hadn’t, then I would have killed Tulsi.” “You killed her anyway, you son of a b*t*h! You still have the audacity to take my daughter’s name?” Kumudini was about to attack Pradyumna but he held her hand & glared at her. “I haven’t killed anyone. If I had, I would have accepted openly. Even you know that, but you are so eager to take your revenge on me that you are spoiling everyone else’s life. Aru – I can understand, is my granddaughter. But what about Aryan? Do you really care for him? I don’t think so. If you did, you could never insult him with such a heinous allegation. I believed him when he begged for a chance because I brought him up. But you? The girl you have nurtured for 21 years, how could you not understand her pain, her love for you? Today I am saying this in front of my lord – you have lost. You have lost your daughter to your hatred & now you have lost Aru & Aryan too. Look around you. You have no one beside you.” Pradyumna left Kumudini with a jerk & left the temple. Kumudini sat down on the floor. She could only hear Pradyumna’s last words echoing in her ears. “You have lost!!!”

Aryan was packing his bag when Gayatri entered his room. “Where are you going?” “I am leaving for Pune tomorrow.” He tried to smile but his laughter couldn’t mask the pain in his eyes. “Why? Why now, when everything is falling into place?” Gayatri was utterly frustrated. Since yesterday Adarhya was sitting inside her room without talking to anyone & now Aryan was leaving. “What do you expect me to do Tai? On the surface, it’s alright. Shravani is in jail, Inspector Damini called me this evening to inform that Jayraj is caught – in short everything is fine. But nothing is alright. My Aaji is in denial & Aradhya – I know she has completely broken down. She needs some time. That’s why I am leaving, to give her some time.” “And for how long will that be?” “Until she wants me back.” Aryan moved towards Gayatri & hugged her. “My heart beats only for her Tai. And I know, she also loves me like crazy. But things have put us in awkward situation. If she calls my name once, I’ll run towards her. But that day in the hospital, I looked at her face & all I could see was pain. Pain of betrayal. It’s not something which can be ignored. I am not leaving her. But I’m giving her the much required space.” “I hope you are right Aryan. I can’t watch you two suffering.” She tried to wipe off her tears. “I love you Tai. I am gonna miss you. Please look after Aru for me.” Aryan tried to smile & went with Gayatri to see her off.
He found Kumudini standing in front of Tulsi’s photo. “Aaji, come & have some food. You haven’t eaten anything all day.” Kumudini didn’t reply. Aryan left her after a few minutes. She could hear Aryan arranging his things & making calls to his friends but none of that mattered. Pradyumna was right! She had truly lost. She lost Tulsi in her vengeance, lost Aryan to her pride & Aradhya – she lost her to her ignorance. She looked at Tulsi’s photo & reminisced their conversation. No matter how much she badmouthed Aru, Tulsi had firm belief in her daughter & Aradhya had behaved exactly as Tulsi’s daughter would. She put up with her taunts, her injustice but never disobeyed her. She in fact, made Pradyumna a better man. But she couldn’t understand her Ladoba! She rejoiced when she thought Aru had died in the car accident. She made her convince Aryan for marriage. In every occasion, she had only abused her. And people like Shravani used her hatred in their advantage. Kumudini didn’t notice how much time had passed. Suddenly she realized what she had to do. She looked at Tulsi’s photo again. It felt as if Tulsi was smiling at her. “You were right Tulsi. She is indeed your daughter. Now I am going to fulfill your last wish. I am bringing your daughter home.”

Aradhya was lying on the floor. She didn’t realize how much time had passed since Aryan had dropped her home. She felt numb. She could hear her parents banging on the door, pleading her to open the door for once. But nothing mattered. She kept on mumbling “How!!!” She cried herself to sleep. In her dreams also, she only saw Aryan begging in front of her, urging her to believe in him but she walked away. She saw Shravani who was mocking her love for Aryan. She woke up & relived the horror again & again.
How she wished she had died before witnessing all this!!! She suspected her Aryan!!! That too for a girl whom she didn’t even know. One sudden revelation that she was her twin & she overlook everything Aryan had ever done for her. How could she not see his truth? She promised him in front of her Lord Krishna that she would never suspect on him or his intention, she would always stand beside him. But she didn’t. Someone just alleged & she lost her trust on the boy, who had gone against everyone to protect her. Aryan stood true to his promises but she couldn’t. Aryan’s pleading face kept on haunting her – how she had slapped him, insulted him, how she had thrown her mangalsutra on his face. How could she do that to him? And now what right did she have to go back to him? He proved his innocence. But she herself was guilty. Guilty of forsaking him. She didn’t deserve a second chance with him.
“I am worried Baba Saheb. She hasn’t come out of her room since yesterday.” “Let her be Shashwat. She needs time.” Pradyumna was going to say something when he saw Kumudini standing in their door. “Now why have you come here?” Kumudini didn’t answer to anybody. She went near Aru’s room & instructed Vishwas to break the door open. “Have you gone crazy?” Pavitra came to stop her but Pradyumna intervened. “Let her go.” “Why?” “Aru needs her Aaji today. Either to lend her a shoulder to cry on. Or to say something that would bring her to reality. But she needs her.”
Kumudini entered the room only to find a completely devastated Aradhya lying on the floor. “Ladoba!” Aradhya blankly stared at Kumudini. “It hurts Aaji! Please make it stop.” She pleaded. Kumudini sat beside her & took her head into her lap. She stroked her hair & sang a lullaby to calm her down. After a while when Aradhya seemed a bit composed, Kumudini started talking to her, “Does it still hurt?” “Yes Aaji.” She replied in between her sobs. “What’s bothering you? Tell me. I have come to fix it.” “I did injustice with Aryan Aaji. I convinced myself that he was guilty when he had no fault. I don’t deserve his love anymore.” “And would you be able to live without him?” “I won’t. But how would I face him now?” “As I am facing you now my child.” Aradhya sat up & looked at Kumudini. “I have done more injustice with you. I shouldn’t even be here. Still I have come because I know deep down you still love your Aaji. I wanted to apologize & make myself a better person for you. To become the Aaji you deserved. It’s the same with Aryan. If you continue to punish yourself by staying away from him, that will only bring misery for both of you. But take a step forward & correct yourself. Never repeat the same mistake of allowing someone to come between you two. That would bring happiness for you.” Aradhya was still hesitating when Kumudini assured her. “His heart beats only for you. If you are not there with him, he won’t survive. So go & stop him before it’s too late.” Aradhya finally smiled at Kumudini & got up. She stormed off to stop Aryan from leaving Krishnavati.
After Aradhya left, Kumudini came out of her room & folded her hands before Pradyumna. “You were right about everything Pradyumna. I was at fault. I separated them once. So I had to unite them. Sorry for the inconvenience.” She was about to leave when Pradyumna stopped her. “It was both of our faults. In our pride, we have committed so many sins that our children are suffering. Let’s make amends together. Starting from helping those women who have been victim of this custom & eradicating its’ root from our society.” Kumudini replied in positive & shook hands with him. Finally both the families came together for a better future.

Aryan was speeding up his car. He was hurt, broken & frankly angry with God for taking away people he loved. He kept waiting for Aradhya to show up. To slap him hard for even trying to leave her. But nothing of that sort happened. Finally he got into his car & started for Pune.
He was about to cross the village’s boundary when another car came out of nowhere & stepped in front of his car. “That’s it! I can’t take this shit anymore!” “What the hell is your problem? You could have got us both killed.” “Well, wouldn’t it be romantic if husband & wife live & die together?” Aryan became surprised when Aradhya got down from the car. “I had been trying to gain your attention but as usual Mr. Zero IQ had his earphones on. So had to collide with your car. God! What does a woman have to do to gain some attention?” Aradhya kept on talking while Aryan stood confused.
Aradhya walked towards Aryan’s direction when he noticed something in her hand. “Wait, is that a watermelon?” Before Aryan could say anything, Aradhya handed it over to him. “Don’t be afraid. I didn’t bring it to break on your head.” She had a faint smile. “In fact, today I have brought it, so that you can break it on my head.” Tears started rolling down her cheeks but she didn’t try to hide it. “The way I have behaved with you, I deserve more severe punishment. I promised you that I would never suspect you or leave you alone. But I did those exact same things. I know I might be the most selfish person in this world for even saying this, but I can’t hide it anymore. I love you Aryan! I have always loved you & I’ll continue to love you only. I know after everything I have done, I don’t deserve you. But please, do whatever you want, give me any punishment you want but please don’t leave me. I won’t survive.” A lone tear escaped Aryan’s eyes. He came closer to Aradhya & embraced her. “You most certainly deserve severe punishment Do Foot Ki Dinosaur. And that is to tolerate your Zero IQ till death do us part.” “If that’s my punishment, then I am ready to bear it. Till my last breath & even after that.” Aradhya whispered to Aryan’s ears. She brought out vermilion from her car & stood in front of Aryan. “Once I had stopped you from filling my hairline because I wanted our families to unite first. But today I want you to fill my hairline with your name’s vermillion. I don’t care about sorrow or separation. As long as I am alive, I want to breath as Aradhya Aryan Tulsi.” With tears in his eyes, Aryan filled her hairline. “Something is still missing.” “What?” Aryan brought out Aradhya’s mangalsutra from his pocket. “You had given me a broken one but I remade it with fresh thread.” He made her wear the mangalsutra. “Now you are looking like Aradhya Aryan Tulsi in true sense.” “I love you Mr. Zero IQ.” “As I love you, my Do Foot Ki Dinosaur.” Aryan & Aradhya embraced each other with a promise of everlasting love.


After Aradhya had brought Aryan back, they both got married in front of their families with all rituals & with everyone’s blessings. With Rao family & Krishnadasi clan’s union, AaRa returned to Pune to resume their study. Pradyumna & Kumudini dedicated their lives to ensure the betterment of Krishnavati while AaRa promised to return to Krishnavati after their graduation to lead it on a new beginning.

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