Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Pani 7th January 22 Episode Analysis: Sharmila gets suspicious

The Episode starts with Naina thinking of Shreya, Arundita and Arjun’s words. She thinks I will make you beg infront of me, Arjun. I won’t take it, the way you are behaving with me. She says I will make you beg Arjun and checks for his calls and messages, but there is nothing. She sees Arjun, Shreya and everyone having the family dinner. She thinks Shreya is doing this intentionally. Anurag returns to Kolkata. Some people congratulate him while the band guys plays the band. Priyanka comes there and says she came to welcome her groom. She hugs him and takes selfie with him.

Naina gets doubtful about Apu and Amrita and check Apu’s phone. She finds their messages and pic, and thinks their relation shall not blossom.

Priyanka comes with Anurag to his house. Sharmila asks about his injury. He says it is a small injury. Priyanka goes to greet Dida. Sharmila asks what I am hearing, that you agreed to marry Priyanka. Anurag says it is unfortunate, I will tell you later. Dida asks him to meet her. Anurag takes her blessings. Dida says thank god, Maa has shown you the right way. She asks him to greet his would be mother in law. Anurag touches her feet. Sharmila thinks something is wrong.

Chandana, Kajol and Lekha return home. Naina opens the door. Chandana asks when did you come? Naina says you had gone for holiday without telling me and tells that she couldn’t go for honeymoon, due to Kajol. She says Arjun is still upset due to money matter. Chandana says we couldn’t take you as you are married. She asks how did you come? Kajol says this house is of Naina too. Naina says do I need Kajol di’s permission to come here. Chandana says you had come here to taunt Kajol. Naina says you changed track so soon and says when you was with me, you was against Kajol and vice-versa. Chandana says I had got mad.

Priyanka asks Anurag what kind of wedding he wants? He says he asks her to inform him about the time and place, and he will come. He goes. Priyanka thinks very soon, my love will melt your anger.

Kajol asks naina why is she blaming Maa? Naina says I am not like you, and don’t care. Chandana asks her not to come there, and tells that we thought Kajol will be peaceful there, but she has to bear so much even there, and says don’t know what Devi maa has written in her life. She says she had drowned in the river while saving a woman, but a guy saved her. Naina asks why someone saves her always. Chandana asks her not to have bitter for her family and asks her to have some pain and sympathy for her. She tells that Kajol was stuck in storm and was in the hospital, and reached Ashram unwell. Lekha says yes. Naina says who was that guy, who had saved you? Kajol says I was unconscious, and don’t know who was he. Naina gets doubtful. They hear the car sound. Naina says Arjun has sent car for me, I have to go. She goes out and thinks she thought to make Arjun apologize to her and rub his nose before her, but now she got a good chance to be great infront of her inlaws, all thanks to Bulti and Apu.

Kaushik apologizes to Arjun for not able to fund his project. Arundita says investors might have thought that you can’t arrange a dinner, and that’s why can’t handle a project. Naina comes there and says she has brought sweets. Arjun asks her to eat it. Arundita and Tai ji taunt Naina.

Kajol recalls Arjun’s words that he is with her through this ring. Chandana comes to her room and asks her to have fruits. She makes her have it. Kajol says I will go to office in sometime and will work hard. Chandana looks at ring in her hand and asks who gave it? She asks if you both are together again. Kajol says may be destiny don’t want us to be together, and says this ring is the part of his heart which he named for me. She tells that they have spend a life in just one moment. Chandana asks what are you saying?

Precap: Priyanka comes to Kajol’s office. Kajol asks, you here? Priyanka says, I am here to thank you for giving me my love. I want to print our wedding cards. I hope you won’t say no. Later, dejected Kajol calls Anurag and says, I got a big contract – contract of wedding cards of city’s two best doctors.

Update Credit to: Shyna

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