Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Shreya tricks Kajol to get drunk

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 9th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kajol greeting Dr. Anurag’s father and aunt. Sharmila asks where is Arjun. Arjun thanks the guests for coming in his pre-marriage celebrations and introduces Kajol to them as his love of his life. He praises that Kajol has many qualities and has hidden talent, she is a fantastic singer. He asks Kajol if she will sing for everyone and him. Kajol nods no. Arjun comes down the stage, holds her hand and takes her to the stage. He says the stage is all yours. Kajol sings ghar ki chat sapnon ka badal hai….Dr. Anurag hears her singing and comes out looking for the singer. He looks at Kajol as she sings thoda ka badal….He recalls his mother singing song in his childhood. Kajol stops singing. Dr. Anurag claps. Kajol sees him clapping and thinks to say hello to him, for helping Papa. She gets down the stage and goes behind him. She says she is Kajol, Vishwanath’s daughter. He says he don’t remember as many patients come. She says you have suggested angiography to him. He ignores her and goes. Shreya says you have eyes on Anurag and says he is Arjun’s cousin and asks her to be careful. Kajol says not my intention, but your sight is bad. She says I was talking to Dr. Anurag as he is Baba’s doctor. Arjun comes there clapping for Kajol. Shreya gets angry and thinks your love and luck will be infront of everyone.

Rajesh tells Vishu that I told you not to get in these types of troubles. Vishu says it is my mistake, why Uttam will suffer loss. He asks Rajesh to mortgage the printing press and book the car. He signs on the papers and asks him not to tell anyone, especially Kajol. He asks him to get the car delivered to her sasural directly. Amrita asks Apu to select the song and says she will call everyone. Kajol says we shall go home. Naina tells Amrita that Kajol is talking about going home. Kajol calls Vishu and asks how is he? Vishu says he is fine and eating khichdi which she made for him, and says no party food for him. She asks if he took medicine. Pishimaa says your Baba is not alone. He asks her to enjoy the party. Arjun comes to Kajol and asks her to dance. Shreya asks Arjun to go and enjoy with his friends and says Kajol is feeling out of place. Arjun asks her to look after her. Shreya says I will. Arjun goes and dances with his friends. Naina, Amrita and others dance too. Amrita sees Shreya taking Kajol from there. Shreya thinks our relation started on a bitter note, but you are coming to our house, so don’t have any bad feelings for you. She asks her to drink mocktail, nonalcoholic. The waiter serves her drink. Amrita asks Dr. Anurag to dance. Anurag refuses. Dr. Abhishek asks Dr. Anurag to come and have food. Anurag says it seems you have forgotten that I don’t eat food after 7 pm. Sharmila takes Dr. Abhishek. Dr. Anurag sees Kajol drinking. Shreya goes asking waiter to give her another drink. Dr. Anurag asks her not to drink without knowing what is it? Kajol asks him not to advise her without knowing her. He asks her to drink and keeps the glass. Kajol drinks.

Shreya comes to Arjun and dances with him. Kajol gets inebriated and calls Vishu. She gets worried for him. Arjun and Shreya continue to dance. Kajol sits down on the floor. Shreya tells Arjun that they are made for each other in other birth and says she don’t believe in marriage funda. He says I am yours in this birth too, but I need to be with Kajol now. Shreya says I will go and check her. She comes to Kajol and finds her sitting on floor. Kajol says I want to go to Baba. Shreya says Baba has come to meet you, he is outside. Kajol goes out. Shreya smirks and gives money to the waiter. Kajol calls Baba and asks where is he? Everyone asks what happened to her. She faints. Shreya says if she drank alcohol. Naina says our Didi doesn’t drink. Shreya says I can smell it. Arjun comes there and calls Kajol.

Precap: Tai ji gets furious on Kajol and says if the marriage date was not tomorrow then she would have called off the marriage. Naina comes home and tells Baba that Kajol was drunk in the party. Kajol looks down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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