Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Anurag and Kajol feel the pain of separation

Thoda Sa Baadal Thoda Sa Paani 11th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anurag telling Kajol that he can’t explain to her anything right now, but that one night is the truth of my life. Kajol congratulates him for his marriage and new life. She thinks this is our destiny which can’t be changed. Pulti comes down. Arundita asks her, with whom she is meeting now a days. Pulti says she has not done anything wrong which will disrespect them. She asks Arundita why are you humiliating me. Arundita asks her to give her phone. Pulti refuses and asks her to respect her privacy as she is an adult. Kaushik says my foot. Naina asks her to give the phone. Pulti asks her not to interfere. Naina thinks I know you was talking to him. Anurag misses Kajol. Kajol tells that their printing press got a big order today of wedding cards and tells that they all will be going out to have food. Arundita snatches phone from Pulti’s phone and checks the messages. She asks you go to college for this thing. Kaushik asks her not to meet Apu. Pulti says I love Apu. Naina thinks I have to end Apu and your love story, to start Arjun and my love story.

Anurag sees Kajol coming out of his bathroom wearing the bathrobe. She holds him and gets closer. She sits on his lap and says I love you. He says I love you too. Priyanka says I was waiting for this day. Anurag is shocked to see her and asks what are you doing here? She says you know well that I love you. Kaushik tells Pulti that he has done a mistake by getting related to that family once. Pulti tells that she knows well that he is greedy about money. He says he will fix the alliance in a rich family. Pulti says when Arjun can marry of his choice, why can’t I? Arundita takes her to room. Kaushik thanks Naina for telling them. Naina says this is my house and my responsibility. Shreya thinks ultimately I will win.

Chandrika and Anu tease Apu and tells Kajol that he is distracted and keeps his phone locked. Kajol takes his phone. He runs behind her and gets his phone. Apu says we have to get ready to go to restaurant.

Kajol thinks of Priyanka’s words and gets teary eyes. Chandana asks her to share her pain with her. Kajol says there is nothing in heart and stomach, we shall go to restaurant. Anurag calls Dida and Sharmila, and asks Priyanka who let her come here. Priyanka says Dida asked me to take bath here. He asks her to get out. Priyanka asks if you was imagining Kajol and says she shall get out of his heart soon. Anurag says whatever I am doing is for Kajol. She asks him to forget Kajol. Anurag says Kajol is in my breath and soul, I can never forget her. Sharmila hears them. Sharmila folds her hands before Priyanka and asks her to free Anurag. She asks why do you want to stay with someone who loves someone else. She says people becomes great in love, but you are lowering in love. She says Anurag can never love you, and asks why you want his hatred all the life. Priyanka asks her to answer, and asks your family member needs heart transplant, and also a stranger needs it, whom you will save? She says Anurag is my heart, how to give my heart to someone else. Sharmila says what if the heart doesn’t beat after the transplant and asks what about his heart.

Precap: Kajol asks her brother where he is going. He doesn’t answer. Later, he gets caught at Arjun’s house. He says, I love Polti. Arjun’s father grabs his collar and warns him to leave before he calls police.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Overall, pretty decent episode. It was nice seeing some happy moments between the siblings, otherwise there is always sadness and depression in that house. As for Bulti, the girl really spoke the truth about her family lol. I’m sure she’ll run away and marry Apu, with Shreya’s help….in terms of being a villian Shreya seems more experienced than Naina, so I’m sure she’ll foil Naina’s plans lol. As for Anurag, I’m glad how he scolded Priyanka, but dude just find a way to record her or something saying that Kajol didn’t try to kill her and that you’re being forced into marrying Priyanka….at least, this way she can’t file a case against Kajol! Hoping the Pishima is smarter than Anurag in this respect and does something to stop the wedding!

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