The Twisted game of Destiny- Mehndi IMMJ2 Fanfic


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The Twisted game of Destiny- Gol Daana IMMJ2 Fanfic

Invitation for today’s function

Episode Starts

Having the Gol Daana at the Raichands they decided to have the mehndi at the Rai Singhanias. Dadi, Riva, Siya, Ishani and Anisha were rushing around the entire house managing the decorations while the men were gathered in one room; Vansh’s room. Angre and Sahil were seated on the bed, Shayne leaned on the wall while Vansh walked around the entire room.

Sahil: Bhai why are you stressing?

Vansh: Today is the mehndi function.

Angre: So?

Vansh: What so? At least today I’m supposed to see my sweetheart the first!

Angre: (face palmed) Come on Bhai, why are you so desperate? (laughing)

Vansh: (staring) As if you’re not to see your wife in the lehenga you’ve gifted today? (raising his eyebrows)

Shayne: Come on mamu, patience! She’s any way going to come here…’ll see her then.

Vansh: But I want to see her first in the dress I’ve given her! (whining like a kid)

Sahil: Bhai chill and get ready, we’ve got to help the ladies downstairs otherwise they won’t even let us enter in the function

They went down and helped the ladies arrange everything. Soon after they came down wearing their attires for the function. The theme was vibrant green.

Vansh had worn a green kurta and Riva had worn a green lehenga.

Vansh’s outfit
Riva’s outfit

The function was held in the garden, where there was a small tent; light green in color and mattress placed inside it, specially reserved for the bride to be. There were small mattresses kept around the tent for the other ladies of the family to sit beside the mehndi girls who had arranged themselves.

The men took the corner where a few stools were placed for them to sit over. The entire garden was decorated in flowers and beautiful decorative items. The ceremony was taking place in the daylight so it needed no lights. The Raichands came over. Aryan and Kabir went over to the men while Vansh’s eyes were stuck to the entrance, waiting for his lady love.

Riddhima and Rivan entered together. Riddhima had worn a green lehenga and Rivan had worn a green kurta.

Riddhima’s outfit
Rivan’s outfit

Riddhima took her place between the ladies and both; Vansh and Riddhima stole glances at each other. Rivan went to Vansh and smiled cheekily while Vansh glared at him angrily.

Vansh: (murmuring to Rivan) You’ll never let me see my Sweetheart first right? (annoyed)

Rivan: Of course! That’s what I’m appointed for!

The mehndi ladies drew beautiful designs on all the ladies’ palms. Riddhima’s hands were beautifully drawn on, she had decided to include her three lifelines’ names; Vansh, Riva and Rivan. Soon after the ceremony was wrapped up and only the family members stayed back.

Everyone gathered around the tent and decided to play truth or dare.

Anisha: So the bottle will spin and whoever it points to will be the person to answer.

Everyone: Great!!

Ishani: I’ll start. (Spun) Siya! Truth or Dare?

Siya: Truth

Ishani: Is it true that when you were in college, during the party with your friends you got drunk?

Siya: How did you know?

Shayne: Mom! You got drunk?

Dadi: Siya!

Siya: Yea I did but that was the first and last time…..I swear!

Vansh: Truth Siya? (smirking)

Siya: Bhai secret shsh! (naughtily, everyone laughed)

Angre: Siya spin the bottle

Siya: (spun) Rivan! Truth or Dare?

Rivan: Truth

Siya: your dream

Rivan: To go for a family trip (smiling)

Vansh: (looking on, murmured) Will fulfil it!

Rivan: (spun) Dad! Truth or Dare?

Vansh: Dare!

Rivan: Hmmm okay (thinking) (whispering to Vansh)

Vansh: Seriously Rivan? (he nodded) Fine.

Vansh stood up and went to Riddhima. She sat there with a questioning look and al of a sudden she found herself no more sitting but in the air, in his arms. She looked at his deep orbs while he was engrossed in hers.

Everyone: (teasing) Ohhoooooo!!!

Riddhima: Bring me down! Leave me Vansh…..(hitting him gently)

Vansh: Never in my life! (winking)

Vansh sat down with Riddhima in his arms, holding her as if holding her like a fragile glass doll. She smiled and blushed at his antics but loved it. They continued playing the game the entire afternoon till all of the ladies’ mehndi dried up. They went and cleared it out, eagerly waiting for the color.

“The darker the color of the mehndi the immense love your husband has for you” says Dadi

All the ladies came out with their mehndi and their colors. All of their faces beamed with happiness, especially Riddhima’s, hers came out the darkest after all she was loved by the one and only Vansh. They all had a night out dinner together in the garden, under the stars and with the cold breeze, talking their hearts out with each other and spending lovely family moments together.



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