The Twisted game of Destiny-Closeness ep.37 IMMJ2 Fanfic


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I’m really sorry if this is getting boring because of the flashbacks but i will try my very best to end it them soon, they are needed to show their life story, i really hope you understand.

Episode starts

Vansh: So that’s how we became friends.

Riva: Interesting, very interesting! (laughing)

Vansh: (looking at Riddhima) Then we started hanging out together. We soon became like best friends.


Riddhima: Library (pointing)

Vansh: Really library! Yaar stop being a nerd!

Riddhima: It’s not being a nerd, I need to pick some few books for tomorrow’s lecture! And tomorrow don’t come to me crying that you didn’t take the book. (mimicking) Riddhima I didn’t get the book please na help!

Vansh: (mouth open) I act so bad! (Riddhima hits him)

Riddhima: Vansh! You come or I take Angre with me! Anyway Sejal is busy in her other lecture.

Vansh: Why Angre? I will come! (jealous)

Riddhima: (chuckling) finally came on line!

Vansh: Riddhima (walking to the library) next lecture, want to bunk?

Riddhima: The Vansh Rai Singhania bunks too?

Vansh: Sometimes!

Riddhima: No thank you!

Riddhima: Bye!

Vansh: Let’s go to the coffee shop! We can sit and relax and share our notes

Riddhima: Hmm, good idea.

Riddhima: (feeding Vansh) Vansh read quickly

Vansh: (eating) You eat too

Riddhima: Don’t worry about me, first have and quickly read. You need to prepa….(Vansh fed her)

Vansh: There you go.

Riddhima: Ouch!! (in pain)

Vansh: What happened? (worry)

Riddhima: I think I sprained my ankle! Ouch!

Vansh: Wait, (held her ankle and twisted)

Riddhima: Ouch!!! God why did you do that?

Vansh: try walk now

Riddhima: (walked) Yea it’s better! Thank you!

Vansh: No thank you in friendship!

Riddhima: Okay sir!

Vansh and Riddhima used to do everything together, they went together to the coffee shops, and spent time on weekend’s together, watched movies together. They became really good friends and used to share everything with each other.  As time flew their bond grew stronger unknown to their family members.

Riddhima: how dare you Mr Vansh Rai Singhania! (shouting)

Vansh: Excuse me Ms Riddhima Raichand, you’re the one at fault!

Aryan: Vansh, watch for your tone! Riddhu, there’s no point in arguing with him, come let’s go!

Riddhima: Bhai, you go I will come after an hour, I want to go to the beach for a bit.

Aryan: Okay fine. Come soon. (he leaves)

Vansh: Nice acting! (laughing)

Riddhima: (laughing) yours too! (hi-fiving) Come now let’s go to the beach

Vansh: Let’s go. I’m sure Aryan won’t ever know we are friends if we continue our superb acting like this! (chuckling)

Riddhima: exactly, not only him but no one will know. (chuckling)

Flashback ends

Rivan: You both used to hide it! Oh my God (laughing) no one got to know even for a bit?

Vansh: No! We had become a pro in it! Anytime we noticed something related to our families we pretended to fight. We had a connection through our eyes

Riva: Love through eyes!! (smiling)

Vansh: Her eyes are intoxicating! Anyone can drown in them

Rivan: What a pick up line dad! But too old fashioned now!

Riva: Idiot! Old is Gold!!

Rivan: Dumbo! This is the 21st century

Riva: Dad look what he’s calling me!

Rivan: Dad look what she’s calling me!

Riva: Because you are an idiot!

Rivan: Then you, a Dumbo!

Vansh: Enough! (shouted) Stop arguing!

Riva: But he started it!

Vansh: Princess! Enough now.

Suddenly the machines that were attached to Riddhima started beeping loud. Riddhima started breathing heavily and slowly with a lot of energy her fingers were moving unnoticed by anyone. Vansh gave a call to the doctor while Riva and Rivan were focusing on Riddhima, they had started panicking.

Riva: Mom! (rubbing her hands) Dad hurry up (crying) Mom!



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