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Episode 9

Let’s peep into todays epi

Anika’s mom shouts..”no no no …” Neil and her brother rushed to her..while anika is still locked herself in her washroom and thinking of the phone call and how she reacted to them..then she to heared some sound and rushed to the living room..she saw her mother unconscious, lying on the floor..he asked Neil what happened..he said that moment got a phone and she shouted noo and then she fell down..

“where is bhaiya? “ anika asked
“bahi is trying to redail that number ..”Neil said

Anika sprinkled some water on her mother’s face..she became conscious and stared crying…while still her bhaiya is trying to call that number..

“mom what happen? “ anika asked ..
“your Papa..Papa…”

“what happen to Papa mom?” Neil asked
“Papa is met with an accident” she said while tears stared to flow in her eyes like perrinial rivers..

“Papa. .no no. .” anika shouted in his brain..but didn’t show it outside..she pretended to be strong..

“nothing will happen mom…” she pampered her mom..

Her brother came and said that his papa was admitted in city hospital..all went to the hospital..anika still thinking about the phone call..within few seconds after that phone call everything happened..something fishy…

All  reached the hospital..her father is shifted to general was an minor accident..her father had a bone fracture in his leg…she know that her father was Good in driving two these years this didn’t happened once..but how they can do it within a second …

The doctor said that his father is shifted to the general ward..nothing much it’s just a small fracture soon he will be all right…due to medicine his father is sleeping..once he awake they can see him…all were waiting outside the room…

But inside anika’s mind the same thing is running..she didn’t say anything to Neil…she felt week..she felt afraid for her father…but she can’t leave this case…but she know if she left the case ..Shivaay will manage to get some new and well versed dedective to deal this case..he had given this case to her just for om’s sake ..which was known my her..she felt great for Shivaay..for the feeling not to hurt his brother nor his family..his life is not worth in front his brothers happiness…she came to know that the great Shivaay singh oberoi loves his family more than anything in the world..that’s why she accepted his friendship..even though he rude to her…all were running in anika’s mind..a lone  tear appeared in her eyes..soon they fall in her cheeks and made their way…
Neil “ don’t worry Annika..Papa will be all right “ he said..

Anika nodded slightly…

After waiting for 2 long hours….which is like an year for them…they went inside to see her Papa…anika went and gave a forehead kiss to her father..he smiled slightly..and siad “don’t worry sona..I’m all right..see “ he said…

“ya I Papa is always a strong boy..opzz man..”anika said and chuckled..

“ ya look your your Papa is still handsome and young boy…” his father also said to her to laugh more…

“Papa….” by saying she hits his head and hugged him….

“love you papa” she said…

“Love you to sona…don’t worry nothing will happen to me…” her Papa said my placing a kiss on her forehead…

“hello we three are also here to see you…do your father and daughter love afterwards…” her mom siad in fake anger…

“yes..!!” Neil and her bhaiya siad in unison..
Anika and his father laughed…

Later the chief doctor came and checked him and said that he can go to home within a week …

It’s been two days this happened.anika didn’t say about the phone call to anyone even though to Neil…she didn’t gone to oberoi mansion also…

In oberoi mansion..

Shivaay is holding a file and staring at that..but his mind is not here he is thinking about some thing..his personal cum bodyguard khana is standing in front of him and calling Shivaay for the last five minutes for which Shivaay didn’t respond….om crossed that way om …and then finally om shouted his name he came back to the world…

“huh…what om..?” Shivaay finally spoke..

“your phone…” om pointed..which has been ringing for past 10 minute…

“hann…I know “ Shivaay said..he attended the call

“ya ..the meeting is cancelled..I will send khana you give the files to him I’ll sign them  in my home…” Shivaay said to his PA and cuts the call…and he informed khana what he wants to do…and he returned to his room…

“Shivaay “om searched his room ..soo he find Shivaay sitting in the poolside and starring at water by putting his leg inside the water…

“Shivaay “ om called him..Shivaay back to his sense when he heared om’ s voice…

“ ya om..”he said

“ Shivaay you look disturbed..not speaking to anyone..having any problem..” om asked by sitting beside him..

“no om I’m all right is the just work tension..just leave it “Shivaay said ..

“say the truth Shivaay ..” om made Shivaay to see his face. .Shivaay can’t hold anymore after looking his face..he starts to say everything

“our company is losing all the deals om..because of Mr.malothra’ s death..I can’t do fear is not that..what if I do if I lost you and my family in these thing…” Shivaay said and soon a lone tear escaped from Shivaay’s eyes..

“ don’t worry Shivaay..nothing will happen to me and our family you don’t worry..we can hire a new dedective in your case..a well versed one..they can help you..” om said

“ no om I’m ok with Annika.she is also a excellent girl..I’m having faith she will definitely help me..” Shivaay said..

“don’t try to satisfy me Shivaay..I know this is annika’s first case..she will not mistake me ..if I say her now ..please shivaay we can heir a new one..” om said.

“no no om I’m ok with her..I said na ..I’m not doing anything to satisfying you…she is really brilliant..” Shivaay said with a forced smile…

“then your wish..ok now go and sleep..” om said..

“by the way I’m did you see Annika..I didn’t seen her for a couple of days..” Shivaay asked om..

“haha..that’s the matter why you were sad…missing your new friend..” by saying om starts to tickling Shivaay…

“aww..don’t do that…I’m just asked..” Shivaay said..

“I too do know about her..she didn’t call me either…don’t worry I’ll find her tomorrow now go and sleep..” om said and went out…
Shivaay slept Peacefull…

Next day..
“ rudr and Avni are you coming with me..I’m going to see Annika..?” om asked..

“ya..” both shouted in unison..they too missed Annika..

The trio were left to the hospital…while Shivaay didn’t know about the trio meeting Annika..

In hospital:

All the three left from the car as soon they entered the hospital..I know near by medical Avni saw Neil..

“bhaiya you two goo I’ll come now..” Avni said and left to Neil…

Neil’s bought the medicine and turned to her surprise Avni was standing besides him..

“hi Neil “ Avni said

“hi Avni “ Neil said..still he was in the shock..

“How are you? the way I’m angry at you why didn’t you say about papa’s accident to me..” Avni made a fake anger face..

“ meri ma..I’m really sorry..” Neil said by putting his hands on his ears..

“ok ok. .I’m forgiving you this time..okk don’t repeat it again..”avni said with still fake anger..

“ ok madamji as per your wish..” Neil said…both Burst out laughing..

Suddenly Neil become sad..
“Neil what happen to you? Why are you looking like this. .right now you were all right na..?” Avni asked..

“nothing Avni I didn’t seen Papa like this..that why” he siad..agvnivni wiped his lone tear..

“don’t worry Neil uncle will be all rightsoon…”by saying she hugged Neil he to reciprocated the hug…after few minutes they parted..

But Neil is feeling guilty…om and rudr were speaking to Annika..about her papa..but she didn’t say anything about the phone call to anyone..

Soon avnil arrived and joined in their chit chat…omru and Neil went you see Papa. .while Avni is with Annika..

“Avni can I ask you some thing? “ Annika asked..

“ya didi “ Avni said

“you know any enemy of Shivaay..whose full time work is to kill Shivaay are to hurt him..”anika asked

Avni gave a confused look and then said “no didi I don’t know anyone..” Avni said..
“ok “anika said

“Why didi any problem..?”Avni asked …
“no no dr.just for the case details asked..” anika said with fake smile..

“Annika “ her mom called her..
“ ya mom..” Annika said..

“namaste aunty” Avni said..
“namaste beta how are you..?” annika’s mom asked her..

“Ya fine aunty “ she smiled
“ beta I’m going to temple are you coming with me” she asked Both Avni and Annika
“mom I’m coming..she is going to leave now ..”anika said..

“ ya aunty sorry..another day ill accompany you..” Avni said
“it’s ok beta..” Annika’s mom said and went out..

“ok dear see you later”Annika said Avni and she too joined her mom….

Back in oberoi mansion:

“Shivaay “om peeped into his room..while Shivaay was busy with his lover..none other than his laptop..he lifted his head from his laptop

“ya om..” he said
“are you busy? “ om asked
“no I was just checking the mail “ he replied..

“anything Important “Shivaay asked..
“nothing much Shivaay just came here to say I have met anika today..”and he explained everything..

“what..the why didn’t she say anything to me…??how is she now..?os he all right..?nothing happen to her na..?” Shivaay asked all the questions within a second…

“Shivaay relax…nothing happened to her..why are you reacting this way..?” om asked him..

“what way..? I just asked..okok leave now I feel sleepy..”Shivaay said and pushed om outside his laughed at his brothers antics..and went..

Back in sso room he thought to call Annika..
Heart: just call her dumbo.
Mind: no the great sso how can call a girl that to in this time…no don’t do that..
Heart: no one is great in front of love..
Mind: what nonsense it’s just friendship…and by the way how can you call him dumbo?
Heart: Shivaay follow me..
Mind: no way he will follow me..
“stop it…..” Shivaay shouts..he can’t take a decision..whether to follow his mind or heart he decided to follow his heart this time..he taken his phone and dialled Annika’s number. .which is saved as saviour he smiled to himself..

Phone rings on the other side..Annika is in hospital..
Annika pick up the phone…”billuji”is shown
“helo “ said sleepy voice..

“helo “ Shivaay replied in enthusiastic way
“are you sleeping ?“ Shivaay asked

“ no I’m just speaking with a gost about a deal..” Annika replaid in a annoying way..

“ohoo sorry to interrupt you in between your deal..carry on..” Shivaay said and gone  cut the call..while he hears a voice from other side..

“Shivaay are you really dumbo are acting like a dumbo..” anika asked

“who is dumbo..? Hw dare you to say like this….Mr.kumbakaran’s  sister “Shivaay roared

“I accept that I’m a kumbakaran’s sister..better you accept that you are act dumbo..” anika roared at him..

“enough is enough anika u just called you to ask about how is your father..?I ss he all right now..?”

“ya Mr.billuji he is also right soon will be discharged to home..” Annika said

“ok bye..go and sleep “ Shivaay said..

“Shivaay can we meet’s something important..?” anika asked..

“sure my place..Don’t argue and that’s final..”Shivaay said and cut the phone..

“dumbo singh oberoi..” Annika said and again wet to her dream world..

Precap: o jana…shivika moment…

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