The story of love faith and betrayal #riansh episode 15

So hi everyone let’s not waste time and start the story

Precap : everyone gets shocked after knowing about vansh’s kids . Ridhima fulfills Vansh’s demands . Riva falls ill

Vansh : ok doctor Riva and Rivansh don’t like Needles so they won’t give thier blood ok . So both of u do u want to hear a story

Rivansh : you will tell story

Vansh : yes of course so once upon a time there was a cute girl and handsome boy like u both he was afraid of needles like u both so do you now what there father did

Rivansh : no

While narrating the story he took the needle and took the blood sample too

Vansh : he told them a story and took thier blood sample

Rivansh: you took our sample but u r not our dad

Vansh gets sad hearing this and so Ridhima

Riva : mom pocket money day

Rivansh : yes mumma wait we will bring our piggy bank

He ran and bought his piggy bank

Ridhima : here u go 2000 Riva and 2000 Rivansh

Rivansh : how much more we will have to get so that dad accepts us

Vansh : what do you mean

Riva : our dad is very rich like u but we are not so he rejected us so we will warn very much and then he will have to accept us

Vansh :(crying) and who told u this

Rivansh : Angad mamu

Vansh : what if u r father accepts u have u seen him

Riva : no we have not seen him we want to be with our father

Vansh : I know him he is a good person he don’t needs money it’s just that their is a problem he can’t be with u but by the end of the game he will be thier with u promise

Riva : pinky promise

Vansh : Pinky promise

Ridhima : ok so now u both sleep tomorrow school is also thier na . Good night both of u

Both : good night mumma good night vansh uncle.

Vansh : good night ( to himself) I think I am getting my punishment my own children calls me uncle

In Vansh’s room

Ridhima : today u had a chance why didn’t u told them

Vansh : because they are too small to accept and understand me I didn’t had any particular reason which I can give them for not being there the day I got a reason I will tell them

Ridhima: what ever I will sleep on the couch

Vansh : sweetheart u will have to cuddle me and sleep According to agreement.

Ridhima : no

Vansh : yes remember photograph’s

Saying so he pulled and and the cuddled and sleept

Next morning

Ahana was back he was near pool side doing exercise . Riva and Rivansh saw her they got a idea . They went near her and scattered beads ( gotiya ) and went back without her notice when Ahana stepped on that beads she fall into the pool and a loud voice came Ishani and Angre came near her and laughed their heart out seeing her condition

Angre : what happened to u

Ahana : I stepped on this beads and fall this must be Sakshi and Shravan I will not leave them

Ishani : Sakshi and sharavan are still sleeping we came from thier room only

Ahana : then who the hell did this

Saying so she went

Angrey : this must be Riva and Rivansh

Ishani: they are like Vansh bhai he was also mischievous during his childhood

They giggled and went to breakfast table . Ahana changed

Ahana : let me check on vansh

When she was going near his room he bumped into Ridhima

Ahana : what the hell can’t u see ….Ridhima .

Ridhima : Ahana u

Ahana : vansh vansh.

Vansh : what happened

Ahana : what is this girl doing here

Vansh : she is Ridhima vansh rai Singhania she will be here only

Ahana : what I am ur wife not she

Vansh : she is my legal wife and now whole word knows this

Ahana : she ….can’t be back …u don’t have any shame or what came back after being insulted

Ridhima: I am not the one who came back he is the one who got me back

Vansh : enough Ahana u can’t talk to my wife like this just get lost

Ahana : u will pay for it

Saying so Ahana left towards breakfast table there she saw two kids sitting

Ahana : who are they

Vansh : I will tell Riva Rivansh go and play

They both nodded and left

Vansh : they are Riva vansh Rai Singhania and Rivansh Vansh Rai Singhania

Ahana : what

Vansh : yes they are mine and Ridhima’s kids.

Ahana : what the hell is going on .

Saying so Ahana left.

precap : kids trouble Ahana more . Kids bond with rai Singhania’s.

I am sorry for this short update

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