The story of love faith and betrayal #riansh episode 12

Hi all so I know I told u all that I won’t post on weekends but this is the last post for me .I am going on a vacation from my story from 31st Jan to 15th fab because I am having exams from 8 th February to 15 February so I won’t post within this interval .

precap : Vansh comes to know the truth . Kabir tried to kill Riva.Β 

Vansh : for god sake Ridhima u r not in your sense u can’t treat her.

Ridhima : who the hell are u to stop me .

Vansh : your husband and Riva’s father .

Ridhima : no u r not.

Vansh : I am and u can’t deny it . I am his biologically father .

Pari comes there and informs about Rivas condition.

Pari : treatment is on but….

Angad : but what doctor

Pari : there is a huge blood loss and also she got hit ok her head so I can’t say about anything until she wakes up thanku .

Vansh came to pari .

Vansh : pari will she be fine .

Pari : don’t worry vansh bhai she will be ok ( confused ) I will go ( to herself ) why is vansh bhai so worried about Riva .

Saying so she lefts from there .

After 5 hours

Ridhima is with Riva and vansh is waiting outside . Vansh is very stressed .

Riva slowly opens her eyes

Riva : mu….mu…mum…mumma .

Ridhima looks at her .

Ridhima : Riva are u ok is it paining . Are u feeling something else. Do you want water . You must be hungry I will bring dal and rice .

She was about to leave when Riva holds her hands m hse looks back

RivaΒ  : mumma I am fine and god also knows u talk too much .

Ridhima smiles and goes out to inform pari .

Ridhima : pari .

Pari : yes doctor

Ridhima : Riva gained conciousness

Hearing this vansh takes a sigh of relief and sits down presses his nose between his hands

Vansh : thank you bappa .

Pari checks Riva and says

Pari : she is fine u can take her home after 3 days .

Vansh πŸ™ to himself) yes pari Riva will go to her house that means VR mansion .

After wards he gets a call from Angre.

Vansh : yes Angre

Angre : bhai I got to know that it was Kabir who pushed Riva.

Vansh was fuming in anger god knows what will he do when he comes in front of him .

Vansh : kabirrr now god also can’t save u from me

Vansh leaves

After 3 days

At VR mansion

Angre : Vansh bhai since u have known the truth u have neither mei Ridhima bhabhi neither ur kids which is really worrying.

Vansh : Angre don’t worry.

Vansh thinks something and smirks

FB shows

Vansh : sweetheart know if u want to go near Riva u need to sign the contract.

Ridhima : vansh u have losted my daughter needs me .

Vansh: sweetheart our daughter .

Ridhima is left with no other option then to sign the contract so she does .

Vansh : after our daughter gets discharged u n both kids will come to my house and will stay there.

Ridhima : but only for 6 months don’t forget that .

Saying so Ridhima leaves

FB ends

Precap : Riva comes home vansh meets his kids .

I know u all expected this to be lengthy but sorry exams meet u soon till then take care .

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